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Small Pig Tail Food Flipper
Small Pig Tail Food Flipper

Small Food Flipper - 12 Inch

A 12" Long Food Turner For Quick and Easy Flipping.
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Don't cook another meal using a fork, and stop pushing things around the pan with a spatula. This funky looking utensil will quickly become your best friend in the kitchen. It pokes better than a fork, grips better than tongs, and allows you to flip easier than a spatula. You will spend less time impaling your food, and less time pushing things to the side of the pan in order to convince them to get on the spatula. This Small Food Flipper is an original pigtail tool, and it can be used on almost any type of food to save time, and reduce frustration. Surgical grade steel comes to a perfectly curved point at one end, and the other end is equipped with your choice of comfortable handles. Instead of being annoyed by cooking, you will start enjoying it again because all of the trouble caused by slipping and sliding food will be eliminated. A quick flick is all it takes to firmly grip and flip a piece of meat, or remove an ear of corn from a pot of boiling water.

Other Options

This amazing kitchen utensil is 12 inches long so it's perfect for use at the stove, but it can also be handy outside on the grill. If you would prefer one a little bit longer for grilling, then check out the Large Food Flipper. If you know you want both, we also carry a 2 Piece Pig Tail Food Flipper Set that includes one of each size. This size is not offered in a left handed version by itself. If you are left handed, and want this small size flipper, you will need to order the left handed set. For those giving this amazing tool as a gift, we also have a Boxed Set that includes both tools inside a gift and storage box. It's available in both left and right handed versions.

Why waste another minute cooking with inadequate tools, or be forced to get out several utensils just to cook one meal? This versatile food flipper is great for meat, but also useful for other foods too. Anything that gets moved, flipped, rotated or turned while cooking can benefit from the Pig Tail Food Flipper. It features high quality construction, surgical grade stainless steel, and a lifetime replacement guarantee so you know it will work great and last for many years of reliable use. This tool will eliminate the annoyances caused by tending to food with traditional cooking tools, while making it all faster and easier. Instead of careful angles, and gentle positioning, you will be able to quickly snag your food and move it any way you want. It can hook food at almost any angle, and works with virtually any type, texture or thickness. Delicate food is easy to prepare when you use this because you never run the risk of squishing or breaking the food as you flip it or plate it. It does not harm anything you grab, and will not leave a hole or cause juices to bleed. Due to the great design, it is able to grab just enough, and at the right angle to make using it easy.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) small pig tail
Length 12"
Material Metal (surgical grade stainless steel)
Handle Material Wood or ABS Plastic (your choice)
Uses Kitchen/Barbecue - anywhere you flip food
Orientation Available in left or right handed models - left handed version only available when purchasing the two piece set
Washable Yes (hand or machine washable)
Warranty Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
Shipping Weight .5 lbs.

A great kitchen utensil for indoor or outdoor use. Pick up and flip over any kind of food faster and easier with this tool.

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