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Clipacell Instructions

Stick Clipacell to your device:

  1. Clean & dry the device's surface. The mobile device, the Clipacell and the adhesive should be room-temperature.
  2. Remove the liner from the adhesive circle on the back of the device.

  3. Gently place Clipacell on the back of your phone leaving about one inch of space between the arch and the top of your phone. You want to allow enough room for a finger or thumb to slip through the loop.
  4. Once positioned correctly, press firmly on the logo for 20 seconds to insure a strong bond.
Note: Adhesive tape offers a one-time bond. If the Clipacell needs to be removed, rotate with a constant, firm, twisting motion. The tape will not damage or mark the device, but it cannot be reapplied once it is removed.

Using Your Clipacell:

  1. To activate the light, just press down on the logo. The integrated LED light is powered by a long lasting lithium battery.
  2. To hold your device with the aid of the Clipacell, simply put your finger through the loop. Clipacell's shape and size accommodates a comfortable grip.
  3. To carry your phone, simply flex Clipacell and place on your belt loop or handbag strap. Just flex the free end of the Clipacell away from the device by pushing it with your index finger or thumb. Then slip this end through your pant loop or purse strap.
  4. To remove/unhook the Clipacell, pull your device up and away from your pant loop or purse strap. The end of the Clipacell will flex and slide free.
  5. Conveniently place your phone almost anywhere with the aid of the convenience hook. Just remove the liner and attach to your car dash, monitor, desk, wall and more. To attach your phone just hold it flat, slip it into the hook, and then allow it to drop down and hang vertically.


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