What’s inside the cubes?
Inside th Super Slush Cup cubes is basically a concentrated salt water solution. It is not meant to be consumed, but it is also not harmful if it is. In the worst case scenario, swallowing a large amount of the salt solution may give you a stomach ache. The cubes are made from a durable type of plastic that can withstand a lot of shaking and dropping. If you happen to get a hole in one, simply throw it away or recycle it, as there is no way to "fix" a broken cube.

Is it safe?
Absolutely! All components of this set are BPA free, and will add no chemicals to your drink. The only way your drink is altered is in tempurature. THe special cubes merely freeze the water already in your favorite drink. This product has been tested for safety, and it passed on all acounts.

Does it add water to the drink?
No. The Super Slush Cup does not add any water or chemicals to your drink. It simply chills the liquid so that it takes on a slushy consistency. It doesn’t change the flavor of your drink at all, just makes it have a nice, icy texture.

Does it add calories to the drink?
No. Since nothing is actually added to the drink, there is no increase in calories when you turn it into a slushy.

Which drinks work well with it?
You will get the best results with juices, sodas, energy drinks, chocolate milk and non-alcoholic drinks that contain some natural sugar. Diet drinks will be less effective.

Does it work with alcoholic drinks?
Alcohol has lower freezing point than water, so it’s harder to get it to freeze with the Slush Cup than other liquids. With enough effort and planning, you can have good results. The secret is to use alcohol that has been in the freezer so it is pre-chilled. Mix with coke or other mixers to make a frozen version of your favorite cocktail.

How long do the Magic Freezer Cubes last?
Each cube can be used hundreds of times. They’ve been made to very strict manufacturing standards to ensure a long life. Simply hand wash to use over and over again!

My drink isn’t turning slushy. What’s wrong?
1. MAKE SURE YOUR CUBES ARE FROZEN SOLID. If they’re not solid, the slush cup may not work properly. If your cubes aren’t freezing solid after being in the freezer for a few hours, you may need to set your freezer at a lower temperature.

2. YOUR DRINK HAS TO BE WELL-CHILLED BEFORE POURING IT INTO THE CUP. Hot drinks, or even drinks that are at room temperature will not superchill to the slushy consistency you want.

3. YOU MUST USE ALL THREE CUBES when you make your slushie drink. One or two cubes is not enough!


5. BE PATIENT. It usually takes 1- 2 minutes to work. In some cases, it can take up to 3 minutes of shaking before your drink is nice and slushy. Be careful though because shaking too much will cause the drink to become frozen solid.

My drink is frozen like a rock!
You shook your cup too long. Keep an eye on your slushie drink's progress as you shake it. You’ll see when it’s starting to turn slushie. Don’t overshake, or your drink will freeze completely solid!

My shaker cup is leaking.
Make sure to close the lid firmly before shaking. The Slush Cup was made to seal well, but it has to be closed completely.

1. Do not take the lid off your Aussie Ice until it’s ready to eat. You should be able to check on the slushiness of your drink through the clear cup. If you shake up your cup, take the lid off to look inside, then put the lid back on and start shaking again, the cup may not seal properly, and you could end up taking a slushie shower!

2. It’s not unusual to have a little bit of liquid seep out of your cup when making a slushie, especially with very carbonated drinks. Mom and Dad may want you to shake your cup over the kitchen sink, or outside the house. If you’re having lots of liquid leak out of your cup, contact us so we can send you a replacement.

Is this available in stores?
No this product is not available in stores.
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