1. Take Me With Tether (2-Pack)
A 2-Pack of straps for cups, bowls, toys and more.
A 2-Pack of straps for cups, bowls, toys and more.

Take Me With Tether (2-Pack)

Keep Stuff Within Reach and Off The Floor!
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An easy way to prevent messes and keep a smile on your child's face. Little ones like to toss stuff on the ground, and they all have occasional accidents. These handy straps will eliminate any possibility of drinks or food falling on the ground while they keep important things within baby's reach. No more chuckles over milk spilled on the floor, and no more cheerios crushed into the carpet. Simply use one of these to secure any item directly to the chair your child is sitting in. They are the perfect length to keep thrown things safely within reach, while preventing them from ever touching the floor. Use on a stroller, high chair, shopping cart, car seat or anything else to make sure your little guy or gal does not accidentally or maliciously loose their stuff. The installation is fast and easy, and these tethers will easily adapt to any location. When you use Take Me With Tethers, you will have less to clean up after your child eats, and you won't have to worry about annoying stuff like dirt, germs and hair sticking to things that fall.

Use these straps to tether anything important, and your child will never lose stuff on accident, and throwing things to be funny will be a thing of the past. When you secure anything to one of these straps, it will remain within reach no matter what. Your baby will not be able to drop it on the ground or chuck it across the room. This not only keeps it close for access when needed, but it also eliminates messes and makes it impossible for dirt and germs to contaminate the toy or food. These straps will come in handy when you are at home, but are just as useful when on the go. In the house, they will secure food to the high chair so your carpet will be free of spilled chunks, and when you are at the store shopping, you can use one to keep baby's favorite toy next to them the whole time. No more bending over to pick up a toy over and over again, and forget about picking food pieces out of the carpet while your little one giggles with joy. Whether your child is prone to accidents, or they just think it is funny to see you chase their stuff, these handy tethers will solve the problem. You can easily install to anything your child sits or plays in, and the connection to the object is versatile enough to accommodate all sorts of stuff.

Using The Take Me With Tethers is easy. In two easy steps you will be able to secure almost any item to any other object. Strap a cup of food to the high chair, connect a toy to the car seat, or use with younger children to tether a teething ring right to a bouncy seat or walker. The possibilities are nearly endless as this handy item will help you prevent accidents and stop malicious tossing. Your baby will be happy because their food or toy is within reach, and you will be even happier because they are unable to lose it or drop it on the ground where it might get dirty or otherwise ruined. To connect these straps to a toy, use the end without the buckle. Thread it through a handle, or wrap it around an outer edge, and then stick the buckle end through the open loop and pull tight to secure. Once connected to the item you want to secure, simply use the adjustable buckle to connect the other end to a chair or anything else. Adjust as needed to make it tight, and ensure that the buckle is all the way engaged, and snapped. Now you will be confident that toys and other things will remain within reach, and you will not encourage bad behavior because throwing things on the ground is now impossible. Order Yours Today

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