Large Silicone Storage Bag (1000 ml)

A reusable, zip-shut bag for food storage and other stuff. Save money and avoid disposable alternatives!
Large Silicone Food Storage Bag
Large Silicone Food Storage Bag
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The perfect alternative to plastic bags, foil, cling wrap and more. This high quality silicone storage bag was designed for holding food and keeping it fresh, but you can also use it to organize, store, and keep safe a wide variety of other stuff too. The thick silicone material provides the perfect protective barrier, and the overall design allows the bag to remain upright for easy access. Simply slide the top closure in either direction to open it up, or seal it shut. Once closed, it'll hold an airtight seal to keep the stuff inside fresh and protected. Even liquids can be sealed inside without any worry of leaks. Thanks to the dishwasher safe design and commercial grade materials, you can be sure that each bag can be used over and over again, without any replacement necessary.

Stop wasting money on storage bags that you just throw away. This reusable silicone alternative works just as well, but you'll get hundreds of uses out of it before replacement is necessary. Simply hand wash, or place in the dishwasher to clean and reuse. It'll work just as well as any zip-lock style baggie you're currently using, and in most cases it'll provide better protection, and keep stuff fresh for longer periods when compared for performance. It's the perfect solution for snacks on the go, school lunches, storing leftovers and so much more. It doesn't matter if you put liquids or solids inside because the zipper top locks closed for an airtight, and spill-proof seal. This reusable silicone storage bag will work perfectly with any type of food, but you'll find it's also useful for craft supplies, pencils, coupons, hardware, nuts and bolts, or just about anything else that's small enough to fit inside.

Help protect the environment and reduce waste, but also make your life easier, and save money in the process.

Product Features

  • Thick silicone construction.
  • Airtight seal.
  • BPA Free. 100% Silicone.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Holds liquids or solids.
  • Large capacity.

Why This Product Is Good

Totally Reusable

Just as convenient as disposable versions, but able to be used over and over again. Easily save tons of money when you stop buying box after box of regular plastic bags. Instead of throwing each bag away after using it once, you'll be able to wash and reuse each one of these in order to get hundreds of uses out of each one. The premium silicone material won't rip or wear, and it is resistant to staining or the collection of odors, so it'll look good and work correctly time and time again.

Commercial Strength

Regular plastic wrap and baggies are very thin, and they easily rip. Even silicone bags that look the same, but are sold elsewhere will have thinner, less durable materials. These bags are as heavy duty as they get. The thick material guarantees that you will never have to deal with a hole or a rip. Buy with confidence, and know that you will have a premium quality alternative with maximum longevity.

Dishwasher Safe

You can hand wash the bag if you like, but you can also just place in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning.

Upright Orientation

The wide base, and sturdy bottom help to make this Large Silicone Storage Bag easy to load and unload. Simply press down at the base inside, and then open the top all-the-way. The bag will remain open and upright when placed on a flat surface. This makes it easier to put stuff in and take it out. Set out a bag of snacks and reach inside easily, or arrange on the countertop to quickly load several bags while making lunch, or cleaning up after dinner.

Easy To Seal

No frustrating colored ridges to line up, and no cheap zippers to annoy you, or disappoint you later on. The large bar at the top slides easily in either direction. Just pull it one way to open the bag, or slide it back the other way to close it up.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Compare to any alternative, and this silicone food storage bag will be way more heavy-duty. Other silicone options are made from cheaper materials so they don't work as well or last as long, and they more regularly pick up stains and odors from the food you p[lace inside. When compared to a regular, disposable plastic baggie, there is no comparison for durability and longevity. This thick storage bag will easily outlast the competition.

Versatile Usage

You can use these in any situation where you would normally use a plastic baggie, but you'll also find a variety of other uses that regular baggies can't handle too. The strong material can hold heavier stuff, or more rugged stuff, and it won't rip or fail like plastic would. Perfect for storing and organizing food, but able to store and organize other stuff too.

Translucent Material

Thanks to the see-through silicone material, you can easily see what's inside without opening it. A quick glance will let you know what the bag is holding, and how much is inside.

Marked Measurements

When looking through the clear bag to see what's inside, you can also tell how much thanks to the measurements marked on the exterior. Several lines and markings allow you to measure the contents using milliliters, cups or ounces.

Air and Liquid Tight

Don't worry about spilling, but also know that food will stay fresh inside. The top zipper will close the bag to create a seal that nothing will penetrate. Keep teeny tiny solids or liquids just as safe as larger foods. You can tip the bag without it leaking, so it can be used with confidence while packed or traveling.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Large Silicone Food Storage Bag
Dimensions 7.5" x 7" x 3.5"
Shape Rectangle
Material 100% Food grade silicone.
Color Clear.
Capacity 1000 ml | 4 cups | 30 oz.
Compatibility Use to store anything that fits inside.
Zip Closure Yes. Slide one way to open the bag, and slide back to seal it shut.
BPA Free Yes
Reusable Yes
Washable Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Freezer Safe Yes
Microwave Safe Yes
Uses The perfect plastic bag alternative. Use instead of traditional items to store and transport food or other stuff. The thick silicone and airtight seal allow for a wide range of options.
Shipping Weight .3 lbs.

Stop using disposable options, but keep leftover food just as fresh. Place anything inside, then zip shut for the perfect storage option. Hold liquids or solids thanks to the airtight seal. Totally washable and reusable. Order Yours Today!

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