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1 2 Trim Replacement Head

A Brush Cutter And String Trimmer In One! Universal Replacement For Gas Powered Trimmers.
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Product Description

Weeds and brush don't stand a chance when you have this dual use replacement head installed. Three pivoting posts give you the option of using blades or string, but they also allow for incredibly fast and easy replacement. Because they pivot when coming in contact with solid objects, they also reduce stress on the line and blades to make them last way longer than other options. Trim right up against fences and walls without breaking the line, and finish your whole yard without replacing it. When you encounter thick brush, just take three seconds to install the blades, then mow down anything in your path. Instead of using two different tools to maintain your yard, you can attach this head to the one you have now, and it will become much more useful. Increase speed and power while reducing cost and frustration with your new triple blade brush cutter and string trimmer in one! It's fully compatible with 99% of all gas powered trimmers, and it comes with everything you need to install it. Get to work right away by using the six pieces of line, or three blades, included with your purchase.

Why It's Good

  • Dual Action. Blades or strings, you make the call. This versatile head can do it all. Insert nylon line to trim regular stuff and edge your driveway, or switch out for the blades to power through thicker brush, vines and other large growth.
  • Long Lasting Line. Because the string holders pivot, they divert stress when coming in contact with solid objects like fences, sidewalks, trees and shrubs. This allows you to cut right up to the edge without breaking line, or causing it to wear quickly.
  • Quick Change. Replace line and blades, or switch to one from the other with lightning fast speed. In a matter of seconds, you can change your cutting material, or install a fresh set. No time will be wasted, and common frustrations will be avoided.
  • Powerful. When strings are installed, you have three spinning lines with two ends each. This solid circle of cutting power will easily chop down weeds faster than the one or two lines you're trimming with now. Switch to the blades, and large stuff will fall down just as easily thanks to the triple blade brush cutter design.
  • Compatible. It works with straight or curved shaft trimmers, and is fully compatible with 99% of gas models that exist. No tools or special line are required for installation or use.
  • Safe. The powerful nylon blades provide awesome power, but they are much safer when compared to metal versions that make serious injury possible, and can be destructive to the environment.
  • Simple Install. Most users will have their old head off, and this one installed in just a few minutes. There are no complicated steps, or difficult procedures, and every part you might need will be included in the package. For added convenience, you will also find step by step instructions with pictures.

How It Works

Three blades, or three strips of nylon string spin around similar to traditional heads, but there's no hidden spool, or complicated mechanism to feed more. Line is inserted by folding in half, and securing it inside one of three rotating holders, so you end up with two ends on each of the three pivot points. As it spins at high speed, regular grasses and weeds that you want to get rid of will be cut easily, but when the line hits a shrub that you like, or a fence you don't want to repair, it will pivot to absorb the impact. This eliminates damage to things you care about, and reduces wear on the line significantly. The result is a powerful trimmer head that cuts with amazing power, and line that wears slowly, and does not break off.

Super Fast Line And Blade Change

Switching out blades and lines has never been this easy. No winding or bumping necessary, nothing to remove or take apart, and no time wasted. In literally seconds, you'll be able to install fresh string, or new blades, and you can quickly change from one to the other in order to match the terrain you are dealing with.

Installing Blades

STEP 1. Steady the head with one hand, and grab a blade with the other. Insert the blade into the wide opening of the pivot. Make sure to insert at a downward angle, and over the metal hook.
STEP 2. Press the blade through the hole, and then pull from the opposite side to slide it in place. Once the open portion of the blade hooks onto the metal retainer it will be locked in place, and you will be good to go.

Installing Line

STEP 1. Hold the trimmer head steady, and insert one line at a time, with your other hand. Make sure your 12" length of line is folded in half. Insert the looped end in the hole opposite the metal hook. Slide it in at an upward angle by gliding it up the back side of the hook.
STEP 2. Continue pushing through until the loop passes the retaining hook. Now press down slightly on the nylon line to guide it as you pull back. Pull the line back towards yourself until it hooks securely, and locks in place.

Stop beating your trimmer against the ground to feed more string, and never worry about tangles or breakage again. You don't need two different tools, or a time consuming head change to have a brush cutter and string trimmer, because this incredible replacement part allows a single tool to perform both jobs, and switching from one to the other is fast and simple. Save money, reduce frustration, and have the best looking yard in the neighborhood.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 1-2-trim replacement trimmer head
Dimensions 4.5" diameter
Trimmer Type Gas
Uses Replace the head on your existing tool to give it more power, better performance, and to make line last longer. Transform your single use tool into a dual use powerhouse.
Comparability Fits 99% of gas trimmer models
Cutter Type Your choice of strings or blades
# lines on head 3 folded lines for 6 protruding strings total
# blades on head 3
Line Material Nylon
Blade Material Nylon
Line Size .095
Line Included Yes - Get 6 pieces, enough to load it twice.
Blades Included Yes - Get three pieces, enough to load it once.
Hardware Included Yes - universal install kit includes parts for installation on virtually any model.
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

Increase power and performance while wasting less time and money on replacement line. Pivoting technology allows line and blades to last longer, and changing them is a quick and simple task. This dual use replacement head allows you to choose string or blades depending on your landscaping needs. Order Yours Today!

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5 out of 5
Best trimmer I have ever bought!
I recommend this trimmer head to anyone. It is much better than the bump feed my trimmer came with. I love the fact that you can change from trimmer line to blades in seconds. Also the blades cut through brush like butter. Easy install in less than 5 minutes.
Reviewed by: on
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Product Questions

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suppose if i buy this thing do you carry the 3 red posts also called the eyeslids or plastic spinning parts ? thanks
Asked by:  on 8/23/2015
Yes we do.
Answer provided by: on 8/23/2015
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