Why use a rubber broom? Because it is the best broom you will ever use. A better question would be - why use anything else?
The head of the Sweepa Rubber Broom is made of solid rubber. There are no loose pieces to deal with, so it won't fall apart like a bristle broom or corn broom do. Stop replacing cheap brooms when they wear out. The rubber head on this broom is the same as the rubber your car tires are made from so you can be sure it will last and last. Virtually indestructible, this broom is designed for the most grueling jobs. It is tough enough to handle any job, yet won't damage any surfaces. It will last for years even under the harshest conditions.

The Sweepa Rubber Broom is easy to keep clean. The head is completely removable and cleaning it is as easy as spraying it off or popping it in the dishwasher. You can even sanitize them with disinfecting liquids which is great when using them around animals in stables, or for other applications where sanitization is necessary.

Dirt is no match for the rubber broom. Your standard bristle brooms allow the finer dirt, dust and hair to go right through the bristles. The rubber broom, however, interlocks its bristles to form a solid wall that even tiny pieces of dirt can't slip through. This means that the area will be cleaner, and your floors will be free from debris in a single pass.

With the rubber broom, there will be no bristle effect, where the bristles kick the dirt at the end of a stroke causing it to fly away, or not pile like you intended. The rubber broom will never spray dirt at you and will actually help keep it where you want it. It builds up a static charge that keeps dirt on the floor, making it easy to form a pile. This means that there will be no dust or hair in the air so you will experience less irritation and frustration. People with allergies will love the Sweepa Rubber Broom because they will breathe easier as they clean. With this broom, you can sweep your entire house dust free, even on rough concrete floors like in the garage, basement, your workshop, and more.

The rubber broom sweeps the floor clean on the first pass. This is especially true for uneven surfaces like ceramic tile. The grouted areas can be especially hard to sweep, but with a rubber broom uneven surfaces are easier to clean. For ceramic tile, it gets right into the grout so no dirt remains trapped like with regular tools. Tile floors are normally hard to clean, but the rubber broom gets into hard-to-reach areas with ease, and it does it as you sweep normally. It will bend and conform to any surface to thoroughly clean with little effort. Because they are made of rubber, the bristles never loose contact with the floor and will sweep into grout lines in any direction, saving you much time and aggravation. For this reason, it also works on patios, sidewalks, uneven garage floors, and more. Its indestructible so use it on any surface.

The Rubber head generates friction each time you sweep. This process ensures that this broom won't slide over dirt or past grass clippings or wet leaves like a bristle broom. It also will cause a static charge to build as you work. THis only attracts dirt and hair to make sweeping even easier, and also helps prevent light material from floating of the surface you are cleaning. The Sweepa Rubber Broom will collect all debris in front of the broom and keep it there as you sweep. This saves you time, makes the job more simple, and allows you to collect it quicker when you are done.

Use the sweepa as a scrub brush. Just use a little soap, and the brushing action scrubs so you don’t have to. Use it as a scrub brush on floors, patios, pool/boat decks, etc. The soft flexible bristles do not scratch and you can use almost any cleaning agent you want. Just flip the broom over and use the squeegee to dry the freshly scrubbed surface. You can even do the windows, vinyl siding, pool liners, hot tubs, vehicles and more. Use the sweepa to remove snow and ice from your vehicle in the winter. Its the best snow brush you will ever use. Squeegee the windows dry to prevent them from freezing when you start up your car.

The Sweepa Rubber Broom is the only broom that effectively sweeps carpets and rugs. It not only picks up loose dirt, but also things that the vacuum cleaner leaves behind like pet hair, human hair, sewing threads, pine needles from Christmas trees, etc. This broom is your best weapon against shedding animals and pet hair in your carpet. By using short strokes you build up a static charge that not only lifts dirt and hair out of the carpet, but it keeps it from flying through the air as well. It even removes carpet fuzz, especially from oriental rugs, restoring the sharp lines between the different color patterns. What's even better is that the hair stays in front of the broom and not between the bristles like with a traditional broom. It is also a great carpet rake. It will lift the nap of your carpets and rugs and help protect them against wear. When you use it to clean a rug or carpet, you will not only be removing dirt, fur and hair, but you will also be refreshing your carpet and lifting the threads so it will actually look newer too. Use the sweepa rubber broom in high-traffic areas of your home to revitalize the fibers or to perform regular cleanings where your pets like to sleep.

So, why use a rubber broom? Because it is easier to use and it produces better results. You can use it more places to clean more kinds of dirt effectively. It can be used as a scrub brush or snow brush as well as a broom, so it is also more versatile. Beyond all those great things, it is also more sturdy and able to last longer. It would be hard to find any tool that works better or lasts longer when searching for a floor cleaning tool.



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