PivoTrim Trimmer Head

An advanced replacement head For your gas or battery-powered trimmer. Simple to install and fast to load.
PivoTrim - Universal Replacement gas Trimmer Head
PivoTrim - Universal Replacement gas Trimmer Head
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Are you sick of trying to trim weeds with a single spinning line? Wouldn't it be way quicker and easier if you doubled or even tripled the number of strings spinning around? Of course it would. That's why the PivoTrim replacement trimmer head makes cutting weeds so easy. It supercharges your existing tool to make it a whole lot more powerful, and it reduces line usage at the same time. Just imagine how quickly and easily you'll be able to mow down all of those unsightly weeds with more lines whacking away at them. The advanced design not only trims faster, but it also significantly reduces breakage because the strings will pivot out of the way whenever they come in contact with anything more solid than the green stuff you're after. This allows you to be way less careful without having to reload constantly, and even though there are three strings sticking out, you'll actually go through far less line than you do with any factory installed head. When you do need to add new string, it takes seconds instead of minutes, and you'll never get frustrated due to complicated mechanisms that pop apart, or ones that require three hands to load.

PivoTrim fits all gas trimmers and most battery operated ones. It comes complete with hardware and instructions for install.

Product Features

  • Universal Head. Fits Almost Every Model.
  • Quick Change Line Loading.
  • All Hardware Included.
  • Pivoting Head Reduces Line Wear.
  • Holds Three Doubled Pieces Of Line.
  • High Quality Construction.
  • .095 Line Size.

How It Works:

The head spins around just like any other, but instead of line that feeds out of one or more holes, it has three doubled over pieces that attach to the face. The part they hook onto is a little circular part that spins freely, and it has two holes. Loading the head only takes a few seconds because you simply shove pre-cut pieces into the pivots, and pull tight. Once all the string is loaded, you actually have six protruding lines that spin in place. As you fire up your tool, the line will stick out like normal, and spin around to create a powerful cutting edge, but when met with too much resistance, it'll pivot out of the way rather than breaking off or wearing down. Even a chain link fence is no match for this amazing little device, and due to the way it works, your line will last 20 times longer than normal.

It takes something more solid than plants to cause the string to swing out of the way, so regular grass and weeds will trim with ease, but concrete walls will no longer be your enemy. The increased number of lines provides greater power, and that allows you to cut more weeds in less time. This is the best gas trimmer replacement head on the market today, and because it practically eliminates any possibility of a line break, you'll use way less line. The clever design also ensures that you'll spend far less time messing around with changing, adjusting, and lengthening the string when a reload does become necessary.

Why This Product Is Good

Universal Fit.

Thanks to the universal-fit design, and the included hardware pack, this replacement head is compatible with nearly any trimmer model. Install on gas or battery operated models, and get the same great benefits. The install process is quick and simple.

No Line Breaks.

Other heads result in constant breaks, so your line gets shorter and shorter as you work, and needs to be replaced often. With this head installed, you may not even need to replace any line to get your whole yard trimmed. Save money when you use way less line.

Fast Loading.

When your line does finally wear down, replacing it is easy. The quick change design takes just seconds to reload. Simply press out the short portion left over, and then slide in a new piece of line.

Durable and Long-Lasting.

Other replacement heads only last one season. This one is better, so it'll last longer. Durable construction ensures that you'll be able to count on it lasting for several seasons, even with repeated use.

Pivoting Head.

Thanks to the pivoting head technology, the line will cut through grass and weeds like a hot knife through butter, but when encountering stuff like concrete, trees and fences, it'll pivot out of the way to reduce damage and breakage.

Increased Power.

Three doubled pieces of line give you six total cutting lines that create a powerful cutting ring when spinning at full speed. Never worry about thick weeds or large patches of grass because this head will easily power through any terrain.


Use with straight and curved shaft trimmers. Fits 99.99% of all models.

