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PivoTrim Hybrid Head

A universal replacement head for gas powered weed trimmers. Fast loading, pivot design works with blades or string.
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Product Description

2-In-1 action allows you to trim grass, weeds and light brush. Switch from line to blades in a matter of seconds, and reduce wear thanks to the advanced rotating design. The PivoTrim Hybrid is a universal fit trimmer head replacement that's guaranteed to increase the power of your weed wacker, while cutting costs, improving efficiency, and reducing the time it takes to get the job done.

The durable design easily outperforms factory installed heads, but it also reduces frustration by reloading faster, and helping you trim more weeds in less line. Quick loading pivots prevent line and blade breaks because they rotate slightly when coming into contact with stuff like trees, fences, sidewalks, and driveways. Load it with three 12" strips to cut weeds and grass, or switch out for thick serrated blades to cut through thicker plants and bushes. Eliminate the annoyance of bumping and pulling to get more string, and forget about a complicated, 20 minute load times prior to starting your trimmer.

Load in seconds, switch from blades to line at any time, and install easily on any gas trimmer model.

Product Features

  1. Includes all hardware required for install.
  2. Complete with 6 strips of line, and three brush cutter blades.
  3. Quick load technology.
  4. Trim with string or blades.
  5. Compatible with 99.99% of all gas trimmers.
  6. Pivoting design reduces wear and line breaks.

Other Options

Don't need the brush cutter blades? For anyone that only needs a trimmer head that holds string, but still wants one that increases power, reduces line breaks and loads in seconds, the Regular PivoTrim Trimmer Head is the perfect choice. It still has three rotating pivots to hold the line, you just lose the option of switching to blades.

Why It's Good

  • Powerful. Trim with six cutting lines, or three serrated blades. No grass, weeds or brush will be any match for the cutting power provided by this head. Stop wasting time and effort with a single spinning line, or a bump feed head that only has two. Increase the power and performance of any sting trimmer with this universal replacement head.
  • Versatile. Compatible with 99.9% of all gas trimmer models. Use on straight or curved shaft models with any motor size. As you trim, quickly change from string to blades as needed to handle any terrain you encounter.
  • Fast. Improved cutting power, reduced wear, less line breaks and quick load technology will help you get the job done in less time. Avoid the hassle of reloading traditional style heads, and trim more square feet before a line change is necessary.
  • Efficient. Landscape your yard in less time. When you reduce time wasted, and thoroughly trim with fewer passes, the whole job takes less time. Get professional looking results in less time with the PIvoTrim Hybrid Head.
  • Less Line. Reduce the amount of line you use. Not only will you save money, you'll also reduce frustration as you eliminate the need to reload so often. The pivoting design does not affect performance, but it does greatly reduce wear and all but eliminate the chance of a line break.

How It Works:

Once installed on your straight or curved shaft trimmer, the head will spin around like any other. The main difference is in the line and/or blade connection. Instead of string that feeds out a hole as needed, this one has three 12" strips that attach on the face by threading through three pivoting eyelets. To load, you simply press in the blades or string, and then pull tight. After a few seconds, the head will be loaded and ready to use. Thanks to the pivoting design, it will give slightly when encountering hard stuff like cement and metal, but provide plenty of power to pulverize anything green. As you fire up your tool, the line will stick out like normal, and spin around to create a powerful cutting edge, but when met with too much resistance, it'll pivot out of the way rather than breaking off or wearing down. Even a chain link fence is no match for this amazing little device, and due to the way it works, your line will last 20 times longer than normal.

The increased number of lines provides greater power, and that allows you to cut more weeds in less time. This is the best gas trimmer replacement head on the market today, and because it practically eliminates any possibility of a line break, you'll use way less line. The clever design also ensures that you'll spend far less time messing around with changing, adjusting, and lengthening the string when a reload does become necessary.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) universal fit replacement trimmer head.
Overall Dimensions 4.5" x 4.5" x 2.5"
Trimmer Type Gas
Shaft Type Works with Curved or Straight Shaft Trimmers
Compatibility Fits 99.9% of gas trimmer models.
Number of Pivots 3
Cutter Type String or blades
Line Held 3 folded 12" lines for six cutting strings.
Blades Held 3
Line Material Nylon
Blade Material Plastic
Line Size 0.095
Line Included 6 strips. Enough to load it twice.
Blades Included 3
Fast Loading Technology Yes
Hardware Included Yes. The package includes all parts necessary for any install.
Uses Replace a worn trimmer head, or upgrade a low quality one. Cut weeds in less time, and use less string.
Accessories 100 pc replacement line - 24 pc replacement line lbs
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Reduce the time and effort required to landscape your yard. Choose from blades or string to eliminate grass, weeds, light brush and more. Order Yours Today!

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