2-In-1 Window Blinds Cleaner

Quickly clean mini blinds and other stuff. A washable microfiber cleaning tool and nylon cleaning brush in one.
2-in-1 Window Blinds Cleaner
2-in-1 Window Blinds Cleaner
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A dual action window blind cleaner. Eliminate dust and dirt faster than ever! Just insert, squeeze, and move back-and-forth to clean any type of window blind. The plush microfiber material on this 2-in-1 Window Blinds Cleaner will safely glide across the blind surface to lift up, and lock in any dust and dirt it encounters. You can use it on metal, wood or plastic blinds, and it'll quickly clean two slats at the same time. The superior sleeve material ensures that you'll collect more dust, and clean more thoroughly when compared to other options, and the added brush at the base of the handle gives you dual-action ability, so no spec will be left behind.

Use this 2-in-1 Window Blinds Cleaner to dust any window blind in a matter of seconds, or use it to clean other stuff by taking advantage of it's unique shape. Easily dust into tight spaces, and clean multiple surfaces with a single pass. The specialized, two-slot microfiber cleaner works way better than a cloth, dusting wand, or brush when cleaning air conditioning units, humidifiers, and other appliances with vents or small grooves. Allow the plush material to do the cleaning for you, but get it wet, or pair with your favorite soap or cleanser to increase its cleaning ability.

Stop wasting time with dusters that don't work, and don't remove blinds to hose them down, or do other stuff that makes the job more annoying. This simple and effective blind cleaning tool features a high quality sleeve, and long-lasting brush, so you can easily clean any type of blind with less effort. Results are guaranteed.

Product Features

  1. Washable cover made from premium microfiber material.
  2. Cleans two slats at once.
  3. Cleans top and bottom with one pass.
  4. Dual action tool with large brush at the base.

Why This Product Is Good

Dual Action

Similar tools are limited, so they can't do the whole job. When dusting and cleaning windows, you will inevitably encounter tight corners, spots behind strings, or other hard-to-reach areas. This Window Blinds Cleaner will ensure that you can finish the job without any need for multiple tools. Just use the large nylon brush to dust any areas that the regular tool can't clean.

Washable and Reusable

No disposable parts to replace or expensive sprays that run out. Use this tool dry in most cases, or use it wet in extreme cases. It will outperform toxic alternatives that are more difficult to use, and it will save you money in the process.

High Quality

The microfiber sleeve does all of the work, so using a low quality version will make the job much more difficult. The premium quality sleeve on this tool pulls in dust and dirt like magnet, and because it's so plush, it can hold way more than the competition. This means a quicker, more thorough clean, and a longer period before pad washing or replacement is necessary.

Fast and Effective

Just insert into the slat, squeeze, and then slide back-and-forth. There is no easier way to clean blinds. Every spec of dust will be lifted off the surface, and locked into the microfiber material. It will work just as well on any window blind material.

Multiple Uses

Perfect for window treatments, and window surrounds, but also useful for cleaning similar stuff too. Quickly clean dust and lint out of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and more. Because this tool is able to get into tight areas, it's perfect for cleaning grills, air vents and other stuff. Get it to save time, money and frustration when cleaning mini blinds, but keep it handy for other jobs too.

How To Use It

A simple and effective tool, anyone can use this 2-in-1 Window Blinds Cleaner to quickly clean and dust window treatments or other stuff. You can use it on mini blinds or larger ones, and the brush at the base of the handle ensures you can get into tight corners, and clean any surface the regular blind cleaner won't work on. It's easy to get good results, but follow the tips and instructions below for best results.
  1. Before cleaning, make sure that the microfiber sleeve is clean and properly installed.
  2. To prepare blinds, tilt the slats to the open position.
  3. To clean window blinds, simply insert the tool, and move side-to-side.
  4. Increase pressure, and squeeze as you swipe to clean the bottom and the top at the same time.
  5. The tool will clean two slats at once. Start at the top or bottom, and then work upward or downward to ensure thorough cleaning.
  6. Use the brush for areas behind strings, or windowsills and corners.
  7. Microfiber sleeve is machine washable when soiled.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 2-in-1 Window Blinds Cleaning Tool
Dimensions 10" x 3" x 1.5"
Color Varies
Bristle Length 1.25"
Blind Cleaner Length 3.5"
Blind Cleaner Width 1.5"
# Cleaning Slots 2
Cleaner Material Extra plush, premium quality microfiber.
Handle Material Plastic
Compatibility For mini or regular blinds. Effective on plastic wood or metal. Safe for use on wide variety of window treatments and surrounding surfaces.
Removable Sleeve Yes
Washable and Reusable Yes.
Dual Action Yes. Dust slats with the washable microfiber end, or clean anywhere with the brush at the opposite end.
Non-Toxic Yes. Use dry, or get wet with water for thorough cleaning. No cleansers or harsh chemicals required.
Flexible Handle Yes. Just squeeze to adapt and easily clean the top and bottom.
Uses Clean two slats at a time, and easily remove dust from the top and bottom with a single motion. Use to clean any type of window blind quickly and thoroughly. Complete with detail brush at the base for sills, corners, and tight spaces.
Shipping Weight .45 lbs

Remove dust and dirt from blinds fast. Superior quality ensures that you collect every spec in a single pass. End frustration and clean like a pro. Order Yours Today!

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