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Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Bag

A space-saving design with four accessory pockets and a large compartment for rolls of paper.
Hanging Wrapping Paper Holder
Hanging Wrapping Paper Holder
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No more wrinkled paper, and no more searching for the tape and scissors. Hang this handy organizer in any closet to give yourself a space-saving location to store all of your gift wrapping supplies. It has a large central compartment for several rolls of paper, and there are four additional pockets to keep bows, tags, tape, ribbon and everything else right along with them. A two-way zipper on the main pocket allows for easy removal of long rolls of wrapping paper, and zippered closures on the other pockets ensures that little items remain secure when not in use. Easily know whats inside of each compartment by using the clear windows on each one, and rest assured that everything will remain protected thanks to reinforced bottoms, and sturdy construction. It's available in your choice of two colors, and it can fold flat when you're not using it. Improve the look of every present you give, and never deal with the frustration of missing supplies again.

Why It's Good

  • High Quality. Durable fabric makes this bag long lasting, and reinforced sections only make it tougher. It is plenty strong to hold all sorts of gear, and when loaded up it will not fail or rip, so use with confidence to store and protect.
  • Collapsible. Plenty of room when you need to use it, but also able to fold flat when you're not. Unfold to instantly provide compact storage for all your supplies, or fold into a tiny square to store out of the way when not in use.
  • Portable. Lightweight and durable, you can easily transport this organizer from room to room, or across town. The hook at the top makes it simple to manage, and the sturdy construction ensures it won't get damaged.
  • Secure. Reinforced bottoms keep stuff protected, and help to ensure ample room, and zippered closures on each section keep everything securely inside.
  • Multi-Colored. Pick your favorite color, or get both two bring even more organization to your gift wrapping arsenal. You can keep boy oriented paper in one, and girl oriented paper in the other, and the next birthday party or baby shower will be easy to plan for.
  • Versatile. The large, central pocket is the perfect spot for rolls of paper, but the large accessory pockets provide ample room for just about anything else. Use as suggested, or use in any way desired to accommodate your own needs.
  • See-Through. You'll always know what's inside, and you won't have to go digging to find out. Clear windows on each zippered section allow you to tell, at a glance, what it's holding. Decide on paper before you open the container, and know that you have a bow to match without sifting through the whole pile.

Product Features

  • Hanging design to save space.
  • Five zippered compartments.
  • Four exterior pockets.
  • Measures 10" in diameter x 39" high.
  • Available in two colors.
  • Two-way zipper on main compartment.

How To Use It

Very simple, but also quite useful, anyone can use this product to store, protect and organize gift wrapping supplies. It hangs easily in any closet, and it's the perfect way to reduce clutter, ensure that stuff doesn't get ruined, and reduce the time and effort required to wrap presents. Follow the instructions below to use it properly.
  1. When new, the bag will be flat and folded.
  2. To use it, unfold completely then locate the accessory pocket inserts.
  3. Place one insert at the base of all four pockets.
  4. Once set up, fill with supplies.
  5. The central compartment has a two-way zipper to make it easy to add rolls of paper. Open in either direction to provide the access you need. Each of the accessory pockets have a zipper at the top to open or close the lid completely.
  6. Once supplies are added, all five compartments can be secured shut by zipping them closed.
  7. Carry using the hook at the top. Hang up for storage.
  8. To flatten when not in use, empty container, remove pocket reinforcements, then fold flat.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) organizer
Dimensions 6.75" x 39.25"
Capacity Up to 12 rolls of paper
Color Your choice: pink or blue
Material Reinforced fabric, plastic and cardboard.
Uses Store and organize all of your gift wrap supplies.
Accessory Pockets Yes - 4
Accessory Pocket Size 7.75" x 3" x 5"
Paper Compartment Size 6.75" x 39"
Integrated Hanger Yes
Collapsible Yes
Closure Type Zipper
Reinforced Base Yes - A thick layer of solid material adds protection and increases space. The base of the main compartment is permanently reinforced, and four inserts are included to place at the base of each accessory pocket.
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Eliminate clutter and ensure your gift wrapping supplies look their best by using this hanging storage bag. Your paper will be free of wrinkles, and every other accessory will be right there too. Add convenience and protection, and ensure you never have to search for the tape, all at the same time. Order Yours Today!

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