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Large Soap Dispensing Scrub Brush
Large Soap Dispensing Scrub Brush

Large Soap Dispensing Scrub Brush

Flexible scrubber with built-in sprayer. Increase speed and ability while cleaning.
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Durable and effective. Quickly scrub clean any mess with the combination of a large, flexible brush, and a trigger-activated sprayer. This advanced tool is perfect for scrubbing soap scum in the bathroom, eliminating muddy prints in an entryway, or washing away build-up in your kitchen sink. Smart Scrub bristles are way more powerful than a regular nylon brush, but they won't harm surfaces by being too abrasive. Scrub and spray any surface of your home without any worry, and quickly clean stubborn grime with ease.

The comfort grip handle is squishy and ergonomically shaped, so you can scrub for long periods without discomfort or strain. Whenever you encounter dirt and grime that won't loosen with the bristles alone, simply pull back on the large trigger to saturate the surface with cleaning solution. The large brush surface provides plenty of surface area for cleaning, and because it's flexible, it will conform to uneven or rounded surfaces, and it'll dip down deep into grooves and cracks. No matter what surface you're cleaning, or how dirty it is, you can quickly scrub it clean, and eliminate all dirt in a matter of seconds.

Stop wasting time and effort with soft brushes that wear quickly, or don't work as well, and forget about carrying a separate spray bottle when you clean your kitchen or bathroom. This powerful sprayer and scrub brush combined is the perfect tool to make the job easy.

Product Features

  1. Smart Scrub 8X Bristles.
  2. Easy Fill Design.
  3. Ergonomic, Soft Grip Handle.
  4. Flexible Bristle Surface.
  5. Large, Soap Dispenser Trigger.

Why It's Good

  • Flexible. Other scrub brushes have a rigid base, so they won't conform to uneven surfaces as well as this one. Get into grooves, or clean bumpy stuff with ease thanks to the segmented, flexible bristles on this tool. It'll bend and flex to clean cracks, crevices, curves, dips and everything else.
  • Powerful. The specialized bristles are eight times more powerful than regular ones, so you'll be able to clean surfaces faster and more thoroughly. Glide across any material, and clean with confidence because the Smart Scrub bristles are also safe for use on delicate surfaces, so you won't cause any harm as you eliminate every spec of dirt.
  • Durable. Use on a regular basis, but never worry about a decrease in ability. This powerful scrub brush is designed with commercial grade durability, so you can use it over and over again without it wearing out, losing shape, or becoming difficult to use.
  • Comfortable. The soft grip handle and ergonomic design ensure that it is comfortable to hold, even for long periods. Scrub the whole bathroom without irritation or strain when using this advanced scrub brush.
  • Easy-To-Use. Superior materials and an advanced design ensure that this tool is easy for anyone to use. The powerful bristles combine with the perfectly-positioned sprayer to create a powerful tool for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces. Power through most grime with the brush alone, but lay down the perfect amount of cleaner anytime the brush is not enough.
  • Long-Lasting. Professional level construction creates a fool-proof toll that is deigned to last. Use it on a regular basis, and never worry about it losing effectiveness. The bristles will remain stiff an effective for many uses, and the integrated spray bottle will deliver the perfect coating of cleanser, shot after shot.
  • Perfect Spray. Just pull the large trigger, and the tool will do the rest. A high quality spray nozzle is positioned at the front of the brush, just above the bristles. When you pull down on the trigger, a wide mist of cleanser is dispensed down onto the surface in front of the brush. Spray as you clean to help loosen grime, and cleanse the surface below.

How To Use It

Scrub and clean like you would with any other brush, but get better results thanks to the advanced features. The flexible bristle surface ensues that you'll clean any surface more thoroughly, and the integrated spray bottle allows you to shoot out the perfect amount of cleanser, any time you need it. Just spritz to loosen stubborn grime, and then keep on cleaning. Although it's incredibly easy-to-use, follow the instructions below for best results.
  1. To fill with cleaning solution, turn the green lid to the left to loosen. It's not threaded, so a simple quarter turn will free the lid, and allow for removal.
  2. Once the lid is off, fill with just water, or add your favorite liquid cleanser. The dispenser shoots out a fine spray, so be sure to avoid thicker soaps
  3. To clean with this scrub brush, simply apply light pressure, and move back-and-forth over any dirty surface.
  4. When encountering stubborn dirt, or stuck-on grime, simply pull the large trigger to spray out cleaner right in front of the scrub brush.
  5. Smart Scrub bristles increase your cleaning power by eight times, but they are totally safe safe for non-stick pans, natural stone and other delicate surfaces.
  6. Top rack dishwasher safe when dirty for easy maintenance.

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