dryer ballsStop Buying Fabric Softeners - Beyond being super expensive, fabric softeners leave an oily coating on clothes, which doesn't really leave them softer or fluffy. This chemical coating does smell good to some people, and is intended to make your clothes feel better, but the actual results are not that impressive, and the downsides can be quite eye opening. The oil left behind when you add softener to your load builds up on the fibers and takes the absorbency out (oil repels water), so if used on towels and other items, it will have a negative effect on usability. In the dryer, fabric softener (dryer sheets) leaves a sticky residue on all the components of your machine as well as your clothes. Parts like the moisture sensors and drum of the dryer get thoroughly coated over time, and most of us do not perform the occasional maintenance necessary to remove this coating. The resulting residue is highly flammable, and related to why some fabric softeners encourage you not to use on towels, terrycloth or fleece. The number one cause of house fires is the dryer and the use of traditional softeners only increases these odds. Fabric softeners most people use will even take the fire retardant out of baby's clothes. When you buy 2 boxes of brand name fproducts, you spend almost $20 in most cases, and this results in hundreds of wasted dollars over the course of a year. Our Dryer Balls are highly affordable when compared to a single purchase, but they are reusable, so you will end up saving money quickly, and it will pile up over time as you stop buying dryer sheets or liquid softeners because they are no longer needed.

Soften Fabrics Naturally - Dryer Balls soften fabrics naturally instead of layering them with toxic chemicals. The little tips protruding from the balls retain the heat from your dryer, and massage the fibers in your clothes. They will be soft and flexible when cold and not in use, but as your dryer heats, these little nubs flex and bend even more. As the drum tumbles, the balls will roll around to soften fabric, but also lift and separate it in order to make air flow more efficiently. This action opens up the fabrics, making them soft and fluffy without the use of chemicals. Dryer balls can be used on any kind of fabric, and they will work in any type of dryer. Use them with confidence on your delicate garments, your jeans, your towels, bed sheets, and all other laundry.

Reduce Drying Time - Because they lift and separate clothes as they are massaging to increase softness, clothing will tumble in a more separated manner. This will result in a better pattern of airflow, so more surface will be heated and dried in the same amount of time. In this way, a set of dryer balls will easily reduce the amount of time it takes to get things dry, no matter what type of clothing it is. You will save money on your energy bill and spend less time doing laundry, which will leave you more time to do the stuff you love. A single set will result in a 15%-25% reduction in time needed, and when the dryer is not running, it does not cost you money. Shorter laundry cycles will save on energy costs, but also allow you to accomplish more in the same amount of time.

Reduce Lint and Need for Ironing - Because they lift and separate clothes, allowing air to flow more efficiently, more lint will be removed from your clothes and you will notice less wrinkles. Also, the gentle massaging action scrapes off loose lint, and beats out light wrinkling. Just 10 min. in the dryer on medium heat will push wrinkles right out of your clothes in order to rejuvinate them when they sit for too long, or when washing is not an option. Clothes will no longer be all balled up when they come out of the dryer. Instead they will be separated and layered for a better looking end result. You won't need lint brushes either because the normal amount you are accustomed to will be greatly reduced when you use these balls. Instantly notice more in the trap, and less on your shirt.

Non-Toxic and Allergy Free - Unlike fabric softeners dryer balls are completely non-toxic and allergy free! They will never melt because they are made of PVC plastic which can withstand extremely high temperatures. This is the same plastic that your hot water pipes are made from in your house. No chemical fumes will be emitted, no melted plastic will be released, and no perfumes will coat your clothes. Although this material is safe and will not introduce toxic compounds, it is also safe for your dryer phyisically too. No denting or marking will occur as they tumble.

A recent study from Anderson Laboratories gives a clue as to why fabric softeners have been recognized as being harmful. Anderson Laboratories chemical analysis of the airborne emissions of five different kinds of commonly available fabric softeners was reported in the May, 2000 issue of the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Their study revealed that the fabric softeners emitted toluene, styrene, phenol, thymol, xylene, and trimethylbenzene, among other chemicals, many of which cause acute respiratory tract irritations and inflammation. Fabric softener chemicals are made to stay in clothing fibers and slowly release for a very long time. That slow release of chemicals into the air affects the health of those wearing the clothes and people around them.

Babies, children, older people, and people who are already sick are especially susceptable to these chemicals. Damage can be permanent, causing longtime illness. Babies often react with rashes, frequent crying and/or diarrhea. Disinfectants can have the same effects. Experts suggest a possible connection between Sudden Infant Death (crib death) and the use of these products for washing babies cloths and crib sheets and blankets.

Some symptoms caused by fabric softener fumes are: tiredness that is not cured by resting, difficulty breathing, nervousness for no known reason, difficulty concentrating and remembering, dizziness, headaches, sick stomach, feeling faint, rashes and/or difficulty controlling body movements.

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