Synthetic Feather Duster

A flexible dusting wand with long microfiber that feels like super soft feathers. Extremely gentle, and incredibly effective.
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A fluffy microfiber dusting wand that's way better than traditional feather dusters. Get the same gentle action, and ability to clean around delicate stuff, but pick up dust like a magnet instead of pushing it around. Regular feather dusters and low quality synthetic ones just move dust to a new location. This high quality alternative pulls dust into the fibers and holds onto it. Simply glide over dirty surfaces, and the plush material will do all of the work. This Synthetic Feather Duster is not treated with any chemicals, and you don't need extra sprays or cleansers to clean with it. The feather-like fibers alone will lift up and eliminate dust from any surface you use it on.

Our Synthetic Feather Duster is perfect for regular dusting in any location, but you can also bend it to any shape or angle, so it's also ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach stuff like ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, tall shelves and more. Quickly flex it to give it a slight angle, or fully bend it to create a loop. The inner metal core is easily manipulated, but it's also strong, so you can bend it back-and-forth time and time again without any worry of failure. A large handle makes this dusting wand comfortable to hold, but it also has a threaded opening at the base so you can connect it to an extension pole to extend your reach. Stop wasting time and effort with inferior dusting tools. Switch to this affordable duster and get commercial strength cleaning power combined with professional level durability.

Product Features

  1. 22" Length.
  2. Bends To Any Angle.
  3. Threaded Handle.
  4. Soft and Safe.
  5. Non-Toxic Cleaning.

Why This Product Is Good

Pro Quality

Incredibly effective, this durable tool was deigned with commercial cleaners in mind. It's affordable enough for regular homeowners too, so anyone can take advantage of the amazing cleaning power. Just glide over surfaces, and let the advanced feather-like material do the work for you. Lift up and lock in loads of dust.

Totally Flexible

The inner core of the dusting head is made from metal. Bend it to any angle for cleaning fan blades, on top of ledges and more. You can set it to any angle with little effort, and it will bend back straight whenever you finish. Change angles time and time again without worry of failure.

Like a Dust Magnet

Dust is negatively charged, and the feathery fibers on this dusting wand hold a permanent positive charge, so the two are incredibly attracted to each other. The microfibers will pull in dust , almost like a magnet, and hold it within the fibers. Other dusters just push dirt around, or cause it to fly in the air. This Synthetic Feather Duster keeps grime contained, and eliminates it from surfaces efficiently.

Long Reach

The wand itself is nearly 2 feet long, but it also has a threaded opening, at the base of the handle. Get a pretty long reach when used alone, but attach to any standard extension pole to reach even further.

Safe and Gentle

The feather-like fibers are amazingly soft and fluffy, so they will never harm any surface or material, and they will easily clean into any space. For added protection, the tip is also coated to prevent scratching or marking of any kind.

Washable Material

You won't need to clean the synthetic fibers after every use, but you can whenever they get too dirty. Under normal use, just store for later, or rinse under water, and then hang to dry. When the duster gets really dirty, simply hand wash with soap to thoroughly clean.

Versatile Performance

Perfect for use in your home, but also great for in and outside of your vehicle, at the office, or anywhere else. Because it's not treated with chemicals, and soft enough for use on any surface, you can use this duster for a variety of jobs in and around your home.

Thin Profile

Although it looks fat and fluffy, this duster is actually ideal for cleaning into tight cracks, or under heavy objects. The thin wire core will remain rigid, but the feathers will flatten to fit into compact spaces. Clean under your couch, between your stove and counter, or behind the fridge with ease.

Need An Extension Pole?

The threaded opening at the base of the duster handle allows you to screw this faux feather duster onto the end of any extension pole with standard threads. To get a longer reach while cleaning with this tool, connect to our 59" telescoping pole, our comfort grip pole, or our super long 12 foot extension pole.

Where To Use It

A gentle touch and a thin profile allow you to clean almost anywhere. It will pick up dust like a magnet, and it will easily maneuver in and around tight spaces. Use this Synthetic Feather Duster to clean any of the stuff below, or use it to clean anything similar.
  1. Ceiling Fans.
  2. Chandeliers.
  3. Automobiles.
  4. Figurines.
  5. Shelves.
  6. Wood Furniture.
  7. Cobwebs.
  8. Window Blinds.

Who Should Use It

Durable and effective, this high quality synthetic duster was designed for professional cleaners, but any regular homeowner can take advantage of the cleaning power too. With highly versatile ability, you'll be able to use it for a wide range of jobs. It's perfect for use by the people listed below, but if you're doing anything similar, it'll work great for that too.
  1. Residential Cleaners.
  2. Commercial Cleaners.
  3. Auto Detailing Specialists.
  4. Hospitality Workers.
  5. Food Service Workers.
  6. Healthcare Staff.
  7. Restoration Services.
  8. Janitorial Staff.

How To Use It

You don't need to do anything special to get good results when you dust with this high quality Synthetic Feather Duster, but follow the tips and instructions below to ensure the best results.
  1. To prepare for dusting the first time, remove the duster from the plastic cover, then spin it back-and-forth to fluff it up. Once the duster looks full, and the fibers are standing on end, you'll know the too is ready for use.
  2. You don't need to spray anything on the duster, or the surface you'll be cleaning. Use the duster dry to pick up dust on any surface.
  3. The 22" wand can be used straight, or it can be flexed to a different angle. Set your desired shape prior to dusting.
  4. Use alone, by holding in your hand using the large handle, or connect to an extension pole to reach stuff far away.
  5. When the duster is saturated with dust, which may be after several uses, simply rinse it out in a sink.
  6. When very dirty, use dish soap or laundry detergent to hand wash in the sink.
  7. After rinsing or washing, remove excess moisture by grabbing and squeezing. Start at the handle, and then slide your hand downward to wring out the water into the sink below.
  8. Hang to dry for later use.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Large Synthetic Feather Duster
Overall Length 22"
Handle Length 6.5"
Dusting Head length 15.5"
Color Blue
Handle Material Plastic
Duster Material Microfiber (80/20 - synthetic feathers)
Threaded Base Yes. Connect to any extension pole with a standard thread.
Washable Yes. Hand wash when dirty.
Flexible Yes. Bend to any angle.
Compatibility Safe for use on any surface.
Uses Quickly eliminate dust on any surface. Large, fluffy duster head is gentle and effective for cleaning areas all over your home, office and vehicle. No chemical sprays necessary.
Origin China
Shipping Weight 1 lbs.

Outperform traditional feather dusters with this synthetic alternative. Get professional level performance at an affordable price, and eliminate every spec of dust without the use of harsh chemicals. Order Yours Today!

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