Streak Free Cleaning Cloths (3-Pack)

Clean anything like magic! The non-woven microfiber material cleans with only water, and nevr leaves behind spots, streaks or lint.
Streak Free Cleaning Cloth 3-Pack
Streak Free Cleaning Cloth 3-Pack
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No more streaks! These incredible cloths are made from a non-woven microfiber that's similar to the streak-free cleaning side of our Ultimate Window Cloth, so they work amazingly well on a wide variety of surfaces, and they'll never leave behind any dirt, marks or fuzz as you wipe. They feel like a thick paper towel in your hand, but they're softer, and they clean and absorb way better too. Thanks to the lightweight material they're easy to handle, and substantially less bulky when compared to traditional cleaning cloths. You'll only need water as a detergent to clean almost anything, and the fabric does all of the tough work for you, so a single pass will wipe away every spec of dirt and grime on virtually any surface. Unlike paper towels, and other cleaning rags, these will never drop lint as you clean, and once the cleaning is complete, you'll never have spotting or streaking to deal with. Although they're lightweight and affordable, these cloths are high quality, durable and totally reusable, so you can wash each one several times before replacement is needed, and they'll never wear, tear or fail while you're working.

Keep them big, or cut them down to any size or shape. You can use these streak-free cloths folded up to increase thickness for extra padding, or completely unfolded to cover a larger surface area. The durable microfiber material will gently scrub without any harm to the surface being cleaned, so you can use them with confidence in almost any location, and you can be sure that they'll perform well in almost every situation. Look like a pro, but don't work as hard as they do. Stop wasting effort with lower quality cleaning cloths, and never attempt the job with an inferior tool. This affordable 3-Pack of Streak-Free Cleaning Cloths will provide the power you need to look like a pro when cleaning lenses, glasses, windows, mirrors and more.

Product Features

  1. Large 16" x 16" Size.
  2. Cut To Any Size.
  3. Streak-Free, Non-Woven Material.
  4. Convenient 3-Pack.
  5. Use Wet or Dry.
  6. Totally Washable and Reusable.

Why This Product Is Good

Multiple Uses

Perfect for smooth, hard surfaces like glass and metal, but ideal for other materials too. You can use these cloths to clean just about anything, and the results will be fantastic every time. Don't waste money on cloths that only work for a single job or surface. Get these instead, and you'll have a versatile cleaning cloth that you can use almost anywhere.

Streak-Free Finish

With the perfect amount of moisture, the ideal detergent, and a powerful microfiber material combined, it will be nearly impossible to leave a streak on your windows and mirrors. Only a tiny amount of moisture is needed to make the cloth work, and once you wipe away dirt and smudges, the moisture left behind will dry almost instantly, so there will never be spots or streaks.


Never leave behind any fuzz or pieces of lint. Unlike paper towels, and other types of cleaning cloths, these will never shed or drop little specs as you clean, so the surface will always look perfectly clean when you finish wiping.

Top Quality

Don't just get any white cloth and expect it to work the same. All streak free cleaning cloths are not equal. In fact, many are streak-free in name only, and they will never work as well, or last as long as ours. When you get this 3-pack, you'll be guaranteed to have a powerful cleaning cloth that works just like you want it to.

Use Wet or Dry

For most jobs you'll want to use the cloth damp, but for light dusting, or quick jobs like cleaning your eyeglass lenses, you can quickly wipe away dirt while the cloth is dry. With or without water added, the material will gently glide across surfaces to lift up and lock in dirt.

Washable and Reusable

Use over and over again. Each cloth can be washed and reused, so one package will last anyone a while. Simply rinse clean under the faucet, or thoroughly clean in your washing machine. These durable cloths can be laundered multiple times before replacement is necessary.

Edge-Free - Cut To Any Size

With no sewn edges, you can safely wipe the most delicate surfaces, and you'll never have to worry about leaving a mark, or harming the surface in any way. Thanks to the material, you don't need a hem to prevent the cloth from unraveling, and you can cut them down to any shape or size you prefer.

Environmentally Friendly

Remove 99% of all dirt and germs from any smooth surface using these cloths. The specialized material does all the work for you, so you won't need extra sprays and cleansers to get the job done. Reduce the amount of chemicals you use while cleaning your home, but never compromise quality.

Money Saving

Thanks to the lightweight material, you can easily use these streak-free cleaning cloths in place of paper towels, and you'll save tons of money in the process. Because they clean with only water, you can also avoid buying additional soaps and cleansers. Wash over and over to make the same affordable cloth last for years.

