Push To Pop Bottle Opener

Durable and effecitve. Quickly pop open any bottle by just pressing down. Avoid damaged caps, and never go searching for the lid you just removed.
Stainless Steel Push To Pop Bottle Opener
Stainless Steel Push To Pop Bottle Opener
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The ultimate bottle opening tool. Our Push To Pop Opener definitely puts the fun in functional. It's one of the easiest ways to lift the lid off of glass beverage bottles because it reduces effort, saves time, and makes sure that the cap doesn't get lost or damaged. Just press down to quickly and effectively remove any bottle top. As the opener moves downward, it'll grab onto the cap, and once you let it pop back up, it'll remove the cap, and then hold it securely inside the opener. Because the bottle top lifts straight up, it won't get bent out of shape or ruined, and because it gets grabbed by a magnet, you'll never have to chase it across the floor. Durable stainless steel construction will prevent damage, and a superior design guarantees fool-proof operation, and a long life.

Stop wasting time and effort with other openers. This Push To Pop Bottle Opener is fun to use, but also incredibly effective. It doesn't' require strength or technique to operate, and you don't even need a tight grip to make it work. While other options may cause stress and strain for certain users, this one will provide pain-free, and frustration-free opening for all users. It's the perfect addition to any kitchen or bar, but it may be especially useful for those with arthritis, or anyone that normally has trouble with traditional opening tools. Look like a professional, and get the job done with less effort when you switch to this unique bottle opener.

Product Features

  • Fast and Effective.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • One-Handed Operation.
  • Integrated Magnet.
  • Prevents Damage To Bottle Caps.

Why This Product Is Good

Fast Results

It only takes a second to remove a bottle cap, and you don't even need two hands to do it. Unlike other openers that require several steps to operate, or require you to use two hands, this one can be used almost anywhere, and with as little as one hand to remove bottle caps with speed and precision. Take just a second to slide it down and then pop it back up. The cap will be removed and collected in no time at all.


Anyone can use it like a pro because it's so easy to operate. You won't need practice to master it, and you'll be able to use it correctly the very first time. You simply press down and then let it pop back up to make it work, so it's super easy to use.

Durable Construction.

Thick stainless steel protects the opener from the outside, and all steel mechanisms on the inside ensure that it will work well, and last a long time. Use it everyday, and it will still last for years thanks to the tough and durable construction.

Premium Performance

Commercial quality construction and a superior design ensure that this tool delivers fool-proof operation. There will be no technique to master or special instructions to follow. The smooth action combines with inner mechanics to ensure proper operation. You won't need to worry about anything because it will work perfectly every time you use it.

Highly Effective

So easy to use, and so incredibly effective. It almost seems like magic because the operation is so easy and effective. A gentle press is all that it takes, and the opener will do the rest of the work for you. Open any bottle in the first try.

Top Quality

Other similar tools may look just a cool in pictures on the internet, but most don't work as well. Avoid the frustration caused by lower quality alternatives when you get this one instead. It won't force you to press down several times to open a bottle, it won't bend the cap, and it won't drop the cap after removing it. With our opener, you are guaranteed that it will pop the top with a single press, each and every time.

How To Use It

It may look fancy, or difficult to master, but this amazing bottle opener is actually easier to use than others. In fact, it does most of the work for you, and can even be used with just one hand. Take a look at the instructions and tips below to ensure proper function and guarantee a long life.
  1. To begin, simply align the tool over your bottle. You can hold the bottle in one hand, or you can place it on a secure surface for one-handed operation.
  2. Once the opener is over your bottle, and aligned with the cap, simply press down.
  3. Make sure to push the opener all-the-way down, and you'll hear it operate.
  4. As it moves downward, it will grab onto the cap. When you release the opener, it will pop back up, and completely remove the bottle cap.
  5. The bottle cap will be lifted up and off, then held inside the opener with one quick and fluid motion.
  6. A magnet will hold onto the cap to prevent it from dropping or rolling around. Just grab it to pull it out.
  7. Hand washing recommended.

Look like a pro, and make it easier than ever to open any bottle. Not only is this push to pop opener fun to use, it will also impress friends and family with its effortless operation. At such an affordable price, why would you ever settle for a regular bottle opener? Get this one instead, and you'll spend less time and effort to get at the stuff inside of the bottle, but you'll also look cool in the process.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Push To Pop Bottle Opener
Dimensions 3.5" x 2.25" x 2.25"
Compatibility Works with any pop top style bottle.
Color Stainless Steel
Inner Material Durable ABS Plastic
Bottle Opener Material Stainless Steel
Outer Material Stainless Steel
Uses Remove bottle caps quickly, and without ruining them. Allows for one-handed operation. Collects cap as it's removed.
Cap Preservation Yes. Will not bend caps like other openers.
Integrated Magnet Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

A high quality bottle opener. Save yourself time and effort when you stop using lower quality options. So easy to operate, just press down to lift off any lid. Order Yours Today!

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