32 oz. Quick n Brite Super Shot

The Best Natural Cleaner in a Convenient Measure and Pour Bottle.
Quick N Brite Super Shot
Quick N Brite Super Shot
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32 ounces of Quick n Brite cleaner in a convenient, Super Shot container. This is the same powerful liquid that comes in the other size containers, but this one makes it easier to measure out the perfect amount. Just squeeze the container to send the pink stuff up the side, and into the reservoir at the top. This part of the bottle has measurements marked on the side, so you can fill it up with the perfect amount of cleaner depending upon the job you are doing. You will never use too much and let it go to waste, and you will always measure out the perfect amount when adding to a steam cleaner, or mixing into a spray bottle. You will also have the option of pouring it out normally by using the other side of the bottle, but since you always dilute this cleaner based upon the task being performed, this Super Shot container can be really handy. If you don't care about the special bottle, or you are looking for a larger amount of this great natural liquid cleaner, then check out the 64 oz size or the larger gallon jug. These bigger containers offer more value for anyone just interested in getting the most cleaner for their dollar.

Get Four Containers For The Price Of Three! - With our quantity discounts, when you add four containers to the cart, you will be charged the same price that three would cost if purchased individually. Order a single container, or stock up and save!

Because this is a concentrated cleaner, a little bit goes a long way, and a container like this will last longer than you might think. In order to make a window and mirror solution, you will only use 1 or 2 teaspoons of this pink liquid mixed into a quart spray bottle of water. This means that you could make nearly 200 bottles of window cleaner with this one bottle of Quick N Brite. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars, as well as set you up with a lifetime supply of blue stuff alternative that is safer and more effective. Add a little more cleaner to your spray bottle and you can make a great all purpose spray that can be used all over. Just 3 tablespoons into your quart spray bottle of water will result in a powerful all purpose cleaner that can be used all over. Pre treat stains, clean spills, wash counters and cabinets, remove stains from furniture and so much more. All purpose cleaner made with Quick n Brite will outperform anything bought at the store, and it is eco-friendly at the same time. It will not leave behind any residue or discoloration, but it will remove just about any type of dirt from any type of surface.

This natural cleaner is incredibly easy to use, and a great value for your money. The up front cost of this container is a bit higher than traditional brands, but it will last so much longer, can be used on so many more jobs, and will last for an incredibly long time, even with constant use. You can literally use this stuff to clean just about anything, and it is able to replace all of the dangerous and ineffective products you are using now. It can be a laundry detergent, a carpet shampoo solution, a dishwasher liquid, cabinet de-greaser, or tub and tile cleaner. You can even use it to remove tough stains from delicate clothing and upholstery, or use it to clean and condition leather. Quick n Brite is effective at cleaning hundreds of things, and it will produce great results where others only fail. This natural cleaner is safe for the environment, and can be used around children, food, plants and pets because there is no risk of any harm. It comes complete with detailed instructions to make cleaning with it easy, and to fully point out the long list of uses.


  • Dilute in a spray bottle to wash windows and mirrors without leaving behind streaks. As an added bonus, it will prevent bathroom mirrors from fogging as quickly.
  • Make a heavy solution to clean up puppy pee and take away the smell at the same time.
  • Add to a steam cleaner to clean and rejuvenate carpeting without making it stiff, or leaving a sticky residue.
  • Use on your stove top or counters to eliminate greasy build up, and remove stuck on food.
  • Use in the bathroom to clean toilets, sinks, tubs and showers without spraying toxic chemicals.
  • Remove stains in your clothing, or use as a replacement for your traditional detergent.
  • Clean car upholstery or furniture in your living room, and never worry about ruining material, or discoloring fabric.
  • Clean almost any type of dirt, remove almost any type of stain, and apply it to almost any type of surface!

The liquid concentrate is the same strength as the paste version. Both are incredibly versatile and natural cleaning solutions. The liquid is just easier to mix with water, and it works great when used in your steam cleaner or pressure washer. The paste is better used for set in stains or stains that require more attention, but you can always make full strength liquid from the paste. Just melt the paste in the microwave, or on your stove without adding water. Having the liquid on hand makes it faster and easier to add the cleaner to water in order to make spray cleaner, so it is ideal for busy folks, or anyone that just prefers the convenience it offers. Order Yours Today!quick n brite

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 32oz. Container of Liquid - Super Shot
Container Size 32 oz.
Version Liquid Concentrate
Cleaner Type enzyme (natural solvent)
Container Type Super Shot
Biodegradable Yes
Phosphate-Free Yes
Applications upholstery, fabric, tubs, tile, carpet, laundry, cars, stovetops, counters...more
Shipping Weight 2 lbs.

32 oz Quick 'n Brite Super Shot Liquid - An incredibly effective natural cleaner. This concentrated liquid is perfect for many jobs and will outperform traditional alternatives without ever posing a risk to anyone near it or the environmnet after the fact.

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