Learn How To Use Your Portable Washing Machine

The WonderWash provides one of the best ways to wash clothes without electricity, and it's incredibly easy to operate. Follow the simple directions below to discover the correct way to clean laundry using this machine.

Directions For Washing

  1. The first step is to sort your dirty clothes into loads according to the type of material and/or the color. When separating laundry, there are five basic load types: (1) white cottons and linens, (2) colorfast cottons and linens, (3) white synthetics and cotton blends, (4) nylons and colored synthetics, and (5) delicates.
  2. Once you have your clothes separated into piles, it's time to set up the WonderWash. To do this, place it on the counter, at the edge of your sink. You can also use it to wash clothes inside your bathtub, or any other similar place that allows for a level surface and adequate drainage.
  3. Determine the correct amount of detergent and water to use by checking the chart below. Add water and soap to the washing drum.
  4. Once your liquids are in place, insert your dirty clothes.
  5. Ensure that the lever is up on the pressure lid, then place on to of the washing drum. To secure in place, turn 1/8 of a turn in a clockwise direction. Once turned all the way, and until it stops, lower the green lever at the top to pressurize the chamber, and lock the lid in place.
  6. Once everything is inside, and the lid is closed tightly, attach the side handle.
  7. To wash, rotate the side handle at about one turn per second for 1-2 minutes. Use the chart below to determine the length of time necessary for your load.
  8. After washing, lift up the green lever on the lid to release the pressure.
  9. Once the washing chamber is depressurized, turn counterclockwise and lift up to remove.
  10. Before attaching the drain tube, ensure that the washer is close to a sink or other receptacle such that the water will drain out safely, and not make a mess.
  11. To drain the washing drum, insert the drain tube at the bottom right of the washing drum. To connect it, make sure to line up the grooves with the little nubs inside the tube. Slide into place gently, then press in to open the valve, and turn slightly so it locks into place. Once fully in place, water will drain out quickly to empty the washing drum.

Washing Chart

LOAD (lbs) % FULL WATER (quarts) DETERGENT (Tbsp) WASH TIME (min)
1.1 1/4 load 1.5 1 1
2.2 1/2 load 3.0 2 1.25
3.3 3/4 load 4.5 3 1.5
4.84 full load 6 4 2


After you wash your clothes, rinsing can be done by hand, or with the machine.

By Hand

  1. To rinse by hand, remove the clean clothes and then rinse under the faucet in your sink or tub.
  2. Continue until all soap is extracted from the fabric.
  3. Wring out excess water, or place in a spin dryer to extract water automatically.

In the Machine

  1. To use the Wonder Wash, leave your clothes in the machine after draining, and then fill with clean, cold water.
  2. Replace the pressure lid using the procedure above, and ensure it is on securely.
  3. Use the side crank to rotate the wash drum for about 30 seconds.
  4. After rotating, remove the lid and check the clothes. If soap still remains, drain the machine, and rinse again.
  5. Once all soap is removed, take clothing out and wring dry, or place in a spin dryer for automatic extraction of moisture.


  • Do not use boiling water.
  • Do not release the pressure lid on the machine if it's still hot. A vacuum can form as the machine cools down.
  • Do not store the machine with the pressure lid on tight.
  • Do not overload the machine.
  • Keep the machine and all laundry detergents away from children and pets.


The suction cups are designed to prevent movement of the machine while washing. There are small tabs on the front part of the cups that will allow you to safely release the suction hold to the surface. Simply pull up on these tabs to remove the suction cup with little effort.


Putting this machine together is easy. It does require simple assemble when new, but anyone can do it in a minute or two.

  1. To assemble the machine, make sure the lid is off, then place it(main washing drum portion) up-side-down on a flat surface.
  2. Take one of the triangular parts of the base, and the two front and back pieces.
  3. Connect the three parts together by inserting the tabs into the corresponding holes, and then sliding to lock the parts in place.
  4. Once the you have three of four base parts connected together, line up the hole at the top of the triangular piece with the connector part on the washing drum.
  5. Slide into place, and then use one of two metal pins inserted through the little hole to secure it in place.
  6. After most of the base has been connected to the drum, take the last triangular piece and line up the hole with the connector on the other side of the drum.
  7. Once the post is through the hole, connect to the rest of the base by inserting the tabs, and sliding to lock in place.
  8. Now slide on the crank handle, then secure this side of the base by using the other metal pin, and inserting it through the little hole.
  9. Once the base is assembled and secure, insert the plastic covers into the holes to finish.

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