1. Stone Mist Deluxe
Stone Mist Deluxe - Table Top Misting Fountain With Natural Stone Accents
Stone Mist Deluxe - Table Top Misting Fountain With Natural Stone Accents

Stone Mist Deluxe

Tabletop Fountain with Natural Stone and 2-In-1, Black Metal Stand.
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This misting fountain model offers a little something different. Although quite similar to other models we sell as far as the benefits it provides, the Stone Mist Deluxe also has a few features that are unique to only it. The tear drop shaped stand is made from sturdy metal, and can attach to the base for positioning on a table or shelf, but it can also be used without the base if you would like to hang it somewhere instead. The package will not include any of the hardware to do the hanging,  but the balance and construction of the stand will allow you to do it on your own quite easily. Most other models feature misters that submerge in just water alone. The mist maker on this one also sits under the water, but it includes several pieces of natural quartz rocks to pile on top. Instead of your standard fog on water effect, you get a more subtle one where the natural cloud sort of seeps from between the cracks. Because the stones are semi-translucent, they will appear to glow and change colors with the LED lights, so you will get a visual effect that almost looks like lava. Place it anywhere thanks to it's compact size and versatile stand. Although the picture makes it appear smaller, this model has a bowl size identical to most other table top models.

Use it as pictured, and the sturdy base will allow you to place it on any flat surface. The compact styling takes up more vertical space than it does horizontal, so it is perfect for a shelf, on your desk, or even next to your bed on a night stand. If standard placement is not your cup of tea, this model can also convert to a hanging unit with one easy step. You will simply remove the lower ring by loosening and then removing a single screw. Now you will have the bowl suspended inside the tear drop shaped stand with no lower base. Tie rope or cable to the point at the top, or use something like a chain or hook that can attach and hold it securely. When held at the apex, the stand will remain balanced in mid air, and allow you to hang it almost anywhere. With this added versatility, you can use this model in a room with no flat space available, or as a decoration in areas like patios and foyers.  No actual hardware for hanging will be included with your purchase, but thanks to the cleverly designed stand, it is a simple project that anyone could complete.

This decorative fountain does not use dry ice or any chemicals to produce fog. There is nothing to repurchase, and you only need to add regular tap water to make it work. The almost magical process is nothing more than a simple scientific process similar to regular evaporation. For this reason, the fog is all natural water vapor, and it is cool to the touch as it floats there. When you turn the mister on, a little disc will vibrate at high speed in order to create the friction and heat necessary for evaporation to occur on it's surface. The mister on this model features a 16mm, standard size disc which gives it ample surface area to produce thick clouds of natural mist. Looking at the top of the mister, the circular area in the center is where the disc is, and where the evaporation takes place. As the disc moves inside the cavity where it sits, it will begin to generate heat and friction instantly, and a natural fog will start to form on top of the water. Because the mist is quite cool, the effect is very similar to that of more expensive, and complicated cool mist humidifiers. The added benefit of this product is the look of course, but also the negative ion generation, and ability to diffuse fragrance. If you add just a few drops of oil into the bowl of water, the mister will scent the mist as it is produced. This can help to eliminate odors in the room as you improve air quality by increasing humidity. The ultrasonic vibration also produces negative ions, and they will mix with the air and neutralize dust and germs to clean and purify.

Hang it, or set it on a table. This model offers the ultimate in versatility to allow for a variety of placement options. Hang it in the corner of your living room, or position on top of your desk at the office. It is compact enough to fit almost anywhere, but large enough to be a bold focal point no matter where it is located. Alleviate breathing problems, eliminate dry skin, and make your home more fun to be in. It is much nicer to look at than other cool mist humidifiers, and it serves the same function. Use it safely just about anywhere as a dynamic decoration, a colorful lamp, a unique water feature or just as a regular humidifier. When the air in your home gets dry, this elegant fountain can solve the problem, and provide added benefits at the same time. Order Yours Today!

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