A super absorbent sponge mop with built-in wringer and double rollers. Safe and effective on any floor. Sweep and mop at the same time.
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Sweep and mop your floors at the same time. This advanced PVA Mop has ridges built into the head that lift up and capture loose dirt as you clean. The remarkably powerful head is made from a premium quality PVA sponge, and it'll absorb more than 20 times it's weight in liquid without dripping. It won't take the place of a good broom, but it will allow you to clean any hard floor with speed and efficiency. This powerful sponge mop is the perfect tool for mopping bathrooms and kitchens, but it can also be used to clean other surfaces like glass windows, vinyl siding, vehicle exteriors, boat hulls and more. The tough, sponge-like material can be used with any type of cleaner you like, and it won't corrode or deteriorate like traditional sponge and string versions do. The four roller design, and built-in wringer allow you to squeeze the full length of the sponge, and eliminate a maximum amount of moisture. Many professional cleaning companies, homeowners and janitorial services prefer this PVA Mop over any other because it can hold a ton of soap, it can be used to absorb spills, and it can reduce the time it takes to finish the job. Ideal applications include tile, linoleum, vinyl, concrete, marble and more.

Why This Product Is Good

Top Quality

Be careful with other PVA Mop versions that look similar because they are most likely cheap and inferior in comparison. This one has sturdy components and better materials, so it'll work better and last longer than the competition. When you choose this PVA Mop you can be sure that your getting one that will clean well and last a long time.

Highly Absorbent Sponge Head

Soak up way more liquid than a regular sponge mop, and prevent dripping too. This mop easily outperforms traditional tools, and in most cases, it beats other PVA versions too. One look at the head, and you can tell the difference. You won't see holes or fillers, just 100% premium PVA sponge that is extra dense for improved performance. Not only will it clean better, and absorb more, it will also last way longer without wearing out.

Double Duty Cleaning

Loose crumbs, stray hairs, no problem. A standard cleaning motion picks up topical debris as you wash the flooring surface. Save time and effort as you sweep and mop in one easy step. For best results, you should always sweep before you mop, but if you do miss anything, the PVA sponge on this mop will pick it up for you, as you mop. Other options would just push it around, but this one will actually pick it up.

Quad Roller Design

Cheaper PVA Mop versions only have two rollers to wring out the sponge, but this mop has two on each side. The result is an effortless wringing action, and better elimination of moisture and dirt. Roll down the full length of the sponge to squeeze out everything. You won't have to stress and strain to operate the wringer, and when you do press it down, all of the dirty water will rush out of the sponge.

Incredibly Durable Materials

Commercial grade components and a premium quality head make it easy to get floors clean, but they also guarantee a long life for this tool. Use this mop regularly without any worry because it won't fall apart or fail, and it will work like new for many years to come.

Totally Versatile Cleaning Performance

The soft and spongy head is completely safe for use any any type of floor. You never run any risk when you clean with it, and it will be compatible with any hard surface in your home. Never worry about safety or compatibility because this mop is safe to use on any hard flooring in your home.

Extra Sanitary Mop Head

Not only can you use any solution to mop and disinfect, the unique head material also dries to a rock hard state. This eliminates mildew and bacteria growth when stored, so it is safer and more healthy to have in your home. Germs and bacteria grow on other mop heads due to residual moisture. With this one, the head will dry quickly and completely to make such growth impossible.

Advanced PVA Sponge Head

Increase speed ten fold when you choose this PVA Mop over the tool you're using now. The sponge head will pick up pet hair and dirt particles like a magnet as you clean, and it can be used with any cleansers or disinfectants you like. It will also dry hard after you're done mopping to prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria when not in use. To make it squishy again, just soak it in water, and it'll be smooth and pliable in a matter of minutes. No floor cleaners will harm the durable PVA sponge material, and it is totally gentle on any surface you use it on. It will never scratch or leave a mark on any floor type, but it will allow you to gently scrub surfaces to get them sparkling clean in very little time.

The added grooves increase scrubbing power, but they also skim the surface of your floors to sweep up, and lock in small particles as the rest of the sponge washes the surface. The end result is an incredibly efficient mopping system that will allow you to do a better job, with less effort and time spent. The high quality squeeze mechanism will not break like lesser quality models, and it has more rollers to make it work better. Use it instead of your hands for a clean and sanitary way to wring out the dirty water.

Why Choose This Mop?

Our PVA Mop is more powerful and longer lasting than other options out there. It features high quality materials, a sturdy handle, and a superior head. This means that it will be easy-to-use, it will produce great results, and it won't annoy you with cheap components, or flimsy heads that just don't work. To make it easier to use, this mop has an advanced quad-ringer design. Each time you press on the handle, it will eliminate an incredible amount of liquid because it rolls the full length of the sponge instead of just part of it. This means that all of the dirt and grime picked up from your floor will be squeezed out, and drained into a sink or bucket.

Return to your mopping with a less dirty tool, and ensure that your floors will be cleaner, and you will spend less time working on it. The extra rollers, and easy wring design make it an effortless process to remove dirty water from the sponge head, so people with arthritis and other strength issues find it easy to use. Most similar looking tools will have a substandard wringer, low quality pole, second-rate head, or all of the above. Ours is guaranteed to work great and last for years because it's designed for commercial applications, and everyday use.

How To Use It:

Using this PVA Mop is pretty similar to any other sponge mop, but follow the tips and instructions below to guarantee best results.
  1. Never start mopping or try to use the wringer with a dry mop head.
  2. Prior to mopping, soak the sponge head for 2-3 minutes to make it soft and spongy, this will let you know it is ready to absorb and clean.
  3. Use with a good quality cleaner like Quick n Brite or any of your favorite floor cleaning solutions.
  4. Fill a bucket or sink with hot water and cleaning solution in the appropriate amounts.
  5. For really dirty floors, you will want to sweep first, but for floors with light debris, you can sweep and mop at the same time.
  6. Simply get the sponge head wet and mop your floors clean. For flooring types that are sensitive to high amounts of moisture, wring the head to release some liquid prior to starting.
  7. Use a back and forth motion to glide over the surface, and work from one side to the other.
  8. Once and area of floor is clean, simply wring out the dirty water and keep going.
  9. Once you are finished, rinse the head clean and allow to dry. Use the integrated hook in the handle to hang for storage.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) PVA Mop
Handle Length 52" 
Mop Head Size 11" wide
Uses mopping and cleaning any hard surface - use for every floor type and even windows
Color black with greenish-blue PVA head
Handle Material Aluminum
Wringer Material Metal & High Quality Plastics
Head Material 100% Pure PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) - Replacement Head
Integrated Wringer Yes
Quad Wringer Yes - double rolls on each side squeeze out more liquid
Chemical Safe Not affected by strong chemicals, floor cleaners or salt water
Shipping Weight 1.3 lbs

An advanced sponge style mop that sweeps up debris as it cleans your floor. The PVA Sponge head dries hard for storage and to prevent bacteria and mildew growth. Order Yours Today!

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