Clean with Rubber Brooms
Dirt is no match for a rubber broom. It doesn't matter where it is or what surface it is on. Even an uneven surface like tile can be cleaned with a rubber broom. Your standard bristle brooms allow the finer dirt, dust and hair to go right through the bristles, leaving it behind as you sweep. They can also float right over dirt, or cause it to fly away as you try to sweep it up. The Rubber Broom, however, interlocks its bristles to form “a dry squeegee”. This is basically a solid wall of rubber that doesn't allow a single spec of dirt through, so your floors get clean in a single pass. As you sweep the bristles will generate a static charge that will help you clean, but also prevent fine particles from becoming airborne.

A rubber broom is unmatched when it comes to sweeping debris from hard flooring, but it is also extremely impressive on carpet. For high traffic areas, steps or stairs, this type of broom is ideal. It can quickly clean areas like this, so you don't have to lug around a heavy vacuum cleaner to do the job. It will even produce better results than your vacuum if used correctly. A sweepa rubber broom is able to pull fur and hair from deep down in the nap, so you will be able to remove hair from a freshly vacuumed carpet using this tool. Cat hair, dog hair, long hair, short hair, your hair, my hair – the Sweepa rubber broom gets it all out of your carpet. The secret to success with a job like this is to use short strokes as you sweep. This will generate a strong static charge and allow the flexible bristles to dig down into the carpet to pull up hair, fur and other dirt like a magnet. Even dirt and hair that is normally left behind is lifted out of your carpet or upholstery. It also acts as a carpet rake as you clean, so not only will your rug or carpet be cleaner, it will also look newer because the fibers will be lifted and refreshed.

These broom originally gained popularity in hair salons because the benefits when cleaning up hair clippings was quickly recognized. Since they are sop durable and long lasting, it became an easy choice for commercial settings like this. For the same reason, this type of broom is widely used at barber shops and salons, put also pet stores, kennels, veterinarians and groomers as well. They are very good at picking up dirt and hair but also quite hygienic and able to be used in a number of settings. Because they can be used wet or dry, and with any type of chemicals on any type of hard floor, there are many businesses and homes that could benefit from a rubber broom. They are used in restaurants, factories, plants, farms, schools and much more.

A rubber broom does not look like a traditional broom at all. The head is much different in appearance, but for the most part, you will use it the same way. Although the rubber broom is designed to be PULLED BACK (not pushed) on carpets or tile floors, it can be used as a push broom on other floors. The best results will always come from pulling the broom towards you, but many people prefer to use it as a push broom, and it works well like this on many floor types. Push away dirt on linoleum, vinyl, concrete and more, but always pull toward yourself on carpet or any hard floor with cracks or unevenness. When sweeping an area rug or carpet, keep the bristles flush against the nap and make short firm strokes (length of the strokes may vary with the type of carpet). On a hard floor you can use regular strokes and either push or pull as desired. When using the broom to scrub with soap and water or other cleansers, back and forth scrubbing motion or a circular pattern will give the best results. Flip the broom over and use the built-in squeegee to dry. You can use the rubber broom like this for floors, but also windows, house siding, vehicle exterior and more.

There are many characteristics that set a rubber broom apart from traditional sweeping tools. They work better, last longer, and help you avoid some of the common frustrations people have with brooms in general. A Sweepa Rubber Broom will never clog up or get matted with dirt like a nylon or straw broom will. If it does get dirty, you can rinse it off with a hose or wash with soap and water. Because the bristles are made from tough, natural rubber, they will not wear out, tear off, or lose their shape. This means that the broom will remain looking great and highly functional for many years. A rubber broom is far more versatile than a regular one is. Not only will it clean better for normal sweeping tasks, it can also be used wet, as a scrub brush, and can sweep on carpet. Add in the integrated squeegee and this becomes more than just a great broom. It works equally well on rough and smooth surfaces, indoors or outdoors. It is safe to use on anything and will never leave marks or cause scratching. When you sweep with it dry, a strong charge will build to make cleaning easier and also prevent lighter debris from running away.

rubber broomFor ceramic tile, this rubber broom is the best! This is due to the ability of the pliable rubber bristles. They are able to conform to any surface as you work, and this includes cracks and grout lines. For tile floor, you can make a single pass with this broom and completely remove all dirt from the tile surface as well as the stuff hiding down ion the grout. Tile floors can be extremely frustrating to sweep with a regular broom, and most of us will give up before actually removing all of the dirt. With a rubber broom, the job is quick and easy, and you never have to worry about leaving behind dirt.

The Sweepa Rubber Broom can be used wet or dry, so with the addition of a little soap and water, it can be transformed into a powerful scrub brush. Use it for driveway cleaning, washing hard to reach windows, cleaning your car boat or RV and more. The brushing action of all those rubber bristles scrub like crazy so you don’t have to. When you’re done scrubbing, just flip the broom over and squeegee the area dry. It’s great for scrubbing the garage floor, or cleaning a pool for the season.

When compared to any other similar looking tool, this one will be better. It features higher quality construction and better materials, so it is able to clean more effectively and last longer too. The SWEEPA Rubber Broom has a head that is molded from one piece of solid natural rubber. This makes it tough enough to withstand the rigors of heavy industrial use, yet the rubber bristles will not scuff or scratch delicate surfaces. This rubber is as strong as the stuff used for car tires, yet it is gentle enough to be safely used on any floor. Other versions have a plastic head with rubber bristle attached or just lower quality rubber in general. With the two piece heads, you have to worry about it coming apart or breaking under stress, and lower quality rubber just means that you will have to work harder to achieve similar results, and you will have a tool that won't last as long. Each one of our brooms comes complete with a heavy-duty, telescoping handle made from durable steel. This allows you to adjust the broom to any length you want, and also ensures that the handle won't bend, break or wear, just like the head. The quality materials mean that this broom will work well. Because they are commercial grade, it means that it will last a long time and hold up to all kinds of abuse.

The Sweepa Rubber Broom is 100% Washable. It is ironic that the very tools we use to clean with are usually clogged up with dirt and bacteria and then stashed away in the broom closet. They will usually remain dirty until they are replaced, which can be a long time. It is pretty hard to clean with a dirty tool, and we all try to avoid spreading germs and bacteria, and want them as fart away from clean surfaces as possible. The Sweepa stays clean and sanitary even after the dirtiest job so it will never be matted with grime when you put it away. If it does get dirty, Sweepa's one-piece bristle construction is 100% washable and is not able to retain bacteria like regular bristles do. Just rinse the dirt and bacteria down the drain when you are done cleaning or use soap and water to do a thorough cleaning.



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