What it is, and what it isn't.

What are TFX NonStick! products made of?

Each individual product will vary slightly in exact composition, but the non-stick surface they all share is a high quality PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) material. It's commonly used for non-stick cookware because it's very non reactive, and has an extremely low coefficient of friction against any solid.

So, is it Teflon® then?

In a word, No. Teflon® is a specific brand of PTFE, that is trademarked, and produced by DuPont. TFX Nonstick! is an entirely different brand, and it is NOT produced by DuPont; and therefore, NOT Teflon®.

Are they FDA approved?

Yes they are. All TFX NonStick! products are totally FDA approved, and suitable for commercial or home cooking and baking.

How about BPA and PFOA?

Not to worry. Every product in the line is entirely BPA (Bisphenol-A) and PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) free.

Is this PTFE stuff safe?

Of course. As stated above, all TFX NonStick! products have been approved by the FDA. Beyond that, similar materials have been used by numerous bakeries and restaurants and other commercial kitchens for decades. Officials in the US as well as other countries like Canada, Japan and France agree that PTFE is safe for use in cookware and medical devices. This is because it has proven that it does not react chemically when it comes in contact with food, water or cleansers. PTFE is widely used in the production of medical devices that remain in the patient because it provides a non stick coating that comes with no risk of toxicity.

Didn't I hear about some risk?

Way back when the material originated, Teflon® brand PTFE was produced with the addition of another substance, PFOA. Due to rising health concerns, studies were conducted that showed that there could be some migration of this PFOA to cooking food, under extreme conditions. Despite a lack of definitive evidence, the use of PFOA was banned, and is no longer used. TFX NonStick! products have NEVER used PFOA in the production of PTFE.

Proper Usage

What's the maximum heat rating?

Use with temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Never use with direct contact with an open flame.

Can I use a knife to cut food on the sheets?

No. If you do, you will likely cut into the material and cause permanent damage. Never use it like a cutting board, and always transfer prior to any portioning.

What about other metal utensils?

Same goes for metal tongs and spatulas. You run the risk of damaging the surface, so it's recommended that you use plastic, wood or silicone coated utensils for maximum longevity. Sharp utensils will scratch the surface, so they should be avoided. Metal utensils can be used carefully, but they will reduce the life of the product.

But I can cut it right?

Cut to size, yes. If you need a different size or shape, carefully use a pair of scissors to trim it down.

Can I use TFX NonStick! on a grill?

Sure you can. As long as you don't exceed the 500 degree heat limit, and you avoid direct contact with the flames, it should work just fine. If it comes in contact with the fire, or gets too hot, it will become damaged, but we sell a similar mat here that has the same heat rating, and it is amazing for use on a grill.

Can I use it in my microwave?

Yes you can. It is completely safe for use in your microwave.

Compare To Other Options

Is it cheaper to use than parchment paper, foil & silicone?

Yep. With repeated use, you will quickly save money when compared to other, commonly used, products. When using parchment paper or foil, you always have to throw it out after a single use. With TFX, you will get one thousand or more uses before you need to toss it. With silicone baking sheets, you can reuse them in the same way, but they are less versatile, and they cost more on average. When you look at the average cost per use for TFX, it is about 1-2 cents per use.

What's the difference between these and a silicone mats?

One of the worst things about cooking with silicone mats is that they have the ability to retain odors and flavors. Also, butter and oil can't be used, and it's recommended that you avoid washing with soap and water because it will shorten the lifespan. Unlike TFX, silicone shouldn't be put in the dishwasher, and it is only useful on surfaces that are flat. If you need your silicone sheet to be smaller, or a different shape, there is nothing you can do about it, but with TFX, you can cut it to fit.

What's the difference between TFX NonStick! and other PTFE coated products?

TFX NonStick! is the highest quality brand on the market. All products have a five layer coating, and the competition may only have one. It begins with superior materials, and continues with an advanced production method. The end result is the best non stick cooking surface money can buy. Produced with exacting standards in Sweden, TFX is rated for commercial and home use, and when compared to any other brand, it will always offer substantially higher quality.

Using It Properly

Should I alter cooking and baking times?

No. The material is very thin so it won't change the amount of time you need to cook or bake. Food will cook at the same speed as it would on parchment paper, or right on the pan. THe only difference will be the improved finish product.

Will it help me improve the look of food that I cook?

Absolutely. Even heating ensures that everything cooks properly, and the non-stick surface allows you to remove it from the pan without it falling apart. When using these products, damage is minimized, so everything will look great.

How can I tell if it needs replacing?

When food starts to stick, or when the material gets damaged, it's time for a replacement. Most people will get 1000 or more uses before replacement becomes necessary.

Mine has changed colors. Does that mean I need a new one?

No. Probably not. Some color change is normal over time. The color will change slightly when heated, and with prolonged use, the material will look different than when new. If you notice extreme color changes, you may have damaged the sheet due to proximity to heating elements or flames, or intense heat. The normal, slight color change is to be expected, and will not warrant replacement because it does not affect performance.

Can I use both sides?

Yes you can. Both sides are the same, so they are totally reversible. Please be advised that the Baking Board would be the exception to this. It's only non-stick on one side, and it has a silicone baking to keep it in place.

Cleaning and Storage

How should I store my TFX NonStick! product?

All products can be stored flat, or rolled up. The thin, flexible material easily rolls, so you can put it back in the box, and keep almost anywhere. As another option, just lay flat in a cabinet or drawer.

What's the best way to clean it?

Just wipe with a damp cloth, hand wash with soap and water, or place it in your dishwasher.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes. As mentioned above, the material is totally dishwasher safe for an easy clean up.

Healthier, Low-Fat Cooking

Are they really healthy? If so, how?

Yes. The material is totally nonstick with any food, so you won't need added oils and butter to prevent sticking. Eliminating these fatty ingredients will reduce the calories in the food you make. You don't need to avoid grease and oils, but you won't be required to use it either.

Can I use butter and oil if I want to?

Sure you can, but you only need it for flavor, not for treating the surface or preventing sticking.


Should I worry about hazardous fumes if overheated?

Any material, when heated high enough, will emit fumes. As long as you avoid direct contact with flames and heating elements, and you maintain temps below 500, your TFX product will not emit any. If the heat is too high fumes may occur, but they would NOT be harmful to humans or household pets with the exception of birds. Birds have sensitive respiratory systems and are susceptible to fumes in general. Please seek the advice of your veterinarian if your pet bird comes into contact with an overheated TFX NonStick! product.

Are there any health concerns associated with these products?

No. When used properly, there is absolutely no risk involved. Follow the simple rules below, and you'll have nothing to worry about.

  1. Do not overheat.
  2. Keep away from flames, and below 500ºF
  3. Do not place directly on heating elements.
  4. Wipe clean, or wash after every use.


Can I order Full Size, Half Size and Panini Sheets in single quantities?

Not at this time. For now, these products are only available in case quantities.

Can I order in a custom size?

Yes you can. There are qty requirements, but please contact us if you are interested in placing a custom order.

How about large quantities? Do you offer a discount?

Yes. We do offer standard qty discounts, but if you are ordering many more than what is listed, we would certainly give you a lower price, so please contact us before ordering.

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