1. Deluxe Crystal Mist Table Fountain
Crystal Mist Deluxe - An ornate misting lamp with color changing lights.
Crystal Mist Deluxe - An ornate misting lamp with color changing lights.

Deluxe Crystal Mist Table Fountain

Ornate Styling With All Glass Construction. A Decorative Humidifier For Your Home Or Office.
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More ornate than the other models we sell, this elegant mist fountain model would look perfect almost anywhere. It is a table top unit, but it features a bowl that is a decent amount larger than the standard table model bowl. This means that the entire unit will take up a bit more room, but it also means that it will hold more water so you will have to fill it less often. This adds convenience over other models, but also has the side effect of generating slightly more running water noises as it operates. The whole thing is made of glass, and it consists of two parts. There is a thick and sturdy glass stand, and a 15" glass bowl with lotus styling to give it a wavy edge. Both parts are clear in color, but feature detailing and etching all over that makes it look less like plain old glass, and more like expensive crystal. 

This fountain comes equipped with an auto changing mister that has a 16mm disc. This means that it will produce an average amount of natural mist, and the lighting effects will change and rotate at preset intervals beyond your control. A low water shut off sensor will turn it off when water gets too low, and while running, it will continuously create a thick billowy cloud that looks great, but also adds humidity to the air. Mix a few drops of essential oil to the bowl and the fog is now scented to deodorize the room, and make it smell like the fragrance of your choosing. This versatile decoration is a fun accent with added benefits, and it will enhance any room you place it in.

Some people are not sure whether to call it a lamp or a fountain. As it runs, the glass will illuminate and change colors, so it can act very much like a light. It will not brighten a whole room, but the mood lighting generated will definitely create a strong visual focal point, no matter where you place it. Despite the colorfulness, and illumination offered, this device does hold and move water, so it is also very much a fountain. You will hear the water moving, and the mister will move it up and out as the mist is generated. As it travels around, it will also create soothing noises that never end, and this is perfect to mute background noises that are annoying. 

Beyond light and fountain-like abilities, this fancy looking water feature can also be considered a cool mist humidifier, a room deodorizer, and an air purification device as well. Add fragrance oil to the bowl of water and the scent will diffuse into the air as the mist floats off the water. The natural cloud is continuously generated, but does not just disappear into mid air. The fine particles are absorbed into the air, and that increases the humidity level in order to make plants happy, create a more enjoyable atmosphere in your home, and alleviate asthma and other breathing problems. On top of all of these wonderful benefits, the misting device will also produce negative ions as a byproduct of mist generation. These negatively charged particles attack dirt and pollen in the air in order to neutralize and eliminate it. In this way, The Deluxe Crystal Mist is also well suited for cleaning the air in any room you place it in too. Call it what you want, but this versatile product will  provide many benefits as it becomes the source of conversation for all that encounter it.

Ultrasonic vibration is the fancy name for the scientific process that makes the mist. It sounds sort of complicated, but it is actually kind of simple. It is nothing more than a strange method of evaporation that fuels the technology behind this misting fountain. Essentially, a little disc vibrates at high speed in order to create the friction and heat necessary for evaporation to occur on it's surface. The mister on this model features a 16mm, standard size disc which gives it ample surface area to produce thick clouds of natural mist. Looking at the top of the mister, the circular area in the center is where the disc is, and where the evaporation takes place. As the disc moves inside the cavity where it sits, it will begin to generate heat and friction instantly, and a natural fog will start to form on top of the water. The mist itself is quite cool, so the effect is very similar to that of more expensive and complicated cool mist humidifiers. The added benefit of this product is the look of course, but also the negative ion generation, and ability to diffuse fragrance. If you add just a few drops of oil into the bowl of water, the mister will scent the mist as it is produced. This can help to eliminate odors in the room as you improve air quality by increasing humidity. The ultrasonic vibration also produces negative ions, and they will mix with the air and neutralize dust and germs to clean and purify.

The perfect size to place in a bedroom, living room, office, or just about anywhere else. Alleviate breathing problems, eliminate dry skin, and make your home more fun to be in. It is much nicer to look at than other cool mist humidifiers, and it serves the same function. Use it safely just about anywhere as a dynamic decoration, a colorful lamp, a unique water feature or just as a regular humidifier. When the air in your home gets dry, this decorative humidifier can solve the problem, and provide added benefits and enjoyment at the same time. Whether it is due to running your furnace in the winter, or turning on the central AC in the summer, common climate control techniques often lead to dry air. Get this fun looking product to make your home more livable without resorting to some ugly, or complicated machine to do the job. Order Yours Today!

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