Reusable Shopping Bag Set

Four Bags In One! Environmentally Friendly Grocery Shopping Made Easy.
Reusable Shopping Bag Set
Reusable Shopping Bag Set
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Everything you need to transport a full cart of groceries! Don't fumble with a pile of bags that are difficult to keep together, but don't add to landfills either. This compact tote opens up to reveal an amazing amount of storage space, and it will help you to eliminate the plastic or paper grocery bags you're using now. Once open and unfolded, you will have four incredibly durable bags with plenty of space to store your food. Each one is specially designed for the stuff you shop for most, and you can easily carry your entire haul with this set. The smallest bag is designed for glass bottles and jars, so it has internal straps to prevent movement. The insulated bag is a bit bigger, and it has a special liner, and zippered lid to keep refrigerated and frozen foods cold until you get home. A slightly larger bag is intended for produce, and the non-porous interior is easily wiped clean to prevent bacteria growth. The tote itself opens up to become the fourth and largest bag, and you can use it for all of your dry goods thanks to the ample sizing. The fun graphics and labeling help cashiers at the store put things in the right place, and the high quality construction ensures that they will last for many years of shopping. Cheaper options wear out quickly, and don't have specialized interiors. This set is incredibly thick and durable, and it makes it easier than ever to bring reusable bags to the store.

Why It's Good

  • Environmentally Friendly. Made from recycled material, and reusable thousands of times, this set is the ultimate alternative to plastic and paper grocery bags.
  • High Quality. Thicker, stronger and longer lasting than your typical reusable bag. You'll find that these are more comfortable to use, and far more durable so you'll easily get more value for your money.
  • Convenient. Easy to store together, simple to bring in and out of the store, and helpful to keep everything organized. Separate, protect and preserve as you shop, and all the way home. This set offers one of the easiest ways to commit to reusable bags.
  • Durable. Disposable bags provide one or two uses. Standard quality reusable versions will last for several, but not nearly as long as these. Use for an incredible number of shopping trips before replacement is necessary.
  • Non-Porous. Fabric bags, and cheaper versions sold in the checkout line are breeding grounds for bacteria, mildew and other yucky stuff. If you attempt to clean them, they wear out quickly, or fall apart. These can be easily cleaned, and the smooth surface is resistant to unwanted growth of any kind.
  • Easy-To-Use. Just zip or unzip to use or store. You won't have to hassle with a mess of different bags, and you won't need anything extra to carrying them.
  • Versatile. Use for the groceries they were designed for, or use for anything else. The tough material can hold up to anything you place inside, and the durable straps will make them easy to carry.
  • Tip Resistant. Large, flat bottoms and thick side walls help keep these bags upright while traveling. Don't worry about toppling food when you turn corners like you do with other options.

Jars and Bottles

Avoid broken bottles and clanking glass by securing things in place. A thick mesh band covers a large portion of the interior so you can slip jars and bottles behind it to keep them from falling down. In total, there will be six separate sections inside, so you can easily transport several breakable items without any worry. The bag itself is extra thick to handle heavy loads, and the thick fabric handles ensure a comfortable grip. It's perfect for wine bottles, jars of sauce, olive oil, pickles and more. The optional straps are incredibly useful when needed, but they don't add any bulk,so you can also just fill the bag like normal.

Fridge and Frozen

Get your ice cream home without any melting, and keep dairy items fresh by using the blue, insulated bag. The large capacity allows you to pile every chilled food inside, and the wide straps allow you to carry it full without any strain. The thick exterior makes it similar to a flexible cooler, and the zippered top keeps all of the cold air in. It acts like any other insulated cooler, so instead of condensation and warmed foods, you'll have frozen peas and yogurt that look like they were just pulled from the shelf. Never worry about summer time heat again, and never deal with spoiled or otherwise ruined groceries because they sat in the car too long. Use it while shopping, and for the trip home.

Fruits and Vegetables

The green bag is perfect for all of your produce. The smooth interior is totally washable and resistant to bacteria growth, so you can use it over and over again without worrying about contaminated food. It features extra large sizing to accommodate bunches of bananas, bags of apples, and heads of lettuce without running out of space so pile in any amount. When dirty, simply wipe clean, or use any cleanser, then rinse and hang to dry. The durable material can hold plenty of weight, and the large interior gives you plenty of room for any variety of produce.

Everything Else

Big boxes, large canisters, random packages, paper products and anything else can be collected in the largest bag. When the tote is unzipped, and the three other bags are taken out, it unfolds to reveal the largest of the four bags. The extra large interior provides plenty of room for just about anything, and thick comfortable straps ensure that you can easily carry it when full. It is much larger than traditional bags, and it's bigger than most reusable alternatives too. Instead of struggling to make things fit, or dealing with the fact that they don't. you'll be able to fit more of your stuff inside to make storage and transport easy.

How To Use It

They're just grocery bags, so we know you're aware of how they work, but read the tips and steps below to ensure that you are getting the most out of this incredibly efficient system.
  1. When it arrives, the set will be nested for storage.
  2. Once in the store, unzip to remove the three inner bags, then unfold to reveal the forth.
  3. Open the bags, and place them into the cart, and use while shopping to organize and separate.
  4. Remove groceries to pay for them, but leave the bags in place. Most cashiers will take the hint, and put everything back where it belongs.
  5. Slip glass containers and other items behind the straps to keep them upright.
  6. Zipper closed the lid on the insulated bag to hold the temperature inside.
  7. Soft fabric straps are extra wide to make carrying an amount effortless.
  8. To nest, simply empty all bags, and fold. Pile one on top of the other, then fold again to insert. Once inside, zip shut to secure.
  9. When dirty, wipe clean with a damp cloth, or use soap and water to wash. Hang dry.

Separate your groceries, protect them from damage, preserve freshness, and make it easier to get them into the house. This system is perfect for anyone that wants to stop using disposable alternatives, but it's also great for anyone that prefers to have food that inst dented or squished. Your food will be nicely separated and ready for transport, and you won't have to use any extra effort to get it that way. All four bags compact and nest together into a tote that's smaller than your purse, so taking them into the store is a quick and simple task you won't even think about. With amazing durability, and incredible capacity, you'll wonder how you ever shopped without them, and you'll never use another throw away plastic or paper bag again. Do your part to improve the environment, and make trips to the grocery store less annoying at the same time.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) reusable shopping bag set
Tote Dimensions 10.5" x 12" x 3" (when bags are nested together)
Glass Bag Dimensions 13" x 8" x 15" (small)
Insulated Bag Dimensions 14" x 9" x 15" (medium)
Produce Bag Dimensions 17" x 10" x 17" (large)
Dry Goods Bag Dimensions 18" x 11" x 17" (extra large)
Uses Eliminate plastic and paper bags by using this reusable alternative. Store and transport groceries or anything else. This useful bag system is totally reusable, and offers capacity to handle a full cart load.
Handle Material Fabric
Bag Material polypropylene
BPA Free Yes.
Washable Yes. Wipe clean and air dry.
Bacteria Resistant Yes
Non-Porous Yes
Closure Zipper
Total Number Bags 4
Insulated Yes. One insulated bag with lid is included.
Internal Strapping Yes. One bag secures items internally to prevent movement.
Brand My Eco
Capacity Replace up to 30 disposable bags with each trip.
Origin Made in Sweden
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Avoid plastic and paper grocery bags, and don't hassle with a mess of other bags either. This compact carrying case doubles as a large bag, and stores three others. Carry enough capacity for your entire load in one tiny tote. Order Yours Today!

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