1. Deluxe Tumbling Composter (52 gal.)
Deluxe, 2-in-1 Tumbling Composter
Deluxe, 2-in-1 Tumbling Composter

Deluxe Tumbling Composter (52 gal.)

2-In-1 Functionality. Make Liquid and Dry Fertilizer At The Same Time.
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The original composter and compost tea maker is still the best. This high quality tumbling compost bin is extremely easy to use, works incredibly fast, and allows you to make nutrient-rich, liquid fertilizer along with your regular dry stuff. It looks great, fits almost anywhere, emits very little odor, and the advanced design allows for year-round use. It comes to you completely assembled and ready to go, so difficult assembly and missing pieces are avoided. Save money and improve the quality of your garden at the same time. Just add in your greens and browns, spin a few times a week, and in as little as two months, you will have black gold to sprinkle on your vegetables, and liquid awesome to feed to your flowers. It's constructed from BPA free, post-consumer plastics, and it's incredibly durable and well built. Eight rollers underneath the large drum makes spinning simple, and the large capacity allows you to collect 52 gallons of dry matter, and 3.5 gallons of liquid.

Why It's Good

  • Double Duty. Similar products only do half the job, so you miss out on the highly concentrated liquid fertilizer known as compost tea. This one makes just as much of the dry stuff, but it also makes tea at the same time.
  • Eco-Friendly. Constructed from recycled plastics that are BPA free, this composter is friends with Mother Nature, and it has a smaller carbon footprint than others. Despite the reused materials, it is also extremely rugged, and highly durable.
  • Fast Acting. Way faster than traditional piles, and even quicker than lower quality competition that looks similar. Don't wait six months for organic fertilizer when you could have it in one.
  • Fully Assembled. No complicated instructions to follow, and no little pieces to lose. Once you pull it out of the box, you'll be ready to take it straight to the garden. It comes to you completely put together and ready for use.
  • Easy Spinning. The lower placement of the barrel helps, but multiple, high quality rollers combine with larger grooves around the outside of the bin to make it incredibly easy to rotate. Other units use cranks and other difficult mechanisms to mix the contents, so they are much harder to use in comparison.
  • Year Round. The enclosed bin, and unique design will allow you to use it even in winter. Keep it close to your house, and add stuff all winter without mixing. The extreme temperatures will break stuff down, and speed up the process once spring arrives.

How To Use It

Operating this composter is incredibly simple, and awesome results are pretty much guaranteed. The advanced design allows you to make solid and liquid fertilizer at the same time, and there are no special steps required in order to do it. Extra rollers make spinning easy, it sits low to the ground to allow for easy access, and the enclosed design contains odors, and speeds up the process. Read the directions below to get a basic idea of how to use it, or become an expert by reading the full instructions.
  1. Place it almost anywhere, but choose a location that is between your garden and house for easy access.
  2. Add in your ingredients, and make sure to maintain a 50/50 mixture of greens and browns.
  3. Once added, close the lid and secure the latch.
  4. Rotate the bin to aerate and mix the contents.
  5. Add more stuff as you collect it, and rotate three time a week or more.
  6. After 4-6 weeks, your fertilizer and mulch will be finished.
  7. Empty the dry stuff by rolling the drum close to where you will use it. Open the door, and tip for easy access.
  8. Use as mulch, or mix with soil to feed plants and improve soil quality.
  9. To use the liquid, adjust the plugs and then drain into a bucket, or by using a hose attached to the opening.
  10. Dilute with water before use, then add to plants as required.

What to Put In

For best results, you'll want to stick to two basic categories when looking for ingredients, greens and browns. There are all sorts of things that will work, but there are also specific things to avoid. Use the lists below to get a basic idea of what is OK, and what is off limits when loading your composter.

Green (Wet)
  • Fruit and vegetable peels
  • Coffee grounds and used filters
  • Used Tea Bags
  • Egg Shells
  • Garden scraps and plant trimmings
  • Table scraps and leftovers
Brown (Dry)
  • Dry fallen leaves
  • Dry grass from mowing
  • Straw
  • Sawdust
  • Shredded Newspaper
  • Shredded Cardboard
  • Shredded egg cartons
Stuff To Avoid
  • Meat and fish
  • Dairy products
  • Sauces
  • Oil and fat
  • Pet waste
  • Diseased plants
  • seeding weeds
  • bones

Why Use This One

Easier to use, and more advanced than other tumblers, and way quicker than traditional bins. You can reduce effort, save money, and improve the health of your plants all at the same time. This device doesn't require you to sift and mix with a pitchfork, and the eight high quality wheels make turning it effortless, even when it's full. The rugged construction makes it last longer than others, and the overall design allows for easy access when adding ingredients, or removing your finished product. Add in the 2-in-1 functionality, and this product is tough to beat. Why just produce the dry stuff, when you could make use of the nutrient rich liquid that is normally lost with other products and techniques? The leachate that drips down to collect in the base is highly concentrated, and an ideal food for flowering plants and vegetables.

Stop wasting money on expensive chemical concoctions at the store, and don't sweat and struggle to tend a decomposing pile in a corner of your yard. Get all of the benefits with a fraction of the work when you use this Deluxe Tumbling Composter. It will produce a balanced mixture that is packed with nutrients, and it will require very little effort on your part. You can feel good about throwing less stuff into the trash can, and you can save your cash for something more enjoyable. Brighter, more plentiful flowers, and delicious tasting produce will be the end result of the process, and you will be rewarded by your amazing looking yard and bountiful harvest.

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