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Qwik Pix Hanger

A Handy Tool For Hanging Pictures. Fast, Easy and Accurate!
Qwik Pix - Picture Hanging Tool
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Product Description

Hanging pictures has always been a real pain until now. Introducing the Qwik Pix Hangers. This remarkably simple device takes all of the hassle and heartache out of hanging things on the wall. It allows you to place your picture exactly where you want it, the very first time. No more hanging things unevenly, or pounding multiple holes in the wall to get the perfect look. Forget about fancy laser levels and advanced tools that don't really work. With a Qwik Pix Hanger you will be able to quickly and accurately hang anything on your wall with ease. In just a few simple steps, this tool allows you mark the exact spot where you want to put your nail or other hanging hardware. Now it is easier than ever to hang multiple pictures in a straight line or a group of them in a perfect arrangement. Get great results everytime and hang just about anything without putting multiple holes in the walll. Discover one of the most simple tools that you can't live without.

Saving time, artwork, walls and relationships one household at a time!

qwik pix hanger detailThis tool is so simple, and that is what makes it so great. It is practically fool proof, and will allow just about anyone to hang pictures like a pro. Use it for clocks, artwork, mirrors, photos and more. If you can hang it on the hook, you can position it perfectly with a Qwik Pix hanger. This tool is ideal for displaying an arrangement of framed pictures because it allows you to place the picture exactly where you want it. The special coating on it ensures you will never scratch or mare your walls. With this tool handy, you will never put off hanging things again. It will be too easy and fast to have any excuses. Just try it for yourself.

How to Use it:
First you hang your picture or other item on the hook located at the bottom of the Qwik Pix. Then hold it against the wall and position it so it is hanging where you want it to stay. Next, make a small mark, with a pencil next to the reference mark on the Qwik Pix. Remove the picture from the hook and then re-align the Qwik Pix with the mark you made on the wall. Now all you have to do is place a small mark in the hole under the hook. This is exactly where you need to put your nail, so just pound one in and hang your picture. It is just that easy to hang a picture in the exact location you want it. Get perfect placement each and every time! Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) or (2) Hangers
Dimensions 1" x 13"
Uses for accuracy when hanging items on your wall
Pieces Per Set 1 or 2
Color Off White
Material Steel
Scratch Resistant Yes (powder coated to prevent wall damage)
Availability In Stock (usaully ships "same day" or "next day")
Shipping Weight .5 lbs.

Qwik Pix Hangers - The easy way to hang a picture. The Qwik Pix is the best way to make sure you hang your pictures exactly where you want it. Stop pounding multiple holes in your wall, or settling for less than perfect positioning. Order Yours Today!

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