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Super Safety Siphon
Super Safety Siphon

Super Safety Siphon

A self-priming siphon hose with a 1" valve. Transfer any liquid quickly and easily. Just jiggle or shake to start the flow!
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A safe and simple way to transfer many types of liquids. It doesn't have a pump that can fail with time, it doesn't rely on electricity, and you don't have to suck on the hose to use it. A simple up and down shaking motion will prime the hose, and start the siphon in a matter of seconds. Once the flow begins, this clever little device can move nearly four gallons of liquid each minute, and the strong suction created will allow you to suck out almost every drop. It comes complete with a six foot long tube made from anti-static, food grade materials, so it's safe for volatile liquids, as well as ones that will be consumed. The simple operation is virtually infallible, so it's ideal for emergency situations, or everyday work. Use it to drain a large body of water, or use it to quickly move fuel from one tank to the next. In every situation, it will work quickly and efficiently while keeping your face and hands away from liquids and fumes that may be dangerous.

Where To Use It

Incredibly valuable in multiple locations, this tool is ideal as a just-in-case safety item, or a frequently used device for regular activities. Below is a list of some places you might use it, to give you an idea of what it can handle.
  • Boats - Fill the tank, empty it for storage, use as a bilge pump and more.
  • Automobiles - Get gas in an emergency, empty or replace other fluids.
  • Lawn Mowers & Landscaping Tools - Fill with gas quickly, and avoid annoying safety containers.
  • Tractors - Fill the tank out in the field.
  • Motorcycles - For street bikes and dirt bikes alike, quickly refuel without lifting heavy jugs, and avoid any spilling.
  • Stopped up Sinks, Toilets and Tubs - Safely and easily drain standing water so you can clear the drain without the mess. Empty a toilet for replacement.
  • Water Beds - Empty for transport or repair.
  • Aquariums and Fish Tanks - Lower the water volume quickly when cleaning the tank, or empty completely for storage or moving.
  • Ponds & Fountains - Drain for winter, empty for cleaning, or lower water volume for cleaning. Suck out more water in less time.
  • Pools & Hot Tubs - Remove water from a cover, or empty the whole thing. Perfect for lowering water level when closing in winter.
  • Home Brewery's - Use for bottling your finished product, or use to transfer from one large container to another.

Why It's Good

  • Simple. So easy to use, any one can do it, and so simple in operation, it will work without fail each time you use it.
  • Effective. Quickly drain liquid from one location, and move it to another. With a 10.5 gallon flow rate, this thing will empty a five gallon jug in no time, and thanks to the strong suction created, very little, if anything, will be left in the container.
  • Safe. Food grader materials make it perfect for drinking water and other consumables, and an anti-static hose allows you to use it with volatile liquids without any risk of injury.
  • Commercial Grade. Similar options use lower quality parts, so they won't work as well, or last as long. Ours features a thick copper valve, strong steel spring, dense glass ball, and six feet of top quality tubing. Ordering from us ensures an affordable tool that is frustration free.
  • Versatile. Use with nearly any liquid, and in all sorts of situations. Perfect for filling a gas tank, or draining a fountain, you'll find many uses for this cleaver tool.
  • Self Priming. No inline pump to quit over time, and no electric motors to worry about breaking. The valve on the end allows for self-priming with a simple up and down motion. Once enough liquid enters the tube, the siphon begins, and continues until the liquid is gone.

What Liquids Can It Handle

Salt water may harm the copper valve over time, but any other liquid that flows properly should be compatible just so long as it is not known to affect copper also. The anti-static hose makes it totally safe, and fully compatible with volatile liquids like gas, and the food grade material makes it ideal for drinking water and other beverages that will be consumed. Use the list below as a guide to show what this siphon can handle.
  • gasoline
  • diesel fuel
  • kerosene
  • light weight oil
  • water
  • thinners
  • paint
  • fertilizer
  • insecticides
  • cleaners
  • coolant
  • potable beverages

how to use the super safety siphon

How To Use It

A simple jiggle is all it takes to start a siphon, so anyone can move liquids easily with one of these on hand. Set up is important to good results, but when used properly, this is one of the best ways to move water, gas and other liquids quickly. Follow the instructions below to ensure good performance.
  1. To guarantee that the flow will continue once initiated, make sure the container or location that the water is flowing FROM, is higher in elevation than the location or container that the liquid is flowing TO.
  2. Once positioned, direct the end without the valve into the TO location, and direct the end with the copper valve into the FROM location.
  3. If the liquid is too shallow, it will be difficult to prime. Ensure that there is enough depth to start a siphon before continuing.
  4. To begin, use an up and down motion to prime the hose. Some refer to it as a shaker or jiggler for this reason, but a more deliberate, downward motion, and then quick upward motion works best.
  5. Each time you thrust downward, liquid will enter the tube, and when you move back up, the valve will shut, and prevent it from leaving.
  6. Continue the up and down motion until the hose fills to the point of curving over the top bend.
  7. Once over the top, gravity will take over, and the flow will continue at nearly 4 gallons per minute.
  8. Once flowing on it's own, pressure inside the tube will create a vacuum that allows you to suck out nearly every last drop.
  9. Once the liquid has been moved, carefully remove the siphon, and be aware of any residual material still in the tube.
  10. Rinse out to clean, and hang or stow in a drawer for storage. It's totally reusable, and will last for many years of service.

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