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What sizes and colors are available?
The TopFLight Telescoping model extends to 20 feet, and is available in an anodized aluminum, bronze anodized, or white baked enamel finish. We also offer a 16 foot Telescoping model in anodized aluminum only. The Deluxe 6-Foot Flagpole Set is available in white only.

Where can I use these poles?
Virtually anywhere. With the ground sleeve that comes with the Telescoping pole, you can use it at your home or at a vacation home. Many businesses and organizations also use the pole where they work. The flagpole makes a great addition to a business park entrance, or at a car, boat or similar dealership. The optional Dock/Deck Mount also lets you use the pole directly on your deck, dock, or other vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Since the Telescoping pole is so portable, it is also very popular for camping and tailgate parties at races, football games and more. The optional Wheel Stand lets you use the pole anywhere you park your car, truck, or RV. The optional Flag Pole Bag helps protect the flag when it's being moved. The Deluxe 6-Ft Flagpole Set can be used at home or at your business.

What AccessoriesAre Available?
The Wheel Stand lets you display the Telescoping flagpole temporarily anywhere you park your vehicle or RV, such as a stadium parking lot or campground. The Flagpole Bag is a great way to protect the pole when transporting it. The Dock/Deck Mount lets you install the Telescoping flagpole on a dock or deck, or any vertical or horizontal surface, depending upon which mount you order. The 12" Gold Eagle replaces the round gold ball that comes on the top of the pole.We also stock storage bags for all model flagpoles.

What is included in each flagpole box?
In the Telescoping Flagpole box:
The flagpole
A 3 x 5 ft nylon American flag with embroidered stars.
Polycarbonate swivel rings with stainless steel flag clips
A 20 inch ground sleeve with locking collar with a protective cap to keep out debris
A 3 inch diameter gold ball
A double flag harness that allows the flying of two flags, or one flag at half mast
Locking safety collars at each pole section
5-Year Limited Warranty Registration Certificate

In the Deluxe 6-Foot Flagpole Set box:
The flagpole
A 3 x 5 ft nylon American flag with embroidered stars.
Polycarbonate swivel rings with stainless steel flag clips
Adjustable wall-mounting bracket with screws and tension knob
2 inch diameter gold ball
5-Year Limited Warranty Registration Certificate

What are the largest size flags that can be flown on the flagpole?
Two 3 ft.x 5 ft. flags, or one 4 ft.x 6 ft. flag, or one 5 ft. x 8 ft. flag.

Can I fly a larger flag on my Flagpole?
On our 20-Ft. Telescoping Flagpole you can fly a second 3x5 flag or attach either one 4x6 or one 5x8 flag to the pole. The Deluxe 6-Ft. Flagpole Set is designed to fly a 3 x5 flag and we include a beautiful stitched nylon American Flag with embroidered stars with the pole .

Can I fly a flag at Half Mast on the Telescoping Pole?
Yes, simply remove your flag from the top set of the double harnesses and reconnect the flag to the lower set of the double harnesses.

If the Telescoping Flagpole has to be removed, what prevents dirt, leaves or debris from going into the ground sleeve?
The flagpole includes a protective cap to seal the ground sleeve when the pole is removed.

How tall is the Telescoping flagpole when the sections are lowered?
The flagpole telescopes down to 7 feet.

Do you have any taller flagpoles?
We have found that the 20’ height is an ideal size for residential and light commercial applications.

Is there any maintenance needed on the flagpole?
No, the aircraft-quality aluminum will never rust or need painting.

What is the diameter of the flagpole?
The largest section of the telescoping flagpole is 2 5/8" diameter and 16-gauge aluminum. The Deluxe 6-Ft. Flagpole Set also have heavy-duty aluminum in a 1" diameter.

Do you offer additional flags?
We only offer a 3'x5' nylon American Flag with embroidered stars.

How do the flagpoles hold up in the wind?
Both our flagpole models are very sturdy and resistant to wind.

Are the flagpoles hard to install?
No, for either model pole, installation is quite simple. For the 20-Ft. Telescoping Flagpole, just dig a hole 22" deep and 12" diameter, level the bottom of the hole with crushed rock. Insert the ground sleeve and surround with quick setting cement. Insert the flagpole into the ground sleeve in the collapsed position and level. Remove flagpole until cement is dry. The Deluxe 6-Ft. Flagpole Set is even easier. Just attach the mounting bracket to almost any horizontal or vertical surface with the 4 screws provided. It takes no time at all.

How long is the warranty?
Every TopFlight Flagpole is covered by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty that covers any defects in material or workmanship.

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