Our microfiber mop consists of a sturdy, telescoping, steel handle with a very maneuverable flat, rectangular head. A reusable mop pad attaches to the head with velcro. Once attached, the mop is ready to go. All you need is water alone to clean your floors. You can optionally use your favorite non-bleach cleaner, but water alone will remove 98-99% of all dirt, dust, germs, hair and microparticles from your floor. It can even be used dry as a dust mop. After use, the soiled pad can be easily removed by placing your foot on the edge, and then lifting the mop handle away. Set the pad aside for laundering, or rinse clean under warm water. Each pad is machine washable up to 500 times.

Microfiber mopping is more efficient, easier and less tiring than traditional rag or sponge versions. Everyone who uses one of these prefers it to any other option. You will actually like cleaning again. Not only is it easier and more effective than regular mopping, but microfiber mopping is also quieter, faster and less intrusive. It is lightweight and easy to use, yet it cleans better than any other mop.

It is an extremely effective mopping technique. The mop pad is made of a strong, lint free synthetic fiber. Each fiber is split during manufacturing, and this split structure makes microfiber extremely effective for cleaning. The tiny fibers make the fabric very absorbent, so the it holds plenty of water, yet doesn’t drip. You only need a damp pad to clean with, so the floor quickly dries after you're done, rather than being visibly wet. The fibers have a positive charge that attracts dust and dirt, because it is negatively charged. Dust and dirt is not only attracted to the fibers, but are held tightly within them so it is not redistributed around the room.

When using a microfiber mop instead of a traditional one, you end up lifting less weight because when water-soaked, it is considerably lighter than a loop mop. It completely eliminates rinsing and wringing a heavy loop mop because you use a smaller volume of cleaning solution(water). There is also no need to repeatedly return to the sink to dispose of and replenish buckets.

Microfiber mopping can save you money. Although initial purchase costs for a microfiber mop can be higher than loop mops, sponge mops, or swiffer type mops, the useful life of a microfiber mop is about 10 times as long. You won't have to buy cleaning solution anymore when you switch because microfiber mops can clean your floors with water alone. Unlike disposable versions, where you have re-buy pads or mop with additional chemicals. The reduced volume of cleaning chemicals results in avoided purchase costs. You can even do away with the chemicals all together!

A microfiber mop is the ultimate cleaning tool. The unique design of the pad fabric makes it incredibly effective for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. These mops make the chore of cleaning easier and less time consuming. You will achieve a perfectly clean, streak-free surface every time. Use it wet to clean floors of all types, or use it dry for sweeping and dusting. It can also be used to wash second-story windows, the roof of your car, or any other surface that is hard to reach. Rinse the pad clean with warm water, or put it in the washing machine for laundering. Each pad is reusable and machine washable for hundreds of uses.

Microfiber mop Microfiber Mop
Clean Smarter not Harder! - The ultimate cleaning tool. Enjoy chemical free cleaning and a streak free shine.
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