Vibrating Massage Pillow

A high quality, vibrating massage pillow with decorative cover. Pressure activated. Just lean back to turn it on.
Vibrating Decortive Massage Pillow
Vibrating Decortive Massage Pillow
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Decorate and rejuvenate. This attractive throw pillow also doubles as a vibrating massage pillow. Keep it on your couch for constant use, and it'll blend in with your decor. Take it with you on-the-go and never worry about it getting dirty because the high quality decorative cover is easy to remove for washing. It runs on two "D" batteries, so you never have to worry about being near a power outlet, and you can easily use it while driving, or flying in order to eliminate pain as you sit for long periods. Just lean back to turn it on, or sit back up to turn it off. A special pressure switch activates the pillow, and turns on the steady vibrating massage. It's perfect for use on your upper or lower back, but you can also use it to massage your neck or feet as well.

The efficient motor runs for a long period on a single set of batteries, and the automatic switch ensures that each set will last as long as possible because the pillow will never be running when you don't want it to. Relax after a long day at work, sooth muscles after working out, stimulate healing in your legs and feet, or loosen a stiff neck. This versatile pillow is the perfect addition to any home because it is beneficial to any lifestyle. It's the perfect way to improve your health and comfort at the same time, and the decorative cover is an added bonus. Stop struggling with large, complicated and ineffective massage tools, but don't just deal with the pain either. This decorative vibrating massage pillow is a simple and easy way to solve the problem.

Product Features

  • 12.5" x 12.5"
  • Washable Corduroy Cover With Zipper.
  • Pressure Activated Switch.
  • Vibrating Massage Action.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Runs on 2 D Batteries.

Why This Product Is Good

Top Quality

Top quality electrical components combine with a durable cover and thick foam pillow to create the perfect back or neck massage pillow. It will work like new time and time again, even with everyday use. You'll never have to worry about function or failure, and thanks to the high quality look, you can place it with confidence in any location of your home, office or vehicle.

Vibrating Action

Just lean back, and the vibrating motor will automatically turn on. Strong, steady vibrations will stimulate blood flow and soothe sore muscles. The vibrating massage is perfect for your neck, back or feet.

Highly Beneficial

Anyone can benefit from a massage, or prolonged stimulation to muscles and extremities. This pillow makes it easy to deliver a vibrating massage to any part of your body. Increased blood flow to the area will promote healing, and the soothing action will loosen tight muscles, or soothe sore ones.

Washable Cover

Just unzip at the back, and slip the cover off to wash it. Prolong the life of this pillow, and keep it looking good for years to come by washing it whenever it gets dirty.

Battery Operated

Other massage tools require you to plug them into the wall. This limits the location you can use it, and the position you body can be in. It also makes it tough to take it with you away from home, or while driving or flying. Thanks to the battery operated motor on this vibrating massage pillow, you can use it anywhere, and use it anytime you want.

Pressure Activated

An internal switch reacts to pressure. When you press down on it, or lean back on the pillow, the switch turns the pillow on. Once you eliminate the pressure, or sit up, the switch will turn the motor back off. The automatic action is highly convenient, but it will also save on power.

Decorative Look

Most massage pillows are pretty ugly, and obvious looking. At a glance, most people will not even know this one is a massage pillow. It looks just like a decorative throw, so you can toss it on a bed or a couch, and it will blend in completely.

If you don't want a fancy back massager with unnecessary computer controls, bright lights, heating elements and moving parts, then this simple and effective massage pillow may be the perfect choice for you. You can leave it out without destroying the look of a room, and you can take it with you anytime you travel. Thanks to the fact that it automatically turns itself on and off, you'll never waste batteries, and you'll never have to worry if you shut it off when finished. Get the perfect vibrating massage any time you need it, but don't mess around with complicated or heavy options, and avoid the need to sit right next to a power outlet. For the ultimate in good looks, functionality and portability, this vibrating massage pillow is tough to beat.

Other Options

Looking For Something With More Options? Check out our Deluxe Pulsating Massage Pillow. It is similar in looks to this one, but it features and advanced pulsating massage action, it has a high or low option, and you can pair it with an optional AC/USB adapter to avoid using batteries.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Decorative Vibrating Massage Pillow
Dimensions 12.5" x 12.5" x 3.75"
Color Light Gray
Motor Single
Speed Single (High)
Type Vibrating
ON/OFF Pressure Switch (auto on and off - just lean against to turn on and release pressure to turn off)
Cover Corduroy - removable/washable
Power 2 D batteries
Uses For at home, at work or travel. Use to massage your back, neck, legs or feet. Press to activate.
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Washable Yes. Cover can be hand or machine washed.
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

High quality, Vibrating Massage Pillow - help to relieve sore muscles at the same time. This good looking throw pillow will blend with any decor, and be there any time you need help relaxing. With pressure activation, just lean back on it, place your feet on it, or tilt your head back to turn it on. Order Yours Today!

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