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4 Ply HDR Techni Ice
4 Ply HDR Techni Ice

4 Ply HDR Techni Ice Cold and Hot Pack

Extra durable and long-lasting. Preserve food and beverages, or treat sports injuries with these highly efficient hot and cold packs.
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Twice as tough as the original, these amazing hot and cold packs provide incredible performance combined with excellent reusability. A special polymer at the center absorbs water to activate the sheet, but the moisture remains locked in, and never releases. This pack won't sweat or drip like regular versions do, and it will last way longer too. Because it keeps things incredibly cold, it works well as a safe alternative to dry ice, and because it stays cold for so long, you can easily preserve stuff for extended periods to accommodate shipping, travel, all-day picnics, catered events, and more. Each one can be cut to any size, and the multi-cell design allows them to flex and bend to adapt for use with any item or container. Keep perishables fresh on the way to see friends and family, or go camping for days without buying multiple bags of ice.

Equally good at maintaining hot or cold temperatures, these are also ideal for preserving hot dishes or as a therapeutic wrap to soothe sore muscles. Once the sheet has been activated, you can make it cold by placing it in the freezer, but you can also make it warm by placing it in the microwave. Once heated, it will provide even heat that is longer lasting than other options, and the soft and flexible material can conform to any body part. With the added benefit of sectioning down to almost any size, you can easily create a custom heat pack for your specific injury. Cut a small square to provide relief in a focused location, or cut a strip to wrap a shoulder or knee to ensure complete coverage. With a thick, plastic coating on all sides, this product is highly reusable, and totally sanitary, and when working with food or beverages, you also have the added reassurance of FDA approval. Stop relying on frozen water, or other products that don't work as well. Easily keep stuff cold for days, or provide long lasting warmth with this versatile product.

4 Layer Construction

4 Ply Techni Ice Layers Intended to be more durable and reusable than the original, 2-ply version, this one sandwiches the polymer between four layers of protection. The polymer material at the center is what expands when water is absorbed, and it is also responsible for maintaining temperatures. On either side, there will be a thick layer of durable textile. The fabric coating is then completely surrounded in a plastic cover on both sides. With this HDR(heavy duty reusable) construction, you can be confident to use the same sheet over and over again, with no additional protection or precaution necessary.

Other Options

Don't care about the maximum re-usability? Looking for something that has a lower price tag? Then check out the Original, 2 Ply Version. It works just as well to keep stuff warm or cool, but it has a textile on one side, and plastic on the other, so when reusing the sheets, you may have to protect one side to make them last as long as possible.

Usage Recommendations

4 Ply Techni Ice How To When using the sheets in a cooler to keep food and beverages cold, it is recommended to use layers. You should position the Techni Ice above the stuff you are trying to preserve, and you should cover it completely. When you use at least three layers, the middle layer(s) will act as a temperature reference to delay the thawing process. When several sheets are used in combination with proper insulation, they can keep refrigerated foods cold for days. The number of sheets required will be determined by the size of the container, and for best results, you should freeze the sheets for 24 hours before using.

Quantity Needed:

  • Average Size Insulated Bag: 1 to 3 sheets.
  • Small/Medium Size Cooler (5 Gallon):  3 sheets.
  • Large Cooler (10 Gallon): 6 Sheets or more.
  • As a general rule, you will want to use 1 sheet for every two gallons of container capacity.
  • Using more sheets, and layering them will cause them to last longer.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) HDR Techi Ice Sheet
Dimensions 16" x 11"
# Cells 24
Cell Size 2.25" x 2.25"
Capability Use for temperature maintenance or sports injuries. Heat in your microwave, or cool in your freezer.
Uses Excellent as a flexible hot or cold pack to ease sore muscles. Also ideal for keeping food and beverages cold for long periods. Preserve perishables while shipping, maintain medicine temperature while traveling, or keep food fresh while camping, picnicking, or taking a road trip.
Type 4 ply HDR (Heavy Duty Reusable)
Reusable Yes
Re-Sizeable Yes. Use as few or as many cells as you need.
Non-Toxic Yes
Food Safe Yes
FDA Approved Yes
Flexible Yes. Thanks to the multiple cells, the sheet remains pliable even when frozen solid.
Ability Stays cold for days. Can be frozen colder than ice, and even colder than dry ice.
Origin Made in Australia
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

A safe and effective way to keep food cold, or heal injured muscles. Avoid dry ice, chemical rubs, and other dangerous stuff, but get the same results. It lasts way longer than regular, frozen water, and it doesn't sweat or leave behind puddles. Order Yours Today!

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