Damp Duster PVA Scrub Sponge (2-Pack)

A super absorbent sponge block with bulit-in scrubbing ridges. Use to Clean, Absorb or Dust.
PVA Scrubber Sponge
PVA Scrubber Sponge
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Incredibly absorbent, and amazingly durable. This sponge will absorb an unbelievable amount of dirt and moisture, but it also has integrated ridges that gently scrub surfaces to lift up, and lock in, stuck-on dirt, or loose debris like hair, lint, dust and food particles. With unmatched absorption, and improved cleaning power, our Damp Duster PVA Scrub Sponge is the perfect tool to replace regular cellulose sponges, drying towels, scrub brushes, and other stuff you clean with everyday.

Stop using inferior options that only spread water around, leave behind dirt, and wear out quickly. This long-lasting alternative will pick up pet hair, dirt and other grime better than rags and regular sponges, and it'll eliminate every drop of moisture from any surface without leaving behind water spots or streaks. It's the perfect addition to any home because it'll help you soak up spills in a flash, make countertops sparkle, dry vehicles after washing, clean messes your pet makes, and so much more. Thanks to superior PVA material, this scrub sponge will work better and last longer than others that look similar, and although it offers amazing ability, it's also safe for use on virtually any surface, and with the addition of any cleanser you prefer. Use with confidence in any location, and discover the numerous ways it can save you time, money and effort.

Product Features

  • Convenient 2-Pack
  • 100% High Quality PVA.
  • Absorbs 25X It's Weight.
  • Long-Lasting.
  • Resistant To Mold, Mildew and Bacteria Growth.
  • Integrated Scrubbing Ridges.
  • Lifts and Locks-In Dirt and Hair As You Wipe.

Why This Product Is Good

Incredibly Durable

Way more heavy-duty than any regular sponge, but also longer-lasting than similar looking PVA versions too. Use it everyday without worry of wear or deterioration. This sponge will hold it's shape, remain intact, and continue to work like new time and time again.


Other sponges and cloths can only hold a fraction of the moisture that this one can, so you'll be able to get surfaces more dry, and clean up spills faster. Remove every drop of liquid from the surface, and leave it without any spots or streaks in the process.

Damp Dusting

Use this versatile tool slightly damp to glide over smooth surfaces and completely remove all dust, lint and hair in the process. Not only will this sponge do everything that a traditional one will, it will also help you save time and effort when dusting surfaces, or cleaning pet hair off tile, porcelain, wood and other similar surfaces.

Premium Quality

Other Damp dusters and PVA scrub sponges are made from inferior material that's not as dense or durable. Although they look similar, they won't perform like this one will. This sponge is made from a premium grade material that's extra dense, and virtually indestructible. Use with confidence and get better results. Guaranteed.

Added Scrubbing Power

Our regular PVA Sponge is a bit larger in size, but this one features additional ridges on the top to aid in scrubbing. It won't be abrasive, and you won't risk any damage to surfaces you're cleaning, but it will provide improved cleaning power for a wide range of tasks. The sponge itself almost looks like one of our powerful PVA mop heads, and that's because it delivers a similar level of cleaning power.

Wide Range of Uses

Clean, dry, wipe, detail, remove grime and so much more. This amazing damp duster PVA sponge block has a wide range of uses, and it'll make a number of jobs way easier. It's perfect for pet lovers, boaters, home improvers, cleaning crews, car detailers and so much more.


Regular sponges are notorious for the yucky smells they produce over time. This is due to moisture that never dries, leading to the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. The material that this sponge is made from is naturally resistant to this type of growth, but you can also let the sponge dry to a rock-hard block when not in use to eliminate any possibility of it smelling or harboring bad stuff.

Where To Use It

Our Damp Dusting PVA Scrub Sponge is not treated with any chemicals, and it's not abrasive in any way, so you can use it with confidence on a wide variety of surfaces. It will basically work wherever you find dirt or moisture, but look at the list below to see a small number of the places you can use it, and the jobs it can handle.
  1. Wipe down counters and other surfaces in your home or office.
  2. Dry surfaces on your boat or RV.
  3. Use it to wash or dry cars, trucks, bikes and motorcycles.
  4. Quickly clean spills on hardwood or linoleum.
  5. Lift up shedding fur from floors and furniture.
  6. Eliminate dust on any surface.
  7. Dry carpet and hard flooring surfaces after puppy and kitten accidents.
  8. Gently scrub away dirt and grime on windows, doors, walls and other surfaces.

How To Use It

Although this is a specialized tool, you don't need to use any special technique or procedure when using it. Use it as a damp duster to collect lint and hair, use it as a scrub sponge to thoroughly clean surfaces, or use it to dry surfaces and soak up spills. The sponge material will be soft and pliable when slightly saturated, but when all-the-way dry, it will become rock hard. Use the tips and techniques below to achieve best results.
  • For best results, get the sponge wet prior to use.
  • Once wet, wring it out until it's just damp. It should be squishy.
  • Use either side to dry surfaces. Simply glide over moisture, and follow the same direction to suck up moisture like a vacuum.
  • When cleaning dirt, or picking up pet hair, use the side with the ridges for added cleaning power.
  • Safe for use on any surface, and able to soak up any type of liquid.
  • When dirty, you can hand wash, machine wash, or clean in your dishwasher.
  • For storage, place it in an airtight container to keep it soft and ready for use, or let it dry to a rock hard block to avoid smells and unwanted growth.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) damp dusting pva scrub sponge 2-pack
Dimensions 4.75" x 2.25" x 2"
Thickness 2"
Color Blue
Package Qty 2-Pack
Material 100% Pure PVA
Uses Super absorbent, but also great for gentle scrubbing. Dry wet surfaces and pick up dirt and debris at the same time. Perfect for specialized applications or regular house cleaning.
Chemical Safe Yes. Not affected by strong chemicals, harsh cleaners or salt water.
Washable Yes
Reusable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front and back.
Texture Smooth
Integrated Scrubbing Ridges Yes
Absorbency Holds up to 25 times its weight.
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

Far more absorbent than a regular sponge, this amazing pva block soaks up liquids like a vacuum. It works better and lasts longer than traditional products, is safe for any surface, and can be used with any chemicals or soaps you prefer. Just like our regular PVA sponge block, but with added scrubbing power. Order Yours Today!

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