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3-Pack Wool Dryer Balls

Extra Large For Maximum Efficiency. Soften Clothes Without Harsh Chemicals.
Wool Dryer Balls - 3 piece set
Wool Dryer Balls - 3 piece set
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Enough for small loads of laundry, this convenient 3-Pack is perfect for single people, couples, small families, or those looking to replace lost and worn out balls. They're exactly the same as the ones included in our 6-pack, and for larger loads, double the amount will always be better. Made from 100% felted wool, these extra large balls offer a natural way to soften laundry while saving money and helping you to avoid toxic chemicals. As an added bonus, they also reduce static, eliminate wrinkles, shorten drying times, and allow you to make your clothes smell better by adding fragrance oil right to the material. They won't affect people that are allergic to wool, but they will help anyone that is sensitive to the harsh ingredients in regular liquid softeners and dryer sheets. Just toss them into your dryer and leave them there for over 1000 uses. As they tumble inside your dryer, they'll lift and separate clothing to improve airflow and massage the fabric. This action softens the material and smooths out wrinkles, and thanks to the enhanced airflow, your laundry will dry faster, and come out static-free. Over time, pilling will occur to intensify this massaging action and make them work even better.

Other Options

Need more than three? We've got you covered. Our six pack is better suited for larger loads and bigger families, so if you think you need more than a few, get our Wool Dryer Ball 6-Pack instead. Want to make your clothes smell fresh? We also sell a dryer ball and essential oil combo, and it's a great way to add your favorite fragrance to your clothes as they dry, and get both products for one low price.

Why They're Good

  • High Quality. These premium quality balls are hand made using the finest organic wool, and when compared to others available, ours will work better and last longer. Don't be fooled by lower quality balls that only look the same because they will often be smaller, less durable, machine made, or constructed from inferior materials.
  • Larger. Putting XL in the name doesn't make other balls bigger, but that won't stop some companies from trying. Ours really are big, and if compared to other options, the size difference is obvious. At nearly 10 inches in circumference, these ones offer large amounts of surface area to provide the performance that others claim, but can't actually deliver. Get more separation of clothing, and a better massaging effect so your clothes will dry faster and finish with less static and wrinkling.
  • Solid Wool. Go with a lower quality alternative and you could end up with a rubber core wrapped in wool, or something similar. This cost cutting measure also reduces performance, so be sure you choose a set like ours that is solid wool, all the way through. With solid felted wool, you never have to worry about questionable material at the center, and you never have to worry about balls that fall apart prematurely.
  • Totally Reusable. Never buy liquid softener or dryer sheets again. Instead of a regular purchase that sucks money from your wallet for no reason, you get to pay one low price and continue using the same product for years to come. They work just as well as traditional products, but you never have to worry about them running out, or needing a refill.
  • Renewable. Plastic versions are made from petroleum, but these are made from 100% natural wool. This renewable material makes these an environmentally friendly choice in comparison to plastic ones.
  • Effective. No harsh chemicals to worry about, but your clothes will be just as soft. As they tumble with your laundry, each piece of clothing is lifted, separated and massaged as it spins and dries. The gentle action will soften clothes without shortening the lifespan of the garment, and other annoyances like wrinkles and static will also be eliminated.
  • Reduce Drying Times. Thanks to the separation of the clothing, hot air will flow more efficiently to dry stuff quicker. When using this set of balls as a fabric softener alternative, you will also save time and money as drying times are reduced by up to 40%.
  • Soften Fabrics. A gentle massaging action that only improves with time will soften any material to make clothing less stiff.
  • Eliminate Static. The improved air flow combines with the wool material to reduce static build up.
  • Prevent Wrinkles. The gentle agitation smooths out wrinkles to ensure that your clothing is wearable, right out of the dryer.
  • Save Energy. You won't need to run your dryer as long to get the same results, so you'll reduce electricity consumption drastically. This is great for the environment and your pocketbook.
  • Nearly Silent. Once the dryer is running, you'll barely be able to tell these balls are in there. The soft and natural material does the job intended without adding unwanted noise.

Plastic or Wool?

Either choice is way better than traditional alternatives, and they both work incredibly well, but there are some clear differences between the plastic balls and the wool ones featured here. Our plastic version comes in a set of two, and at a lower cost. The material isn't as eco-friendly as wool, but the spikes make them more efficient, so you can use a smaller number, even with large loads. The wool ones are probably more quiet overall, and with the addition of some fragrance oil, they can also add scent to your laundry, unlike the plastic version. Overall, dried clothes will look and feel pretty similar when using one or the other, so if you're looking for the most natural and chemical-free option, wool is the choice for you. If you only care about saving money and reducing effort, then the blue plastic ones are probably a better option.

Why Use Them.

Off the shelf laundry softeners contain some pretty nasty stuff. Over time, they can cause some real damage, but for some people, it only takes a single use to result in irritated skin, respiratory problems and other unwanted side effects. With prolonged exposure it's even possible to sustain neurological damage that is permanent. That fresh mountain air scent may smell nice at first, but it may not be worth it in the long run. On top of the carcinogens and toxic chemicals, traditional products are also pretty expensive, and they need to be replaced periodically. When you use this set instead, you only pay once, and you never have to worry about dangerous stuff causing you harm. The completely natural action offered by these wool balls is just as effective as lab-created alternatives, so for most people, the choice is easy. Why would you throw away money, or jeopardize your health when you could switch to this proven alternative instead? This set is completely hypoallergenic and free of harsh chemicals, and because they don't shed, they can even be used by people with wool allergies.

How They Work

Kind of like tennis balls, but without all of the green fuzz, toxic rubber and noisy bouncing. When you toss them in with your clothes, and turn the dryer on, they'll tumble with your laundry for the full drying cycle. As this takes place, the balls will separate each piece of clothing and allow air to flow in between. As they tumble, they will massage fabrics to make them softer, and this same action will smooth wrinkles, and reduce static cling. Because the air will circulate better, everything will dry in less time to save time and money, but also preserve the material by avoiding unnecessary exposure to extreme heat. If you like the smell that traditional products provide, add a small amount of essential oil to one or more balls to give your clothes that freshly washed scent.

How To Use Them

  1. To use them, simply toss all six into your dryer and then leave them there.
  2. With each load, pile clothes on top, and then run your machine like normal.
  3. Drying will take less time, so reduce by 20% to start, and then adjust as needed.
  4. If static becomes a problem over time, place inside a sock and wash once in your washing machine.
  5. To add fragrance, add a few drops of essential oils to one or two balls. Scent may last for more than one load, so only re-add as needed.
  6. When pilling occurs, do not remove. This actually makes them work better and is expected.

Product Specifications

Includes: Set of (3) Wool Balls
Size 3.25-3.5" Diameter, 9.5"-10" circumference
Uses Soften clothes, eliminate wrinkles and static, shorten drying times and make your clothes smell better. Avoid toxic liquids and dangerous sheets that damage your clothes and affect your health.
Color White/Natural
Fragrance Free Yes - No fragrance added, but you can apply essential oils to add scent.
Chemical Free Yes - No chemicals are released onto clothing.
# Balls 3 balls in each set.
Reusable Yes 
Non-Toxic Yes
Total # Uses 1000+
Hypoallergenic Yes
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

A safe alternative to dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners. Get the same results without any of the risks or side effects. Order Yours Today!

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