Portable Spin Dryer

Compact and powerful! Avoid the Laundromat and get laundry dy in just minutes. Perfect for apartments or travel.
3200 RPM Spin Dryer
3200 RPM Spin Dryer
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100 times more energy efficient that traditional dryers, this large capacity, Portable Spin Dryer will pull water out of clothing in three minutes or less. It doesn't blow hot air at your laundry, or use a bunch of electricity. Instead, the drum spins at 3200 RPM's to pull moisture out via centripetal force. This gentle action is incredibly efficient, and way less harmful to your clothing when compared to using a traditional machine. Intense heat can damage fabrics over time, so drying laundry in this spinner will keep it looking new longer. High tech suspension ensures that the load remains balanced, even at top speed, and the high quality drum is made from triple welded stainless steel to guarantee that it never fails.

Thanks to the compact size and light, overall weight, you can easily store this unit out-of-sight when not in use, or take it with you while traveling. It's perfect for people that can't have a traditional dryer, but also ideal for anyone else that wants to reduce energy consumption and cost. Use this Portable Spin Dryer alone, out of necessity, or combine with your regular dryer to get the job done quicker, gentler, and at a lower cost. It works well to help avoid the laundromat, so it's ideal for those living in dorm rooms or apartments, and it's the perfect solution for drying clothes when traveling in an RV or camping. Stop wasting time and money with other options, and eliminate the frustrations caused by relying on public facilities. This portable dryer plugs into a regular outlet, requires no venting, and comes complete with everything you need.

Product Features

  1. 3 Minute Drying Time.
  2. Extra Large Capacity.
  3. Stainless Steel Drum.
  4. 3200 RPM
  5. 3 Year Warranty.

Why This Product Is Good

Fast Operation

Don't wait an hour for dry clothes. The spinning action of this dryer is way more efficient than hot, blowing air, so it only takes a matter of seconds to pull almost every drop of water out of soaking wet clothes.

High-Tech Suspension

The only spinner available with a similar suspension system. Never worry about unbalanced loads and the possible damage and frustration that results. This machine will constantly make corrections to keep the drum spinning under optimal conditions. Ensure a longer-lasting dryer with better performance.

Triple Welded Drum

Other options have plastic drums, or thin, low quality metal ones. This high quality Portable Spin Dryer has an extra-durable drum that is triple welded to guarantee durability. It won't fail with regular use, and it won't wear out, or become ineffective over time.

Incredibly Efficient

Works in just 2-4 minutes, and consumes very little electricity to get the job done. Use for a single item, or dry up to 22 pounds of wet laundry.


Less electricity usage makes this a great alternative to larger machines. Use alone and hang or rack to finish, or use to drastically reduce the amount of time heat-based units take.

Totally Portable

Lightweight and compact, this spin dryer model is perfect for everyday use at home, but also ideal for taking anywhere else you want. It is easy to carry, and fits in small spaces, and you can plug it into any standard outlet.

Self Opening

Just press the latch to unlock, and the lid will slowly open all by itself.

Gentle on Clothing

Heat destroys fabrics and bakes in soap and minerals. This machine does not use hot air, so it is much more gentle on your clothes.

High Quality

Superior materials and great attention to detail ensure a device that functions well, and lasts a long time.

Whisper Quiet

16 times quieter than other spin dryers, and way quieter than a traditional tumble version too. No loud grumbling, or noisy tumbling. The nearly silent motor on this machine spins moisture out of clothing without making a bunch of noise. Use this Large Portable Spin Dryer in a shared space without disturbing those around you.

How It Works

Regular dryers use hot air to dry clothes, and they require special hook-ups and ventilation to work. This one plugs into any regular outlet, and simply spins to get clothing dry. Moisture doesn't turn to steam as it evaporates under high heat, it's sucked out of the material, and then directed toward the exit. On the interior, there's a drum that spins freely, and an outer one that remains stationary. The inner drum is lined with holes that allow moisture to escape. Once you turn it on, it will spin at an incredible 3200 RPM in order to get clothes mostly dry in just a few minutes. You can then hang them up to finish, put them in a regular dryer for way less time, or lay them flat on a rack. The compact sizing and quick operation make it perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, RV's and more.

How To Use It

  1. With the unit unplugged, pull the cover latch, and then open the lid.
  2. Load clothes evenly and press down lightly with your hands. Always try to put the heaviest clothes at the bottom to reduce vibration.
  3. Total amount of laundry should never exceed the height of the inner drum. If too full, items can escape to get stuck between the two drums.
  4. Make sure the machine is on a level surface.
  5. Close the lid, and press down until you hear it click. Connect the power cord to a standard outlet. The dryer will start automatically.
  6. When water stops coming out of the drain spout, turn the machine off.
  7. To open, pull the latch and the lid will automatically open. Wait for basket to come to a complete stop, then empty your clothes.

Drying Time Estimates

  • Heavy Clothing: 4-5 minutes.
  • Normal Clothing: 3-4 minutes.
  • Delicate Clothing: 2-3 minutes.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) portable spin dryer
Overall Dimensions 13" x 13" x 24"
Inner Drum Dimensions 9" x 9" x 14"
Uses A fast and easy way to get clothes dry without using a regular tumble dryer. Portability adds convenience.
Compatibility Works with any laundry that fits inside.
Drum Material Stainless Steel
Color White
Capacity 22 lbs
Speed 3200 RPM
Drain Hose No
Special Hook-Up Required No. Plugs into a regular outlet.
Vent Required No.
Quiet Operation Yes.
Digital Controls No.
Cord Length 6 Feet.
Power 110V, uses 320W
Drying Time 2-4 Minutes
Warranty 3 Years
Shipping Weight 21 lbs

A large capacity machine that uses very little electricity. The super fast spinning action draws water out of clothing in a more gentle and energy conscious way. Perfect for dorms, RV's or apartments where larger units can't be used, but also nice to reduce electricity and cost when also using a traditional appliance. Order Yours Today!

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