Manually turn off the switch you want AutoChron to operate. Using a small screw driver, remove the bottom screw from the switch plate cover. Place the unit directly over the switch plate cover. You do not need to remove the existing switch plate cover, Open AutoChron and align the screw hole inside the unit with the hole in the switch plate cover that held the bottom screw.

Secure the AutoChron firmly against the switch plate using the enclosed longer replacement screw. Be sure the mechanism is engaged in the correct position to operate the switch. Your unit is now installed and ready to program and operate.

PLEASE NOTE: You may program the timer first then install it later. If doing so, please keep the batteries well connected during the installation, otherwise you will lose all the data you entered into the timer.

The timer requires 2 AA batteries for programming and operation. The average battery life for normal usage is up to six months.

Caution: Use only fresh AA alkaline batteries.

  1. Open the front of the unit to expose the battery housings.
  2. Insert a battery into each of the housings according to the polarity symbols as indicated.
  3. Close cover. THe LCD will flash AM 12:00, Mon and OFF.

NOTE: Remove the batteries if the unit will not be used for a month or more. Removing the batteries for more than 60 seconds will clear the timer's clock and program settings. Replace the batteries when the "low battery" indicator begins to flash or when LCD dims.


  1. Press ENTER to start the day/time setup, otherwise you can only adjust the minute based on the previous time set up.
  2. Press DAY button until the current day of the week appears at the top of the display. MON, TUES, WED, THU, FRI, SAT, or SUN
  3. Press HOUR button until the current hour of the day appears on the display. Make sure you are setting the AM and PM correctly.
  4. Press MIN on timer keypad to enter the correct minutes for the current time.
  5. Press ENTER to confirm above day/time setup. Without pressing ENTER within 30 seconds your previous day/time set up will not be saved and the timer will go back to the original day/time display.

Before you start to program the timer, please verify you have the correct current day and time set up already.

The timer offers 7 days and 10 ON/10 OFF programming, Program 1-9 and program 0. Once set, the timer will operate each week until reset or the batteries die. Program 0 is a special program that tells would-be intruders that your home is not unattended. It offers turn ON action for 3 minutes at randomly selected times by the timer automatically between 1:00AM and 5:00 AM under certain circumstances. Set up program 0 on each day of the week, and every day its turn on time will be different.

The timer has the following, Convenient different day modules for easy programming:

  1. Every single day individually
  2. Weekdays from MON-THU
  3. Weekdays from MON-FRI
  4. Weekend days, SAT & SUN
  5. The whole week MON-SUN
  6. No Day

Follow these steps to set one program that will operate at the same time for each of the 7 days of the week. Correct current day and time MUST BE SET before you begin.

  1. Press PROG button, and PROG will start blinking 1 ON on the LCD. The days and the times you enter will remain as Program No. 1 until you overwrite the program or the unit is reset. Additional programs will automatically be numbered as entered.
  2. Press the DAY button repeatedly until all MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN are displayed at the top of the LCD.
  3. Press HOUR repeatedly to set the correct AM or PM hour for ON. Press MIN repeatedly to set the minutes. YOur timer is now set to turn the switch ON at the same time every day, 7 days a week.
  4. Press ENTER. THe LCD will flash PROG 1 OFF.
  5. Press the DAY button repeatedly until all MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN are displayed at the top of the LCD.
  6. Press HOUR repeatedly to set the correct AM or PM hour for OFF. Press MIN repeatedly to finish setting the off time. Your timer is now set to turn the switch OFF at the same time every day, 7 days a week.
  7. To set multiple programs, press ENTER to continue to the next program setting.
  8. When finished, press PROG to return LCD to current day and time. Once you program this timer, AUTO will be displayed on the LCD.

PLEASE NOTE: Press ENTER to shift to the different program numbers, 1-9 ON and 1-9 OFF. THe last PROG 0 is a special program. After you have finished programming, press PROG to save your settings.

Program 0 is a special program that tells would-be intruders that your home is not unattended. TO use this function please ensure:

  1. There are no other programs to turn the switch ON between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM on that day.
  2. Your switch is at OFF position on that day. If you happened to manually turn on the switch at the program 0 active time, then the program 0 will skip action on this day.

Program 0 will turn ON your switch for 3 min at a a random time between 1:00 Am and 5:00 AM and then turn it back off on each day of the week. Everyday the turn on time will be different. THe timer will automatically check the above two points, otherwise it will skip that day.

  1. Press PROG, press ENTER to PROG 0
  2. Press ON button to turn this program on or press OFF to turn it off.
  3. Press PROG to save PROG 0 setting.

Recommended Application: Set program 0 when you will be away from home, especially at night. Program it OFF when you return home.

Press PROG, you will see the PROG 1 ON day and time display, press ENTER to advance to the desired program number that you want to remove. Press DAY continually until program is clear. Be sure to clear both ON and OFF functions.

To clear the Program 0, just press the OFF button. Press PROG to save and return to the current day/time temp display.

PLEASE NOTE: Press the reset button to clear all the preset programs in the time, but you will need to set the current day and time again. If you choose to temporarily disable all the preset programs, you could just disengage the timer.

Using the timer - Slide the timer's toggle switch tab to the far left to engage the timer. If the tab remains in the far right position, the unit will not engage the switch and will not be able to turn the switch on and off at the programmed times.

Push the ON or OFF button on the unit to turn the switch on or off as desired between programmed settings OR slide the timers toggle switch tab to the far right to disengage the timer from the switch. You can then manually flip the toggle switch up or down.

PLEASE NOTE: If the toggle switch tab remains disengaged, it cannot turn the switch on or off at the programmed times. Please ensure that the switch tab and toggle switch are in both ON or OFF position when you try to move the tab to engaged or disengaged position. If the tab is blocked when you move it, lift the toggle switch slightly so that you can move the tab easily.

When the low battery indicator starts flashing on the LCD, please change the batteries to brand new, full power, fresh batteries. If you replace the old batteries within 60 seconds, the timer will keep all of your previous settings including programs and the current time. Otherwise, you will need to reset your AutoChron timer.

To reset the timer and erase all preset programs, use a paper clip or other pointed object to gently press down in the timer's reset hole. The display clears. The LCD will show AM 12:00, MON, OFF and current room temp.

When "Err" displays on the LCD, check for any obstacle that may be blocking the movement of your switch.

  1. Remove the obstacle
  2. Gently press a paperclip into the reset hole to clear this message
  3. Reset current day and time
  4. Reprogram the timer

If "Err" is still displayed on the LCD after resetting, please contact us about the warranty.

To enjoy long-term use of your AutoChron Wireless Wall Switch Timer:

  1. Keep the timer dry. If it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately.
  2. Use and store the timer only in normal temperature environments.
  3. Handle the timer gently and carefully. DO NOT DROP IT.
  4. Keep the timer away from dust and dirt.
  5. Wipe the timer with a damp cloth occasionally to keep it looking new.

For more advanced programming or warranty information, please see the instruction book that comes with the AutoChron.

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