Tablet Cleaning Cloth

A Fast & Easy Way To Clean The Screen On Your iPad Or Other Tablet.
Tablet Cleaning Cloth
Tablet Cleaning Cloth
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Looking for the best way to clean your touch screen? This high quality tablet cleaning cloth is perfect for safe elimination of any grime currently coating your iPad. The soft and silky material cuts through greasy stuff and lifts up crusty stuff to quickly wipe away fingerprints, smudges and other dirt in order to reveal a screen that looks like new. It actually shines the surface as it removes dirt, so once you finish, your tablet screen will go from cloudy and gross to sparkling and polished. It is extremely easy to use, and it will deliver outstanding results on any brand or size of device. You don't need any additional sprays, it does not require any special technique, and you can use it over and over again without replacing it. The lightweight material is thicker than most, but it still folds easily to store in your case, pocket or anywhere else. Don't settle for the mediocre job that your low quality version is doing now, and don't risk another cleaning using liquids, chemicals or your t-shirt. Get this large, powerful cloth and be amazed at how fast and easy it can be to clean any tablet computer.

Why This One Is Better:

The plush, silky finish will feel great in your hands, but the real benefit is how well it cleans. The material that our Tablet Cleaning Cloth is made from is similar to other ones we sell, but not identical. When compared to other options we carry that work on similar surfaces, this one will be softer to the touch, and slightly lighter in weight. When compared to other cloths found elsewhere, you will find that ours is heavier, thicker, softer and far more effective. It would be difficult to find an alternative that does a better job, but finding one that looks similar, and does not perform as well is quite easy. The soft fabric ensures that you will never mark or scratch your screen in any way, but it also makes it so much more powerful when compared to other options. This ultra suede material is able to absorb and lift up the difficult grime that others just smear around, or glide right over. You are probably familiar with thin, stretchy nylon-like cloths that seem to skim the surface, or smear fingerprints, but these take way more effort, and will never clean as well. This one is different because instead of struggling and smearing, you will be able to deep clean and thoroughly remove everything from the surface with just a single pass.

The extra large, elongated shape will facilitate cleaning, in order to save you time, and enable you to use less effort. It is large enough to completely cover most tablet computers so you will have ample area to work with. Some people like to fold it in quarters to create a nice fluffy cleaning pad to wipe with, and others like to take advantage of the size in order go longer between cleanings. Because it is perfectly large, you can even clean with both hands at once to complete the job in half the time. Incredibly soft material will feel plush to the touch, but the overall cloth remains lightweight and portable. You can fold it up to store in a tiny pocket, or fold it less to keep it flat in order to slip it into your carrying case. Take this cloth wherever your tablet goes to always have the ideal visual display with no obstructions. In just seconds, you can take your screen from greasy and smudgy to clear and sparkling.

Totally Safe And Scratch-Proof

The above average quality of material will make cleaning glass, plastic, metal and other surfaces a snap, but it also eliminates any possibilities of scratching. If you wipe with paper towels, or some harsh, lower quality cloth, you will not only make it more difficult and time consuming to clean your computer, you will also open yourself to the possibility of permanent damage to the screen or any other part. The material this cloth is made from runs absolutely no risk to your screen, but it has been taken one step further by also extending this to the edging as well. Instead of a thread hem, it features thermally welded edges. You get the same protection in regards to raveling and wear over time, but with unsewn edges you don't have to worry about the thick thread leaving any marks as you clean. An attractive zig-zag cut is applied to all sides, and then the edges are heated to bond the fibers. It will not fall apart, even in the wash, and you don't have to worry about any possible harm to your tablet. Grab the cloth in any way, and wipe with any portion without worry about damage. Because you will use it dry in almost every situation, moisture is never introduced, so most brick risk is avoided too.

This is the best way to clean your iPad or other tablet, but it would also work great for desktop computer screens, notebooks, or even a large LCD or Plasma TV. The same characteristics that allow it to power through dirt and lift it off your touch screen, will also enable it to work well on other similar surfaces too. Take build up off your phone, clean your favorite sunglasses, make the fancy dishes sparkle before company comes over and more. Any delicate surface can be quickly and efficiently cleaned with this cloth. It will absorb oily grime instead of spreading it, and crusty dried on stuff will lift off with ease. You will be able to safely clean without any chemicals or liquids coming close to your expensive toy, so don't frustrate yourself by using a lower quality cloth. All microfiber is not created equal, and this one is unmatched for quality of material, feel in your hand, and overall ability to clean. Choose an easier, safer and more effective way to clean your computer and you will save time, reduce cost, and eliminate worry.

How To Use It

Using this cloth to clean any computer is easy. You can use it wet or dry, but for most applications, leaving it dry is more than sufficient. The only time you will need it "wet" is after you have tried to clean dry, but have something left over. This is usually a sticky booger, dried piece of food, or something similar. Adding some water will increase cleaning power, and allow you to cut through stubborn dirt.
  • Prior to cleaning, make sure the cloth is clean and free of debris that might scratch. Turning your device off can help prevent damage and unwanted app purchases, but placing it on hold will usually be just fine.
  • Use the cloth unfolded to cover a large area, or fold into quarters for a thick pad. Folding will also hide clean surfaces that can be used at a later time.
  • When unfolded, two hands can be used for increased speed.
  • To eliminate fingerprints from your touch screen simply apply light pressure and wipe. A top to bottom and side to side action works well, but you can also use a circular motion as well.
  • Most regular grime should clear with a single wipe, but you may occasionally encounter stuff that is more difficult. In this case, dampen the cloth and wipe again.
  • You only ever want the cloth damp, so when wetting, wring out thoroughly prior to use. This will give the extra power you need without allowing drips or too much moisture to ruin your device.
  • Wet properly dampened, residual moisture should not cause problems and will dry in one or two seconds. After wetting, anything that was skimmed over or stuck in place will glide right off
  • After the screen is spotless, continue to wipe any other surface too. It can be used on the back, the sides, the case and any other part too. All dirt, germs and other contaminates will be lifted up and locked into the fibers. In just seconds you can take a completely dirty screen and make it look new again.

Too Big?

We think this cloth is the ideal size for tablets, and it should make any Angry Birds addiction easier to bear. You may prefer one of our other, similar options due to size or slight material differences. To browse other cloths that can do the same job, follow these links: 5x8, 8x8, 9x10.25, 12x12, 16x16. Order Yours Today

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Tablet Cleaning Cloth
Dimensions 12.5" x 8.25"
Uses Quickly wipe away fingerprints or deep clean any screen. Perfect for tablets and other computers, but useful for any delicate surface you need clean.
Color Orange
Material Microfiber
Microfiber Type Ultra Suede - Super fine, silky smooth material.
Shape Rectangle
Microfiber Weave 80/20
Edges Saw Cut - Thermally Welded (Totally Scratch-Proof)
Washable Yes - Machine wash hundreds of times before replacing.
Cleaning Surface Front and Back
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth For Tablets - A high end cloth to compliment your high end device. Stop struggling with less than adequate alternatives, and don't risk using anything that sprays or adds moisture. For quick and effective cleaning, this powerful cloth is unmatched. Order Yours Today!

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