REX Swiss Peeler

A Vegetable Peeler Made In Switzerland. Incredibly Sharp, Hardened Steel Blade.
REX Swiss Peeler
REX Swiss Peeler
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The original Swiss peeler, and the economical choice over the updated STAR Peeler that's a bit more heavy duty, and dishwasher safe. This amazing tool has won numerous awards due to it's ergonomic shape and efficient blade, and the design has remained unchanged since 1947. One solid piece of aluminum is perfectly curved to create the handle, and a hardened and blued steel provides the raw material for the blade and eye remover. The end result is an amazing tool that works quickly and easily, and one that features the sharpest cutting edge available. Thanks to the aluminum body, this tool is lightweight and easy to handle, but it will require hand washing to avoid damage over time. It works incredibly well on any fruit or vegetable, but it will also grate chocolate and slice hard cheese. Slight pressure is all that's required to remove any type of skin, and the effortless operation is easy for left or right handed people. The REX may come with an affordable price tag, but it easily outperforms expensive alternatives, and is virtually unmatched for sharpness and ease of use. Don't be fooled by other peelers that look the same, and be careful with tools that are "stamped" with the same name, but not actually made in Switzerland. We guarantee authenticity and performance for this tool, so it's sure to be a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Other Options

Want the same thing with a dishwasher safe handle made from stainless steel? Then check out the STAR Peeler. It's a more heavy duty, and updated version of this tool. If you like your peelers to be low maintenance, then we also carry the Stainless Steel STAR that has a stainless handle AND blade, so it can be washed in the dishwasher, and the it doesn't require drying, oiling or any other maintenance. For tools with specialized blades, take a look at the Star Trilogy Set. It includes three different tools. You will get a Stainless STAR, a STAR Julienne Peeler, and a STAR Tomi Serrated Peeler.

Why It's Good

  • Swiss Made. Unlike other "Swiss" kitchen gadgets that are no longer made there, this one still comes to us direct from Switzerland, not China.
  • Incredibly Sharp. A high quality steel is hardened and blued. It is then finished off with a scalpel style finish with micro-serrations on the back side. Easily fly through any peeling job.
  • Ergonomic. The curving handle looks pretty cool, but it also serves a function. The wide grip makes it comfortable to hold, even for those with arthritis, and the little indents provide the perfect gripping points. Peel for long hours without strain.
  • Lightweight. The aluminum handle gives it a light frame that's easy to handle for any user.
  • Integrated Cutter. The little loop on the side allows you to quickly remove imperfections as you peel, but it also works to shred strips. It's made from the same material as the blade, so you know it will be sharp and long lasting.
  • High Quality. Better materials result in a better quality tool. This peeler will outperform others, and it's also long lasting, so many people still have one that they bought 10-25 years ago.

How To Use It

Come on folks, it's not brain surgery, it's a peeler. This tool is wickedly easy to use, and it works similar to any other peeling tool you've used in the past. The main difference will be the decrease in effort and frustration when you start using this one instead of something different. You could probably go in blind, but follow the instructions below for proper care and use of this tool. You can use it on any type of fruit or vegetable, and the process will be pretty much the same.
  1. To begin peeling, hold the tool in your dominant hand, and hold the food in your other hand. The shape and blade design allow for left or right handed use with no modification.
  2. To remove skin, press the blade against the food, apply light pressure, and pull it away from your body.
  3. Slight pressure will remove just the outer layer, but increased pressure will remove more. Press down hard to slice veggies or hard cheeses.
  4. When you encounter eyes in potatoes, or yucky parts of other vegetables, flip it on its side to use the cutter to quickly eliminate them.
  5. To remove long strips from things like carrots, use the little cutter, and pull off long sections. To do more strips in a faster period, try a Julienne Peeler.
  6. When you finish your food prep, hand wash for cleaning.
  7. Periodic oiling of the blade is recommended for maximum longevity. Just coat lightly with a vegetable oil after washing to avoid surface rust and dulling.

Why pay more for a tool that's not as good? This affordable kitchen gadget offers amazing performance that rivals any commercially used version, but it costs very little in comparison. You will be amazed at how effortlessly it glides through potatoes, carrots, apples and other foods, and you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Stop struggling with that dull piece of garbage you are using now, but don't drop a bunch of money to get something you think is better. You won't find a sharper fruit and vegetable peeler, or one that is so darn versatile. Use it on fuzzy foods, slick foods, hard stuff, soft stuff or squishy stuff, and the results will be the same. Quickly remove wide sections of peel, leave as much of the flesh intact as possible.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) vegetable peeler
Dimensions 2.5" x 4.6"
Uses Peeling, Slicing, Skinning, decorating and more
Handle Material Aluminum
Blade Material Hardened Steel
Dishwasher Safe No
Eye/Stem Remover Yes
Compatibility Left or Right Handed
Ergonomic Design Yes
Swiss Made Yes
Manufacturer Zena 
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

The original Swiss style peeler. A high quality tool that's perfect for any kitchen. Hardened steel cuts like a hot knife through butter, and the comfortable handle can be used by right and left handed people. Order Yours Today!

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