Flagpole Install

Installing the TopFlight™ Telescoping Flag Pole is as easy as 1, 2, 3. To install the TopFlight™ Flagpole, just secure the 20 inch ground sleeve (provided) with cement as instructed, level, and cover with grass, gravel or bark. For the 20-Ft. Telescoping Flagpole, just dig a hole 22" deep and 12" diameter, level the bottom of the hole with crushed rock. Insert the ground sleeve and surround with quick setting cement. Insert the flagpole into the ground sleeve in the collapsed position and level. Remove flagpole until cement is dry.

The pole slips easily into the sleeve, which is rugged PVC, good for all climates.

Our exclusive Locking Ground Collar helps prevent theft. Lock it while in place, or unlock for portability. You can remove the pole to take it to a new location or on the road to a tailgate party, race, or to a vacation spot. A special sleeve cover is provided to keep dirt out of the sleeve when the flagpole is not installed in it.

If you want to install your flagpole on a deck or boat dock, or if you would like to take your flagpole with you to a vacation home and use it on a dock there, one of our easy-to-install Boat Dock and Deck Mounts is the perfect solution. These strong, durable, solid aluminum mounts stand up to marine environments -- and they give a handsome, professional look to the installation.

We offer two styles, depending on how the pole is to be mounted. If you want to install the mount on the top of the deck or boat dock surface, the right choice is our Horizontal Mount.

If you want the mount on the side of a dock or other vertical surface, you should use our Vertical Mount.

Both Mounts come with four pre-drilled holes (Mounting Hardware included). The flagpole simply slips into the top of the mount, and is held there securely.

These mounts are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, made for years of trouble-free service.

mount flagpole to deck
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