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XL Stretch Storage Lid
XL Stretch Storage Lid

Extra Large Stretch Lid

Storage Made Easy! Use Instead Of Plastic Wrap To Cover Large Containers.
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Incredibly clingy, super stretchy, and totally convenient. This extra large storage lid is made from pure silicone, and it's able to fit a variety of large bowls, dishes, pans and containers. Use it on glass, metal, ceramic, or plastic with the same great results, and cover almost anything, no matter what the shape is. Although it's round initially, it's able to stretch and reform to cover square, rectangular, oval and circular containers, and seal them perfectly. Thanks to superior materials and design, you'll never have to worry about slipping, sliding or popping off, and thanks to the dishwasher safe material, you can easily wash and reuse it over and over again. Once in place, it will create an airtight seal to keep contents fresh and secure, so you can easily save them for later, or take them with you on the go. The thick, food grade silicone creates a strong lid, so covered containers can be stacked without worry when needed. Safe for freezer, microwave or oven use, this versatile lid offers many advantages over disposable wraps and foil, and it will save you money at the same time.

Why They're Good

  • Top Quality. Similar looking products feature thinner material, or low quality plastic that only looks the same. This results in lids that fly off, slip, or tear, and the seal will never be as good. Ours have been proven to work, and they are made from a commercial grade silicone that's guaranteed to last.
  • Incredibly Stretchy. Cover stuff that's almost double in size. The material stretches like crazy, but never rips. It's thick enough to create a durable lid, but not so thick that it's difficult to stretch. Anyone can easily cover containers in a matter of seconds.
  • Extra Versatile. Easily cover round, oval, square, rectangular and odd shaped containers. The lid conforms to any shape, and creates a secure seal no matter what the geometry is. Compatible with any material, you can use it on glass, plastic, metal, porcelain, ceramic and more.
  • Totally Reusable. Unlike plastic wrap, foil and other disposable storage solutions, this one can be used over and over again. It will retain its shape and ability for many years, and it's easily washed when dirty.
  • Temperature Resistant. Safe for hot or cold conditions, you can use it in a freezer, a refrigerator, a microwave, a conventional oven and more.
  • Stack-Able. When stretched to cover a bowl, the material will be rigid enough to support other things on top. Conserve space in your fridge, or pack with other items when traveling.
  • Dishwasher Safe. Easily hand washed due to the silicone construction, but also safe for cleaning in a dishwasher for added convenience.
  • Extra Clingy. The material itself is pretty darn sticky, but added ridges on the interior provide extra grip on smoother materials like glass.

Other Options

Want to cover smaller stuff too? If you like the benefits offered by this product, and are interested in smaller sizes, then check out our six piece set. It won't include this lid, but it will include six other ones in various smaller sizes.

How To Use It

Nearly impossible to use incorrectly, this amazing lid works incredibly well, and covers just as easily as the traditional product you're using now. Just stretch to fit, and cover round bowls from 10" - 12" in diameter, or large rectangular dishes up to 13" x 9". There is no special technique, and anyone can master it with the first attempt, but follow the steps below for optimal performance.
  1. Clean and dry lid prior to use. A wet lid may cause slipping, and dirt may contaminate the contents of your container.
  2. Ensure the dish or bowl you want to cover is LARGER than this lid. If unable to stretch, it will not create a tight seal.
  3. Grab with two hands and secure one side of the lid to one side of your container.
  4. Hold lid in place, and stretch the other side to secure it on the other side of the container.
  5. Use the integrated tabs to pull and adjust as needed to create a perfect seal on the top of your container.
  6. Once in place, it will provide a solid and sturdy lid that will not slip off.
  7. To take one off, pull outward with the longer tab to release the bond. Once released, lift up to remove.
  8. Totally dishwasher safe when dirty, just place on the top rack.

Where To Use It

Perfect for a variety of situations, you will love how versatile this lid is. Because it fits on so many shapes and sizes of containers, it offers incredible value and convenience. Use it to replace existing tops that no longer work, use it to replace one that is lost, or use it as a versatile cover to replace plastic wrap and foil on a regular basis.
  • Leftovers. Keep meals fresh in the dish they were cooked in. No need to transfer to a container with a lid, just stretch on, and store for later.
  • Parties. Quickly cover a cake, a dip, or a pan of brownies, and take them with you on the go. The rigid lid will keep foods fresh, and protect them from damage while you travel.
  • Fresh Fruit. Watermelon can be difficult to save. With this lid, it's easy. Simply stretch over the unused half, and the inside will stay fresh.
  • Baking. Cover cookie dough, and stick it in your fridge to cool prior to cooking, or use to cover stuff when baking in the oven.
  • Food In the Fridge. Once in place, it creates a stack-able surface so you can easily pile things up to conserve space in your refrigerator.
  • Splatter Guard. Because it's microwave safe, you can keep the lid on when reheating pasta and other food prone to splattering, and the inside of your oven will stay clean.

Stop pulling your hair out because you can't find the one lid that fits, but don't waste money on roll after roll of disposable film either. This eco-friendly alternative will fit on several dishes and bowls you use regularly, and it can be used over and over again, with nothing more to buy later. It will never lose it's shape, wear out, or become ineffective with age, so cover container after container with the same airtight seal. Other versions don't stay on as well, and have trouble fitting. These are made from top quality silicone that is totally safe, and incredibly reliable. A great addition to any kitchen, this lid is guaranteed to save time and money while making your life easier.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Extra Large Super Stretch Lid
Pieces Included 1
Uses Cover plates, bowls, baking dishes, fresh fruit and more for storage purposes. Stretch to fit and create an airtight seal. 
Material 100% Food Grade Silicone
Color Clear/Blue
Size 9.5" Diameter (1.25" High)
Freezer Safe Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes - Top rack.
Microwave Safe Yes
Oven Safe Yes - Up to 480 F
Reusable Yes - Totally washable and reusable.
Compatibility Works on virtually any material. Use with plastic, glass, metal, ceramic and more!
Shipping Weight .5 lbs

Save money and make your life easier. This handy lid will stretch to fit over a variety of containers and dishes to keep things fresh and secure. Use for storage or travel, and never buy plastic wrap again.  Order Yours Today.

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