Compatible Electric/Battery Operated Models

  • Craftsman 20V
  • Dewalt 20V Max
  • Dewalt 60V Max
  • Hart 40V
  • Kobalt 40V Max
  • Kobalt 80V Max
  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel
  • Makita 18V LXT
  • Ryobi 40V
  • Ryobi ONE+ 18V

Compatible Gas Operated Models

  • Ariens
  • Black Max
  • Craftsman
  • Cub Cadet
  • Echo
  • Green Machine
  • Hitachi
  • Hoffco
  • Homelite
  • Honda
  • Husqvarna
  • Hyper Tough
  • IDC
  • John Deere
  • Jonsered
  • Kawasaki
  • Lawn-Boy
  • Lehr
  • Lesco
  • Makita
  • Maruyama
  • McCulloch
  • Mitsubishi
  • MTD
  • Murray
  • Paramount
  • Poulan
  • Redmax
  • Remington
  • Robin
  • Ryobi
  • Sachs Dolmar
  • Shindaiwa
  • Snapper
  • Solo
  • Stihl
  • Tanaka
  • TMC
  • Toro
  • Troy-Bilt
  • Weed Eater
  • Yardman

Other Options

Got a large piece of property, or use your weed wacker as part of your job? Looking to chop down thick brush or overgrown weeds? Check out the PivoTrim Hybrid Head. It comes complete with brush cutter blades for increased power, and they attach just as easily as the line.

How To Use It:

Increase the strength of your trimmer, save time,and stop wasting money on replacement line. PivoTrim fits every single gas trimmer out there, and most electric ones too. Best of all, it's extremely easy to set-up and load. To install it and begin using it, follow the easy instructions below. There are actually four slightly different methods for attaching it, but we'll list the most common one to illustrate how simple it is. All hardware for any method or model is included in the package. When you finish, it is common to have a whole pile of parts left over.

  • Make sure unit is OFF prior to install. One that spins would be dangerous and difficult to work with.
  • For straight shaft or curved Weedeater, Poulon, & Echo models check your manual to determine the method that locks shaft rotation. Use the following method only when there is no removable shaft extension.
  • Unscrew the entire trimmer head spool assembly and set aside to expose the threaded shaft.
  • Identify which nut from the package threads easily onto the shaft. You will only need one. Use 1/4" spacer for Stihl & Husvarna models.
  • Place selected nut into recessed hex cavity and then turn the whole unit to tighten in place on the shaft.
  • After installing the head, grab four pieces of line and install by sticking both ends through the holes in the spinning circles. Pull tight to fix in place. Use the pre-cut line, or purchase a roll and cut to length.
  • Once line is loaded, turn on and use like normal. For safety, make sure bystanders are 50 feet away, eye protection is worn, and you keep hands and feet away from the spinning head.

Run your trimmer for up to six hours straight without ever worrying about changing your line. The PivoTrim holds up to three folded pieces of string which gives you a total of six cutting lines. You'll be able to take care of thick grown-in areas with ease, or trim an edge next to your driveway without changing line half way through. Improve the performance of any gas trimmer with this advanced replacement. It's the next generation of string trimmer heads, and it'll outperform and outlast any factory installed head you're using now. Long-lasting cutting edges give you incredible power, and allow you to quickly charge through any terrain.

This replacement trimmer head is the answer to all your weed cutting woes. Your line will last twenty times longer, and you don't even need a special kind when it comes time to add more because any .095 diameter line will work if you cut it to the right length. You can purchase the pre-cut string to make things easy, but you really don't have to.

Say goodbye to messy spools and broken line, and forget about the familiar frustration that builds when you cut edges right up against fences, sidewalks, and trees. Dump your hard to load version, but don't be fooled by other, so called, "easy load heads" that just cause increased breakage and more frequent loading. This adapter fits any gas trimmer and doesn't require special tools or complicated steps to set-up, and it comes complete with all of the hardware required for install.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) PivoTrim - universal fit replacement trimmer head.
Overall Dimensions 4.5" x 4.5" x 2.5"
Trimmer Type Gas and select electric models
Shaft Type Works with Curved or Straight Shaft Trimmers
Compatability Fits 99.9% of gas trimmer models.(also works with select electric models)
Number of Pivots 3
Cutter Type String
Line Held 3 folded 12" lines for six cutting strings.
Blades Held None.
Line Material Nylon
Line Size 0.095
Line Included 6 strips. Enough to load it twice.
Hardware Included Yes. The package includes all parts necessary for any install.
Uses Replace a worn trimmer head, or upgrade a low quality one. Cut weeds in less time, and use less string.
Accessories 100 pc replacement line - 24 pc replacement line lbs
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Landscape like a pro! This powerful attachment will improve the performance of any gas weed trimmer. Reduce breaking, trim faster, and use way less string. Order Yours Today!

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