1. Sh-Scoop La Poop
Sh-Scoop La Poop Pooper Scooper
Sh-Scoop La Poop Pooper Scooper

Sh-Scoop La Poop

The Sanitary Yard Scoop For Your Dog's Little Messes.
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Introducing the easiest and least messy way to clean up after your dog. All dogs leave little piles in the yard, but this great tool makes it easy to remove them. Stop using shovels, gloves, bags over your hand or rakes. This affordable tool is all you need to quickly remove all of the poop from your lawn in no time. This easy-to-use pooper scooper makes yard clean-up fast and easy. The unique design is totally sanitary, and allows you to deposit the poop directly into a bag. Once you are finished, the bag is easily removed so you can toss it right in the trash. You never have to touch the poop! Plus the great design of this tool allows the bag to wrap around the scoop so it stays clean. A locking mechanism ensures the bag will stay in place until you are ready to remove it. Each Sh-Scoop La Poop comes complete with a scooping paddle to easily push the poop right in without bending over or touching anything warm and squishy.

Today, most municipalities have passed leash laws. Dogs can no longer run free to take care of their business in someone else's yard. Apparently, if we want a poop-free yard, we are going to have to clean it, and the easiest way to accomplish this is with a Sh-Scoop La Poop. This product has been tested and is used daily by kennels, professionals and dog lovers alike. Anyone that uses this scoop agrees that it is one of the easiest ways to clean-up after dogs. This yard scoop is very sanitary because you never come in contact with the poop. Plus the scoop stays clean, so you don't have to spray it off or clean it after every use. You don't have to worry about build-up like you do with other poop scoops. One of the other great things about the SH-Scoop La Poop is that it allows you to recycle your grocery and other plastic bags. There is nothing more to buy ever. Initial bag is included.

How to use:
You can use virtually any plastic bag, but it works great with regular grocery bags. Just place the bag in the scoop, wrap it around, and then close the locking ring to secure it in place. Once the bag is in place, just use the convenient paddle to move poop piles into the scoop. They will automatically be deposited into the bag. Because the bag completely covers the scoop, it stays clean and virtually maintenance free. Once the bag is full, just snap the scoop open, remove the bag, and throw it in the trash. That's all it takes to have a clean, hazard-free yard. With the aid of the Sh-Scoop La Poop, you will be able to clean your yard in less time, and with less mess. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Sanitary Poop Scoop
Dimensions 38.5" x 7.5"
Ergonomic Handle Yes
Color Yellow and Black (as shown)
Bag Type any (great for recycling grocery bags)
Handle Material Steel
Head Material Durable Plastic
Shipping Weight 3 lbs.

Sh-Scoop La Poop - The fast and easy way to clean up after your dog. This great poop scoop allows you to quickly clean your yard without ever having to touch the poop. Order Yours Today!

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