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Squigz 2.0 - 36 Piece Set
Squigz 2.0 - 36 Piece Set

Squigz 2.0 (36 Piece Set)

Suction construction reinvented. Just like regular Squigz, but maybe even better. Stick and pop to create great things.
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Suction construction takes on a whole new dimension as the Classic Squigz design gets an update. This 2.0 set is fully compatible with any of the regular pieces you already have, but the new versions feature flattened mid-sections and wildly curvy arms. Instead of only connecting the ends of arms, you can now also connect each piece at the center. This allows for way more building possibilities, and the opportunity for more horizontal construction options. The fun pieces still make the same great popping sound when you pull them apart, and they still have super-strong suction cups that grip like crazy to smooth, flat surfaces. Create stuff on windows and mirrors, and never worry about drooping or dropping, or build towering structures on top of a table thanks to the sturdy suction cup foundation. A wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors help to promote imaginative play, and the durable material ensures that this set will remain in good shape, even with regular use.

Evolution or just a long lost cousin? You be the judge. Although these new Squigz pieces have a slightly different shape, it may just be the perfect compliment to the classic pieces, rather than the new alternative. When you combine both sets, you get the best of both worlds, and the advantage of even more character shapes to choose from. Squigz 2.0 are 100% backwards compatible, so you can use them alone, or you can combine them with classic pieces you already have. Whether they are better, the same, or worse, you can guarantee fun when anyone plays with them. Squigz 2.0 are fun just for the popping sounds you can make with them, but once you start building, a whole new world opens up. Prepare for endless building adventure with this suction construction set.

Fun little suckers that suck in a good way!

Product Features

  1. 36 Piece Set.
  2. Compatible with regular Squigz.
  3. Made from food-grade silicone.
  4. BPA-Free.
  5. Strong suction cup base.

Why They're Good

  • Strong Suction Cups. Connect to flat, non-porous surfaces like glass, metal, stone, tile and more. Once in place, the suction cups will hold strong for frustration-free play. Perfect for sticking to tables and desks, but also great for windows, mirrors, bathroom walls and more.
  • Re-Designed. Instead of round bellies, these pieces all have much flatter middles so you can stick the suction cups to each other, but also the center of each piece. Some parts also feature long, bendy arms for new building possibilities.
  • Pure Silicone.The durable pieces almost look like characters, and the fun shapes are made from pure silicone. This not only makes them safe, it also makes them incredibly durable, long-lasting, and resistant to staining.
  • Large and Easy-To-Use. Big enough to make it easy for small hands to manipulate them, but also small enough to take anywhere. The large pieces can be easily connected or separated, even for young children. It's easy for young ones to build simple structures, while older children will create stuff that's more complex.
  • Versatile. Attach to stuff like walkers, high chairs, tables and desks, or use in the bathtub, on a window, or on a glass door. Kids are not limited to floors and tables, and they are not stopped by gravity. Let their imaginations be the guide as they discover new ways to build and create.
  • Captivating. Each piece has a bright color and a unique shape. Some have a single suction cup, while others have multiple suction cups. The bold colors combine with lively shapes and large sizing to create a colorful toy that can be used for creating, building, crafting, pretending and more. Children are instantly attracted to them.
  • Safe Anywhere. No sticky surface afterward, no rings left behind, and no other marks or damage of any kind to worry about. The Squigz pieces will stick securely in place, but they remove cleanly and easily when play-time is finished.

Other Options

Looking for regular Squigz? Then check out the regular Squigz sets. We carry a Starter Set with 24 pieces, a Deluxe Set with 50 pieces, and a Squigz Toobz set that combines regular pieces with long, bendable connectors. To choose the exact pieces you want, check out the Add On Sets instead. They are one character per package.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 36 Piece Squigz 2.0 Set
Dimensions Varies per piece.
Uses Stick, bend, build or pop apart. Suction cup ends connect to allow for endless creations.
# Pieces Included 36 Pieces
Piece Description 5 green Blips, 4 yellow Veeps, 2 small pink Mimzys, 2 orange Forberts, 3 light green Chazes, 3 blue Tripzops, 3 red Deans, 5 long pink Glipitys, 5 light blue Mips, 4 purple Bubzles
Color Varies by piece: blue, red, yellow, purple, green and orange included.
Material Made of 100% food-grade silicone
Latex Free Yes.
Compatibility Stick to one another or adhere to smooth surfaces like windows, tables and desk tops.
Ages 3 years+
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

An evolution in suction construction technology. Fully compatible with the original, and not really better, but able to connect at the center as well as the arms. Build and create endlessly. Order Yours Today!

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