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PipSquigz Ringlets
PipSquigz Ringlets

PipSquigz Ringlets

Bright colors and a variety of textures make these rings perfect for teething toddlers. Connect together, or stick to other stuff.
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A versatile teething toy and so much more. PipSquigz Ringlets connect together, and stick to almost anything thanks to the high quality suction cups at each end. They make the perfect toy for toddlers on-the-go, but they're also great for playing anytime at home, and thanks to the 100% silicone construction, they also make a great bath toy. Each ring is a different vibrant color, and each one also features a slightly different texture. The squishy silicone material makes them easy to grip, manipulate and connect, and for teething toddlers, it also provides the perfect material to soothe sore gums. Kids can connect the rings together, stick them end-to-end, or build and create by sticking them onto any smooth surface. The suction cups will hold securely when needed, but they also pop apart easily whenever kids want them to, and the fun popping sound that accompanies separation may be the most fun part about this toy. Avoid low quality teething toys when you choose this high quality alternative. PipSquigz Ringlets are sure to appeal to any child, and the superior construction ensures that it's also one that'll last.

These are perfect for playtime at home, but they may be most valuable when you travel away from home. Stick them to a car seat to keep kids entertained while driving, or stick them to a restaurant table to distract your child while you wait for food. You can even connect them to highchairs, strollers, walkers, shopping carts and more. You'll eliminate annoyance when your child is occupied, and thanks to the suction attachment, these rings will be more difficult to lose when compared to other options. Keep a set in your car or diaper bag and always be prepared when your child gets bored. They even make the perfect bath toy because the silicone material can't get ruined, and kids love to stick them to the wall, and combine them with other toys. Teething can be a tough period, but any child will get through it easier when they can chomp down on something to diminish the pain. Get this set to provide the perfect teething toy for your child, but keep them after the teeth come in, and benefit from years of enjoyment.

Product Features

  1. 6 Rings Included.
  2. Textured Silicone Construction.
  3. BPA-Free. Fully Safety Tested.
  4. Versatile Play Options.
  5. Suction Cup Attachment.
  6. Ages 6 Months +

Why It's Good

  • Educational. As kids play and explore with these rings, they'll be learning at the same time. The fun suction action will keep their attention as they improve fine motor skills, engage in sensory exploration, and benefit from tactile learning. Other teething toys are basic in comparison because this one offers so much more.
  • Versatile. Use the suction cups to connect the rings in a chain, or use them to connect each piece to a smooth, flat surface. Children can build and combine, or just squish, teeth and explore. The fun look and feel will keep them playing for long periods, and due to the versatility, these rings make an ideal toy for at home, or on-the-go.
  • Fun Look.Each piece is a different vibrant color, and each one features a slightly different look and feel thanks to the unique texture on the surface. Kids will naturally have their favorite, but they'll have fun playing with them together too.
  • High Quality. Other teething toys are mad from cheaper plastic materials, so they won't feel as good to your child, and they won't last as long either. Avoid lower quality teething and toddler toys that just fall apart, or quickly wear with use. These durable rings are guaranteed to look and work like new for years to come.
  • Strong Suction Cups. Not so strong that your child won't be able to separate them, but definitely strong enough to avoid frustration. Never worry about your child having trouble with these rings. The powerful suction cups work without effort, and when they separate, they make a fun popping sound that kids love. Children can easily connect and create thanks to the high quality silicone suction cups.
  • Easy Play. The large pieces are easy for any child to handle, and the squishy material with added textures only make them easier to grab and play with. Although they're intended to be played with in a certain way, kids can also toss them, bounce them, chew on them, and so much more. The open-ended play options ensure repeat play, and guarantee enjoyment. Children of all ages will find this set enjoyable and frustration-free.
  • Simple To Clean. Lets face it. Kids get stuff dirty, so this toy will be no different. You don't want your child putting a dirty toy in their mouth, so a nice feature of this teething ring set, is the ability to wash and sanitize them in your dishwasher. Quickly clean anytime you need to, and always know that your child is playing with a clean toy.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) PipSquigz Ringlets Teething Rings
Ring Dimensions 3" x 3" x 1.25" (in ring shape) 9" x 1.25" x 1.25" (extended)
Uses A teething ring toy that connects to form a chain, or each piece can stick to a flat surface. Entertain children while traveling, eating, bathing and more.
Pieces Included Includes (6) rings.
Color Multiple
Material 100% SIlicone
BPA-Free Yes
Textured Finish Yes. Added texture for comfort and grip.
Suction Attachment Yes. Each end of each ring has a suction cup for connecting to other rings or flat surfaces.
Dishwasher Safe Yes. Easily clean anytime they get dirty.
Ages 6 months+
Brand Fat Brain Toys
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

More than just a basic teething toy, this set of silicone rings will entertain and soothe for long periods. With a variety of play options, your child will come back to this toy time and time again. Order Yours Today!

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