Highly Effective

The proof is in the results. You'll be amazed at how well these cloths perform, and how many jobs they can be used for. Toss out those old rags, paper towels, and heavy weight cleaning cloths. Use these lightweight cloths instead, and get better results with less effort.

Other Options

Looking For Something A Little Different? You may prefer our Ultimate Window Cloth over this one. It has a very similar, non-woven material on one side, but it's a dual sided cloth that also has a synthetic chamois material on the opposite side. Some people prefer the dual purpose wash and dry ability of this more advanced cloth.

Where To Use Them

Get amazing results in almost any situation when you clean stuff using these streak free cleaning cloths. They're ideal for glass because they provide the easiest way to get a streak free clean on windows and mirrors, but you can also use them all over your home, office and vehicle to clean other surfaces without using harsh chemicals, or leaving behind streaks and other marks. Use the list below to discover the large list of jobs these cloths work on.

In Your Home

  1. Bathroom and bedroom mirrors.
  2. Inside and outside of windows.
  3. Stove tops and oven doors.
  4. Countertops - Concrete, Wood, Stainless Steel, Granite, Marble, Formica, etc.
  5. Bathroom sinks, tubs, tile and fixtures.
  6. Glass shower doors
  7. Refrigerators, microwaves and other appliances. Perfect for black, white, stainless steel and more.
  8. Laminate, tile, linoleum or hardwood floors.
  9. Wood furniture.
  10. Dry dishes, cutlery, silverware, and glasses.
  11. Wipe down leather, vinyl, plastic or ceramic surfaces.

Vehicles and Boats

  1. Use for washing, drying, waxing, or applying a finish.
  2. Safe and effective on every glass or metal part.
  3. Shine and polish chrome parts like bumpers, fenders and gas tanks.
  4. Wipe away break dust.
  5. Wash windshields and headlights, and remove bugs and stubborn grime.
  6. Quickly dust dashboards and other locations.

Glasses, Devices and Other Stuff.

  1. Perfect for Eyeglasses. Cut to any size.
  2. Clean a whiteboard without chemicals.
  3. Clean camera lenses.
  4. Wipe dirt from cell phones, computer screens, TV's and more.
  5. Clean the surfaces of desks, shelving and chairs.
  6. Wipe grime off of shoes, purses, briefcases and luggage.
  7. Safely clean and glass object, or delicate item.
  8. Use in the garage to wipe tools and parts, or to clean your hands.
  9. Perfect for staging glass, granite, bottles, any shiny or glossy surface

How To Use Them

  1. To avoid leaving behind lint with your first use, wash new cloths before using them.
  2. You can use the cloth dry for dusting, cleaning and wiping smudges, but for most jobs, the cloth should be used damp.
  3. To dampen, simply get wet with water, and then wring out until the cloth is only slightly damp.
  4. To clean, simply wipe in a single direction. Safe for all surfaces.
  5. Eliminates grime with only water as a detergent, but you can combine with window cleaners and other chemical sprays if desired.
  6. When dirty, machine wash to clean. Do not use fabric softener. Hang to dry to avoid shrinking.
  7. Launder with bleach to treat staining over time, or to sanitize.

Don't be fooled by similar looking cloths you've seen elsewhere. Lower quality material will never perform the same, or last as long in comparison. When you get this streak free cloth instead, you'll be sure that it'll work correctly and make you look like a pro each time you use it.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 3-Pack Streak Free Cleaning Cloths
Dimensions 16" x 16"
Weight 120 GSM
Grade Premium Plus / Commercial Grade
Shape Square
Uses Ideal for windows and mirrors, but also good for stainless steel, counter tops, wood furniture and more. Quickly clean with only water.
Where To Use Safe for any surface. Will not scratch, and no chemicals needed.
Color White
Material Premium Quality Non-Woven Microfiber
Microfiber Type Non-Woven Viscose / Spun Lace (smooth) 70/30 blend
Edges Edgeless. No sewn edges.
Absorbency Soaks up to 20 times more than a regular cotton cloth
Compatibility Use wet or dry
Cleaning Surface Front and back. Streak free material on both sides.
Pack Size 3 Cloths Per Package.
Machine Washable Yes - Machine wash, tumble dry low. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach.
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

An ideal tool for a wide variety of cleaning jobs. This will be your go-to cloth because it works so well on a wide variety of jobs. Clean like a pro, but never try hard. This powerful cloth will do all the work for you. Order Yours Today!

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