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Stainless Steel Serrated Vegetable Peeler
Stainless Steel Serrated Vegetable Peeler

STAR Serrated Peeler

A Vegetable Peeler With Serrated Blade by Zena.
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Make fuzzy and slippery foods easier to peel with this high quality tool. It is made from 100% stainless steel and manufactured in Switzerland. This gives it a high quality design, a sharp, easy to use blade, and durable long lasting construction. The Star Serrated Peeler will easily outperform traditional versions, and will produce better results than other similar looking units. The Star line of vegetable peelers offers high quality tools at a price that anyone can afford, and they will enable you to achieve professional level results without any skill or extra effort necessary. The blade on this peeler is incredibly sharp and will stay that way for a long time. You can expect this serrated peeler to be easy to use for years of reliable service. A sturdy metal body makes this peeler tough enough for commercial settings, yet elegant enough to keep at home. This is the Serrated Star Peeler, but we also carry the regular version, and the julienne version. Mix and match for reduced pricing. If you are interested in getting one of all three, then check out the Star Trilogy, a three piece set that includes one of each.

A serrated vegetable peeler can make peeling some foods easier. Instead of slipping and sliding on smooth, waxy or thick skins, the serrated blade is able to hold its grip and dig in when needed to remove the skin. It is also great for fuzzy and delicate fruits too because you won't slip as you peel, and the fruit won't be bruised as you try to remove the outer fuzz. You will be able to quickly peel fruits an vegetables of any type without worrying, blanching or taking any special steps. At first glance the blade on this peeler looks very similar to a standard, straight peeling blade. For this reason, you are able to use it in much the same way, and for all of the same tasks. Upon closer inspection of this blade, you will notice tiny teeth along the edges. This is what makes it unique, and gives it the ability to peel shiny and smooth food with such efficiency. These tiny teeth will dig in to grab the skin, making it easy to peel. You will not slide over the top, or slip as you are skinning. You also won't bruise or squish your food by trying too hard, or applying too much pressure. The serrated teeth are the perfect length to give you the traction you need without digging in too deep. You will remove the perfect amount each time, and never waste any part of your fruit or vegetable. This peeler is ideal for fuzzy fruit like kiwi and peaches, or waxy vegetables like peppers and tomatoes. You will also have great results on other foods like plums, zucchini, asparagus, squash and more.

A stainless steel handle with a sharp, stainless steel blade make this peeler incredibly easy to use as well as durable. It is simple for anyone to achieve perfect peeling with this tool because the serrated blade gives you that extra power and grip without causing damage, or forcing you to peel too much. No more thick skins that can't be peeled, and no more fuzz covered fruits. Stop skimming over smooth skin and start peeling it with precision. With this serrated peeler, you will be able to easily peel delicate or slippery food, but you can also use it for regular fruits and veggies too. It can perform any task that a regular peeler can, but thanks to the serrated blade, it is more able to grip slippery surfaces and be gentle to soft, or fuzzy fruits while you work. Some people may even prefer this type of peeler as their main tool, due to the increased grip and cutting teeth. Clean up is easy with this model because the blade and body are stainless steel and totally dishwasher safe.

This type of peeler is commonly used in professional settings because it offers a quick and easy way to peel any fruit or vegetable. You are able to remove long, wide strips while keeping them extremely thin as to maximize the yield and minimize the waste. For this reason, you will save both time and money when you peel with this tool. To peel a fruit or veggie, simply hold it in one hand and your peeler in the other. Using even pressure, run the peeler along the length of your food to remove the skin. Light pressure will remove just the skin, and if you increase pressure it will begin to remove slices. You can pull it toward you or away as you work, and as you peel the tool will maintain a perfect, uniform thickness while peeling or slicing. A built in loop at the top is used for removing blemishes and rotten parts as you work, and can even be used to cut long strips from your food for salads or garnish. Thanks to an ergonomic design, this tool can be used for long periods without straining, and it is ideal for anyone with arthritis due to the wide comfortable grip. Equally good for left or right handed people. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

includes: (1) Serrated Edge Vegetable Peeler
Dimensions 2.2" x 4.4"
Uses Peeling, Slicing, Skinning, decorating and more
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Blade Type Serrated
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Eye/Stem Remover Yes
Compatibility Left or Right Handed
Ergonomic Design Yes
Swiss Made Yes
Manufacturer Zena
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Serrated Vegetable Peeler - Make it easy to peel the skin from waxy, thick or slippery foods. Never eat another fuzzy peach again. This peeler features a serrated blade to make peeling some foods much easier. Order Yours Today.

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