Babies and children are particularly at risk and more vulnerable than adults. Their bodies are rapidly growing and developing, so exposure to harmful chemicals can cause maximum damage at this critical time.

When children play on the floor they can ingest harsh chemical residues from cleaning products which are left behind. These toxins are easily absorbed into the skin and travel through the blood stream of babies who are much more susceptible to the dangers they pose. Children can be directly ingesting potentially harmful, chemical residue invisible to us.

Chronic symptoms can develop and lead to debilitating developmental problems. For example, toxic materials found in common window and surface cleaners include ammonia, which can lead to eye, respiratory and skin irritation. Leading bathroom cleaners include compounds such as sodium acid sulfate, oxalate, hypochloric acid and chlorinated phenols which are very toxic and can cause respiratory, circulatory and cardiac damage.

Many of these chemicals can be fatal if ingested.

Keep your home clean, safe and healthy by choosing BabyGanics Healthy Home products.

All BabyGanics Healthy Home products are:

  • Superior in performance to conventional cleaners
  • Safe for children, pets and the environment
  • Non-toxic/free of harsh chemicals
  • Plant Based

All BabyGanics Healthy Home products contain:

  • No Fillers or dyes
  • No Pollutants
  • No Caustic ingredients
  • No Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Answers to Other Common Questions:

Why aren’t the ingredients listed on most of the cleaning products at my local store?

Since there is no law requiring manufacturers to list ingredients on cleaning products, many choose not to disclose to you what is in their product. This is common amongst chemical cleaners that contain harsh and toxic ingredients. Many of these ingredients are synthetic and contain long and scary names. By claiming their formula as a “Trade Secret” these companies are able to sell a product without listing what it contains. We choose to disclose our list of ingredients, which consist of 100% vegetable based surfactants and emulsifiers, de-ionized water and all natural fragrance (if scented).

Why is it so important to use Vegetable Based Surfactants?

A surfactant is a term relating to a “Surface Active Agent”. A vegetable based surfactant is derived from naturally occurring resources, and in many cases composed of food grade materials. Most common household cleaners use Synthetic Surfactants, which are chemicals which may or may not have been tested for safety. Since so many new chemicals are being introduced so rapidly into the marketplace it is impossible for adequate testing to take place for negative health effects.

What is the significance of the “Green Clean” legislation in New York State created by Governor Pataki?

In New York State, as well as many others, legislation is being passed requiring state and government buildings along with schools to adopt a “Green Cleaning” program. Governor Pataki commented, "Together, these two initiatives will help protect our environment, improve air quality in our public buildings and protect the health and safety of millions of schoolchildren, employees and visitors." Shouldn’t you be doing the same in your home to protect the health and safety of your family?


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