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  • This product should never be used by children without supervision. Anyone else should read the directions prior to using it.
  • Supervise the entire spin drying process, especially when children are around.
  • Although it is equipped with a security system, never put hands into the basket until it comes to a complete stop.
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for acts performed without observing the instructions, precautions and warnings.
  • Before connecting your spin dryer, make sure that the wiring is suitable for this product. If in doubt, contact an electrician.
  • In case of power outage or voltage variation, turn the machine off.
  • Never leave appliance connected to the power outlet when not in use.
  • Do not use extension cords.
  • As with any appliance, do not operate with bare feet to avoid shock.
  • Do not overload.
  • It is designed for use with clothing only. It should not be used foe sneakers, stuffed animals, food, ink or anything that retains fluids.
  • Never lift machine while it is running. This may result in accidents or damage.
  • Designed for home use. Not intended for industrial or commercial applications.
  • Always use the round safety cover during operation.


  1. Check to make sure outlet voltage is compatible.
  2. Use electrical outlets that are high up to avoid sources of water, and children's hands.
  3. Do not use adapters, extension cords or other improvised connections.
  4. Do not install on carpet or surfaces that prevent air circulation underneath the unit.
  5. Choose a level surface.
  6. For increased longevity, use in a well ventilated area that is dry and away from direct sunlight.
  7. Place a bowl or bucket under the drain spout to catch water.

Instructions for Use and Maintenance

  1. With dryer unplugged, pull the cover latch to open the lid.
  2. After opening, fill with clothes, making sure to spread evenly. Keep heavier items at the bottom.
  3. Amount of laundry should never exceed the height of the inner drum.
  4. Place safety cover on top, and inside the inner drum.
  5. Ensure that surface is level.
  6. Close the lid until it clicks.
  7. Plug in machine to start spinning.
  8. Let run until water stops draining from the lower spout.
  9. Once finished, unplug to stop spinning.
  10. Press cover latch to open, and drum will stop rotating automatically. Wait until still, then remove laundry.
IMPORTANT: The spin dryer is a compact, lightweight, high RPM machine. It is extremely important that users carefully follow instructions, for both safety and to increase lifespan of the product.

Nina Soft Spin Dryer

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