Geometric Wood Oil Warmer

A compact, decorative lamp that doubles as a fragrance diffuser. Deodorize your home wiithout harsh chemicals.
Geometric Wood Oil Warmer
Geometric Wood Oil Warmer
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Eliminate unwanted odors, and improve the look of any room at the same time. This Geometric Wood Oil Warmer and fragrance lamp features modern styling with intricate detailing, and with the warm glow at the center, it can set the mood in any environment. An all wood frame is backed by a two-tone shade with added texture, and in the middle there's a colorful glass cylinder that's home to the dim-able halogen bulb. Add your favorite essential oil to the dish at the top, or use scented wax instead. Once the lamp begins to heat in from beneath, the fragrance will start to fill the air. Use the controls to set the exact intensity that you prefer, and enjoy the fresh scent that's free of toxic ingredients, and doesn't require an aerosol spray to deliver. Just plug this decorative oil warmer into any standard outlet to set it up, and get started right away because it comes complete with a long lasting bulb, pre-installed.

Rectangles are key to the geometric design of this model, and the all wood frame gives it a sleek and simple look that would blend with the décor of almost any room. Behind the darkly colored wood is a multi-colored shade that gives the sides a solid look. Although it's semi-transparent to allow light through, it also has interesting texture and color, so it looks great, even when the unit is turned off. At the center of the lamp, there's a thick, glass cylinder that measures 2.75" in diameter and 3.25" in height. The bulb is in the center, and because the glass is colored, when lit the light is orangish-red in color. The glass cylinder also helps to concentrate generated heat, and direct it upward to the four inch glass dish that rests on top of the lamp. Use it as a dim-able light alone, or fill the glass dish with a single fragrance oil, a mixture of several, or a solid wax that's scented to take advantage of it's fragrance diffusing abilities. You can adjust the dimmer switch to increase the intensity of the light, and because this increases or decreases the resulting temperature, it will also affect the amount of fragrance that's diffused into the air.

Why This Product Is Good

Electric Operation

This lamp is powered by electricity for reliable functionality and even heating, so just plug it in to any standard outlet, then flip the switch to turn it on. Once the bulb heats up, any scented oils or wax above it will begin to spread their scent throughout the room.

All Natural

Diffuse pure essential oil into the air for a truly safe and natural method of eliminating odors and making your home smell great. No harsh chemicals to worry about, and no toxic liquids to coat surfaces like carpets and furniture.

Top Quality

Intricate details and high quality materials combine to create an elegant decoration that is also beneficial. You'll never have to worry about faulty electronics, or flimsy construction because this top quality lamp is guaranteed to look great, work well, and last a long time.

Fully Adjustable

A rotating switch turns the light on and off, and you can set it to high, low, or anywhere in-between. Keep it dim to use it at night, or minimize the fragrance, and turn it to high to create a bright glow and a powerful scent.

Easy Use

It's simple to use, and easy to maintain. Just plug it in to make it work, add oil or wax to the top to diffuse the scent, and place the dish in the dishwasher when it gets dirty. The bulb that comes with it will last for a long time, but replacement is quick and painless when it becomes necessary.

Versatile Usage

Use it to eliminate stinky smells, or use it as a nightlight thanks to the dimmable bulb. As a light or deodorizer it works well, and when combined the benefit and beauty is amazing.

Smokeless Fragrance

Unlike candles, incense and other options, you don't need an open flame to release the fragrance with this Geometric Design Wood Oil Warmer. The result is a much cleaner process with no smoke, soot, ash or pollution to worry about.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Geometric Design Wood Exterior Oil Warmer / Fragrance Lamp
Dimensions 5.75" x 5.75" x 6.75"
Dish Size 4" Diameter. 1" Deep.
Dish Material Glass
Frame Material Wood
Inner Lamp Material Glass
Inner Lamp Color Orangish-red
Frame Color Medium Brown
Uses Add a decorative light and warm glow to any location, but also benefit from the ability to heat oil and wax to deodorize in a safe and natural way.
Compatibility Use with any scented oil or wax.
Operation Electric
Controllable Yes. A dimmer switch allows you to have the light barely on or bright and intense depending on your needs.
Power 110V 60 Hz 50W
Bulb Type Halogen 35 W (G5.3)
Bulb Included Yes
Origin China
Shipping Weight 3 lbs

A modern geometric design creates a simple and effective focal point. Turn on the warm light to heat your favorite oil and diffuse the fragrance into he air.Order Yours Today!

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