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Power Finish Uses

Nano Power Finish is the ultimate in surface protection from soil, static, sun and friction. This great product will allow you to do less work and have more leisure time because you will need to clean less frequent, and when you do, it will be easier. Think about all your favorite possessions, and keeping them clean and protected from the elements. Now think about doing that in less than half the time. It is also water based and environmentally friendly so you can use it virtually anywhere and it is totally safe, while remaining extremely effective. It replaces waxes, polishes and other finishing products. Nano Power Finish protects, shines, reduces friction and more. You will find use after use for this great product.


  • Windows, mirrors, TV and computer screens, furniture and cabinets
  • Counter tops and sinks, kitchen and bath fixtures and appliances
  • Range hoods, microwave and stove interior, cook tops(good to 400 degrees)
  • Cabinets, drawer glides, hinges, trim and faces
  • Outdoor toys, furniture, umbrellas


  • Body, grill, bumpers, convertible roofs, sun roofs
  • Windshields, windows - in and out, mirrors, lights
  • Dash, instruments, console, vinyl seat backs, vinyl door sides
  • Wheels, hub caps, tires, under carriage
  • Firewall, wheel wells, valve covers, breather cans and covers, radiator fins, fans
  • Hinges, pivots, threads, nuts
  • Water and fluid reservoirs, trunk interior
  • Truck beds, tail gates, trailer hitches
  • RVs, SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles, motor scooters


  • Saw blades, housings, shoes, guards, guides and tables, router housings, blades and tables
  • Lathes, mills, grinder bodies, drill presses, drill bits, wet saws
  • Hand saws, planes, pliers, crescent wrench gears, clamp gears, guides, screwdriver shafts
  • Awls, nail punches, adjustable squares, knife blades
  • Lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, trimmers, chain saw blades, guides and bodies
  • Shovels, trowels, rake blades, scissors, forks, post hole diggers, hedge trimmers
  • Tool boxes


  • Eye glasses, sun glasses
  • Jewelry, watches, gem stones
  • Shoes, belts
  • CDs, DVDs, Vinyl Records
  • Ipods, Blackberrys, laptops, cell phone screen and body
  • Camera lenses


  • Water skis, tow tubes, boogie boards, surf boards, wind surfer bottom, rigging and sail
  • Snow skis, sleds, luge, toboggan runners, snow boards
  • Golf clubs(except handles), golf carts, golf bags, umbrellas
  • Fishing tackle
  • Firearms, scopes, binoculars
  • Shuffle board pucks, curling stones
  • Sport vehicles


  • Fleets - road, sea, air, rail
  • construction equipment
  • Pump and motor housings, shafts, impellers, bearings
  • Machine tools, production equipment
  • Material handling equipment, trucks, wheels, bearings
  • Rental equipment, tools
  • Office equipment, computer screens, copier screens
  • Scientific and medical electronic equipment and devices
  • Silk screen and embroidery equipment
  • File drawers, glides, latches
  • Telephone housings, control panels
  • Shipping container and overhead door latches, springs, guides
  • Dry lube for - switches, relays, axles, spindles, pivots, hinges and guides
  • Mold release agent (to 400 degrees Fahrenheit)


  • Hull, transom, bulkheads
  • Windows, plexiglas, soft clear vinyl
  • Side curtains, tops, sails, guy wires, turnbuckles
  • Dashboard, instruments, screens
  • Tuna towers, flying bridge components, radar superstructure
  • Radar domes, antennae, transducers
  • Props, drive shafts, lower units, trim tabs
  • Outriggers, metal fixtures, chocks and fittings, line guides
  • Anchors, chain and riggings
  • Bumpers, side rails, moorings, buoys and riggings
  • Galley and head fixtures and counters
  • Bilge and hold surfaces
  • Stainless, brass, chrome, copper and steel fittings and fixtures
  • Reels, rods, line guides, hooks, artificial baits, sinkers, swivels, leaders
  • Trailers
The world's most advanced finish with nano-particles. Use on virtually any surface for the home, office and car. More Info: Power Finish
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