Frequently Asked Questions about the cleaner.

What is the difference between the liquid and the paste?
The liquid and paste are both full strength cleaner. You will find that the paste will work best for all of your really tough jobs, but the liquid is far more convenient for certain aplications. Liquid Quick n Brite is best used for steam clean machines or for mixing in a hurry. It also is the easiest to mix for use in spray bottles. Quick n Brite paste is better used for set in stains or stains that require more attention. To make full strength liquid from the paste, you will need to melt the paste in the microwave on a low setting or on the stovetop without adding water.

Can I use this cleaner on hardwood floors?
Yes. QB does a wonderful job cleaning hardwood floors with or without a finish on them. Please see our Cleaning Guide and follow directions under Natural Wood, Antiques, Cabinets...

Will Quick n Brite remove pet stains from carpeting?
Yes. It will remove pet stains. Simply Apply QB paste or liquid full strength to the affected area and let sit a few minutes. RINSE THOROUGHLY. If it's in the carpet use a shammy or other absorbent cloth to soak up the liquid. Repeat this process until odor is eliminated. For urine stains, first apply equal parts white vinegar and water to neutralize odor. Then apply QB paste or liquid full strength and let sit a few minutes. RINSE THOROUGHLY. Repeat process until odor is eliminated.

Will Quick n Brite remove set in persperation stains?
Yes. We recommend that you wet the area and apply the paste full strength to the stain and allow to sit 20-30 minutes or overnight. Rinse by hand or simply put it in the washing machine and wash as normal. Repeat if necessary.

Does it remove hard water stains?
For these types of stains we advise using a 0000 steel wool wet. Use this to apply Quick n Brite paste generously. The steel wool breaks up the surface tension and allows the cleaner to penetrait the stain. Rub it in and let sit for 15-20 minutes. The hard water stain may not come completely clean the first time depending on the severity. Repeat this process if necessary.

Is it safe on marble?
Yes. For marble apply Quick n Brite full strength (liquid or paste) with a wet scrub sponge. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes and reapply again with wet scrub sponge, then rinse clean.

What is the difference between Quick n Brite and the product OrangeGlo / OxiClean?
  1. QB is very easy to use.
  2. QB has a twenty year shelf life.
  3. QB has virtually no odor, so people with a variety of allergies can use Quick n Brite without problems.
  4. The list of items that Quick n Brite cleans is more extensive than most of our competitors, so our customers really get what they pay for.
  5. QB is a forerunner in the biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner industry. It's been sold to several million customers worldwide not to mention a large number of commercial businesses and branches of the military.
  6. Please read our competitors labels; they recommend to use their products in well ventilated areas, caution for strong fumes, not to use on fiberglass or various articles of clothing such as wool and silk. Quick n Brite, does not have any of these precautions.
  7. QB has been making cleaner since 1952, and it's guaranteed for life.
What are the ingredients?
The ingredients are:

* Biodegradable Nonionic Surfactant
* Nonyl Phenoxy Polyethoxy Ethanol
* Sodium EDTA
* Sodium Tripolyphosphate
* Water
* Pure Natural Coconut Oil Surfactant
* Natural Kelp Alginate
* Vegetable Dye

Is safe to keep it around children and pets?
Yes. It is completely safe for both children and pets.

Is it safe for the dishwasher?
Yes. Just 2 teaspoons of QB paste melted or the liquid full strength per load of dishes is all it takes.

Can I clean my jewelry with it?
Yes. You would use the light solution to clean jewelery. To make the light solution of Quick n Brite simply mix 1 teaspoon cleaner per quart of water, or 1/8 cup cleaner per gallon of hot water.

Is this product safe for cleaning soap scum off the walls and floor of a travertine shower?
Absoluteley! Quick'n Brite is the best tub and tile cleaner, and is safe for every tub or shower surface, even travertine. Because Q & B is all natural, and chemical free, it won't harm you or the surfaces you use it on. It is an enzyme cleaner, so it breaks apart the soap scum making it easy to rinse it off the surface. And it won't leave a sticky residue like other cleaners either. Over time, your shower will come clean faster, and stay clean longer with this cleaner.

Try it for yourself, it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Click Here

What about tough hard water stains in the bathroom?
Wet the surface first with warm water, then apply QB paste with a wet scrub sponge and let sit for 30 minutes. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

When I wash my windows, it seems like Quick n Brite leaves streaks. Why?
Typically this happens when your solution is too concentrated. It takes very little QB to clean windows. The light solution works best for windows and mirrors, leaving them streak-free and preventing them from fogging. We suggest that you add more hot water to your solution. Streaks occur when the solution is too strong.

How much cleaner does one bottle of the liquid make?
One 64oz. jug of liquid makes 12 gallons of Heavy Solution or 64 gallons of Light Solution cleaner.

What kind of guarantee does it come with?
Quick n Brite is guaranteed for life! If you're not 100 percent satisfied, at any time, return the product for a refund of the purchase price (less shipping & handling).

What else does it clean?


For additional information and cleaning tips for many items, see our Cleaning Guide

How long has it been around?
Quick n Brite has been a family owned business since 1952. For more information, check out the History of the cleaner!


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