Star Peeler

The Ultimate Vegetable Peeler. Swiss Made Quality by Zena.
Star Peeler by Zena - Stainless steel body with a hardened steel blade.
Star Peeler by Zena - Stainless steel body with a hardened steel blade.
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A super sharp, hardened steel blade allows this vegetable peeler to outperform all others. Even when working with the hardest fruits and veggies, it will peel skin like a hot knife through butter. It works well on softer foods too so the Star makes the perfect all around fruit and vegetable peeler for any kitchen. You will be amazed at how effortlessly you are able to remove skin, and how much less time it will take you. That's because the razor sharp blade will glide right through at the perfect depth to remove wide swaths of skin in a single pass. Potatoes, carrots, apples and more can be peeled quickly and easily using this tool, and because it's a high quality device, it will stay sharp, and last for many years, even with heavy use. The STAR Peeler is the updated version of the REX, which is the original to feature this design, and both are still made in Switzerland, unlike most of the copy cats. Many others have tried to duplicate the design and performance, but as with most things, you can't beat the original. This one is proven to work better, and last longer than similar looking models.

Other Options

Want a tool that performs almost as well, but has a low maintenance blade? Then take a look at the Stainless Steel STAR. It won't be quite as sharp, but you can let it air dry without worry of surface rust forming. For a more economical choice, check out the original version called the REX Peeler. It has the same hardened steel blade, but the handle is made from aluminum instead of steel. For the same blade with a plastic handle, check out the Rapid Peeler by Zena. Looking for a tool with a specialized blade? Then check out the STAR Julienne Peeler or theSerrated Peeler . Want all three? Then check out the STAR Trilogy. It offers all three versions of this peeler in stainless steel. The regular one won't have the hardened steel blade like it does here, so make sure you want that version before ordering the set.

Why It's Good

  • Swiss Made. Unlike other "Swiss" kitchen gadgets that are no longer made there, this one still comes to us direct from Switzerland, not China.
  • Super Sharp. A high quality steel is hardened and blued. It is then finished off with a scalpel style finish with micro-serrations on the back side. Easily fly through any peeling job.
  • Ergonomic Grip. Comfortable for quick jobs or all day prep work, the curving frame provides the perfect grip. The wide handle is even good for those with arthritis and strength issues.
  • Heavy Duty. The stainless steel handle gives it a rugged frame that will not lose shape or bend. The strong material is commercial grade, and the attractive material will take tons of abuse without showing wear.
  • Stainless Cutter. An added loop on the side of the handle is the perfect little cutter to scoop out potato eyes and other perfections. It also doubles as a julienne blade to cut individual strips from carrots and other vegetables.
  • High Quality. Top of the line materials and superior manufacturing means that this peeler is much better than the look-a-likes. It's performance speaks for itself, and long lasting durability has caused many customers to use the same one for twenty years or more.
  • Dishwasher Safe. You will need to dry the blade afterward for best results, but the improved handle on this version makes it totally safe for cleaning in the dishwasher.

How To Use It

This incredible tool is widely used in professional kitchens because it's cut is smooth, and the peel is broad and thin. You will save time, and be left with little waste when you peel fruits and vegetables with this amazing device. It's not complicated to use, but follow the steps and suggestions that follow to ensure optimal use, and maximum longevity.
  1. Ideal for right or left handed use, prepare for use by holding the tool in your dominant hand, and the food you are peeling in your other hand.
  2. No pressure at all will peel skin from any fruit or vegetable, but if you do apply minimal pressure, it will slice thin slices of hard cheese, sweet potato, cucumber and more.
  3. To remove skin, press down slightly, and slide down the full length of your fruit or vegetable. Cut away from your body for the safest operation, but it works in either direction.
  4. There is a built in loop on the side that is perfect for removing imperfections from root vegetables, but it can also be used to quickly cut strips for julienne veggies or shoe string fries. Just press down and pull to remove long strips of a uniform thickness.
  5. Continue working until the entire skin is removed. A gentle touch and little effort will take off just the top layer, and increasing pressure will result in thicker pieces being removed.
  6. Once finished hand wash or place in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  7. After washing, dry the blade thoroughly to avoid surface rust.
  8. Oil the blade lightly with a vegetable oil to ensure a long life, and perfect performance.
The STAR Peeler is ideal for all types of peeling, slicing cheese, cutting vegetables into strips and more. It will become an integral part of your kitchen from the first time you use it. Designed to be used with only light downward pressure, it always cuts at the same, perfect thickness.

The Star Vegetable Peeler features superior construction and materials. It is made in Switzerland, using strong, commercial grade, stainless steel, and it's designed with an ambidextrous and ergonomic handle. A wide design with convenient curves make it easy to hold and operate. It's perfect for the elderly, those with arthritis, or anyone else that has trouble gripping one of those skinny traditional models. The blade is super sharp and able to pivot slightly in order to conform to the peeling surface. This means that it will move slightly to accommodate the roundness of the food you are peeling in order to precisely peel the same thickness all the way around. The blade is made from high quality hardened and blued steel, and will never go dull, so you never need to worry about sharpening it. Because the rest of this peeler is made from stainless steel, the Star is sharp, sturdy and dishwasher safe, just so long as you dry the blade before storage. Simply towel dry before placing it in the drawer to prevent rust and keep it working great forever.

Ideal for any kitchen, but especially useful for left handed chefs, or those with arthritis. Because of the wider design it's easy on the hands, and it can be used by left or right handed people, thanks to the shape and positioning of the blade. This is easily the best vegetable peeler you will ever use, and pretty much everyone that uses one, will no longer peel with anything else again afterwards. That's because it works so well, and sturdy construction keeps it looking great and performing even better for many years. The STAR won't loose sharpness over time, and will still peel just as good even after 10 or 20 years of use. At such an affordable price and low cost of shipping, this vegetable peeler is perfect for just about anyone.

Easily slice or peel any fruit or vegetable no matter how hard or soft they are. With this tool, you can even skin soft fruit without bruising or tearing it. For perfect coleslaw, cut a cabbage in half and run the peeler lightly over the ridges as they form to quickly make a pile of shreds. For finely cut onions, cut the onion in half, and run the peeler down the grain. This will result in a nice amount of finely diced onion pieces in a short amount of time. For wafer thin slices, simply apply a little pressure, and run it across the end of your vegetables. This will give you cucumber or carrot slices perfect for salads. Cut cheese for pizzas, salads and sandwiches by just holding the block with your fingers at either end and running the peeler from one end to the other. You will be left with thin, perfectly shaped slices of your favorite cheese without using a knife. Amazing versatility and ease of use make this vegetable peeler the pride of every kitchen drawer.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Vegetable Peeler
Dimensions 2.2" x 4.4"
Uses Peeling, Slicing, Skinning, decorating and more
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Blade Material Tungsten Steel - Super sharp & stays that way
Blade Type Straight (scalpel)
Dishwasher Safe Yes* (recommended to dry blade before storage & oil with vegetable oil occasionally to prevent rust)
Eye/Stem Remover Yes
Compatibility Left or Right Handed
Ergonomic Design Yes
Swiss Made Yes
Manufacturer Zena
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Star Vegetable Peeler by Zena - Eat healthier and show off your cooking talents with this easy-to-use kitchen gadget. It is sharper and easier to use than any other vegetable peeler on the market. Great for left handed people or those with arthritis. Order Yours Today.

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