Power Palm Pet Brush

Use it wet or dry! Loosen fur while bathing, or quickly brush through tangled or matted hair with this stiff bristle grooming brush.
Power Palm Stiff Bristle Curry Brush
Power Palm Stiff Bristle Curry Brush
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Power through any type of fur with this incredible palm brush. The stiff plastic bristles are sturdy enough to handle tangled and matted hair, but flexible enough to avoid discomfort while grooming. Use the Power Palm Pet Brush wet or dry to groom any animal, and the palm-style brush will save you time, and reduce the effort required to make your pet look its best. When used like a regular brush, the tapered bristles effectively groom short or long hair, and thanks to the sturdy material, you'll find it easy to brush curly fur, or fur that's prone to matting and tangles. At bath time, this brush makes the perfect tool to separate hair, and allow for better penetration of shampoos and conditioners. Gently scrub and lather deep down into the coat for cleaner hair, and improved removal of loose and shedding fur.

Harness incredible grooming power in the palm of your hand to easily take care of any pet. The large surface area increases speed and effectiveness, and the adjustable strap ensures a tight fit for any size hand. Because there is no handle to hold like a traditional brush, you can use a natural petting motion to groom your dog or cat, and the tool will remain accessible without anything to hold onto. Stop using soft brushes that just float on top of your dog's coat, and don't resort to uncomfortable options just to get the job done. This professional quality grooming tool offers the perfect combination of power and convenience, while remaining safe and enjoyable for your pet.

Why This Product Is Good

Pro Quality

High quality materials guarantee a long life, and superior construction ensures effective operation. This palm-brush style grooming tool will help you look like a professional thanks to the awesome results it achieves.

Stiff Bristles

Some jobs call for soft bristles, but others require the power offered by a stiff set of plastic bristles. They work well for everyday grooming, but are ideal for brushing out tough tangles and matted sections of fur.

Wet or Dry

The Power Palm Pet Brush works well as a regular brush, but get double the value when you use it to bathe your pet too. Use it dry to brush and groom like normal, or use it wet with soap to scrub deeply, or separate fur to help the soap get down deep.

Fully Adjustable

Anyone can use this tool with extreme comfort thanks to the stretchy rubber strap that has five size options. Quickly adjust to any size hand, and ensure a tight fit. Never worry about dropping the brush, or it moving while you work.

Fast and Effective

More surface area and more power. Save time and effort without compromising the end result. The tough, tapered bristles glide through any coat to remove loose fur, eliminate tangles, and leave their coat clean, shiny and perfectly groomed.

Simple Operation

Just strap it in place, and use a petting action to groom your pet. It could not be easier to operate, and thanks to the design, pets love the feel, so you don't have to worry about protesters or runners.

Ideal For Any Pet

The versatile design is perfect for a wide range of pets and situations. When you need a powerful tool with a gentle touch, this palm brush is the perfect choice.

How To Use It

It's easy to achieve great results with this amazing curry palm brush, but the tips and instructions below will help you groom your dog or cat and get the best results.
  1. To use the brush, connect it to either hand, with the bristles facing out.
  2. Use the adjustable strap to tighten the brush to your palm. Select one of five size options, and press the button through the hole to secure in place.
  3. To brush, simply press down gently and move in a single direction, using a petting motion.
  4. Loose fur will collect in the plastic bristles. To remove, simply pull off and dispose.
  5. At bath time, scrub and separate fur using the bristles. Aid in lathering, and improve penetration while cleaning.
  6. Hand wash when dirty.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) power palm pet brush
Overall Dimensions 5.5" x 4.5" x 2.5"
Brush Size 4.5" x 3"
Color Red and Yellow
Bristle Material Plastic
Tapered Tips Yes. Thick plastic bristles are slightly tapered at the tip.
Stiff Bristles Yes. Although slightly flexible, the plastic material makes each bristle hard and stiff.
Wet or Dry Yes. Groom while dry, or use at bath time to loosen fur while scrubbing.
Bristle Length 0.75 inches
Orientation Left or Right-Handed.
Adjustable Hand Strap Yes. Tighten or loosen the stretchy band for the perfect fit. 5 size options to fit any hand.
Compatability Great for almost any animal with hair. Ideal for pets with fur that tangles.
Uses Perfect for grooming dogs and cats with any type of fur, but especially useful for those with hair that is prone to tangles or matting. Use dry to detangle, and remove loose fur, or use wet to improve penetration while scrubbing during a bath.
Washable Yes.
Shipping Weight .5 lbs

Groom your pet like a pro! Save time and effort, and get better results when you use this professional quality tool. Order Yours Today!

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